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Aquatabs Purification Tablets

MSR Aquatabs Purification Tablets


4 5 (11)


SweetWater Purifier System

MSR SweetWater Purifier System


4 5 (31)


SweetWater Purifier Solution Replacement Bottle

MSR SweetWater Purifier Solution Replacement Bottle


5 5 (2)


SteriPEN Freedom Solar Bundle

Hydro Photon SteriPEN Freedom Solar Bundle


3 5 (2)


SteriPEN Freedom

Hydro Photon SteriPEN Freedom


3 5 (4)


MIOX Purifier Replacement Test Strips/Salt

MSR MIOX Purifier Replacement Test Strips/Salt




SteriPEN Sidewinder

Hydro Photon SteriPEN Sidewinder




SteriPEN Ultra

Hydro Photon SteriPEN Ultra




XLE Elite Purifier

First Need XLE Elite Purifier

$112.45 $124.95 10% Off

5 5 (8)


XLE Elite Canister

First Need XLE Elite Canister

$51.75 $57.50 10% Off

5 5 (1)

Top 20 Summer Essentials

MyBottle Microfilter Bottle

Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter Bottle

$35.96 $39.95 10% Off

4 5 (9)


SteriPEN Traveler 3-in-1

Hydro Photon SteriPEN Traveler 3-in-1

$44.96 $49.95 10% Off

5 5 (2)


Exstream Virustat Kit

Katadyn Exstream Virustat Kit

$35.96 $39.95 10% Off

3 5 (3)


MyBottle Purifier Bottle

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier Bottle

$53.96 $59.95 10% Off

3 5 (7)

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G3 Plus Replacement Filter

Grayl G3 Plus Replacement Filter

$15.96 $19.95 20% Off



Play it Safe

Water Purifiers Explained


No matter how clear water in the wilderness may look, there's always a chance it's contaminated with microscopic organisms just waiting to treat you to a vicious bout of diarrhea and vomiting. Luckily, you can thwart those evil organisms' plans with a water purifier. Water purifiers work using a chemical, a filter plus a chemical element, or UV light to kill any bacteria, protozoan, and viruses that might be lurking in the water. Whether you're backpacking in Appalachia or traveling through a third-world country, there is a safe and convenient water purifier option that will work for you.

Water Purifiers:

Water purifiers use either a filter and chemical combo or UV light to kill any contaminants in the water without significantly altering the water's taste. They are expensive, but effective against viruses that filters miss.

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Purification Tablets:

Cheap, small, and effective, purification tablets are another way to ensure your water is safe. They noticeably alter the water's taste and require wait time, but are great as a minimalist option or an emergency backup.

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