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How to Buy Wading Gear

Wading gear includes the waterproof waders and footwear you need to stay dry in the river, neoprene accessories like gloves and socks for cold water, and vests and packs to store your gear on the river. Start with a pair of comfortable waders, compatible boots or sandals, and a small pack and you’ll have everything you need to wade into the river and start casting.

Waders are waterproof pants or bibs used to keep your feet and legs dry when you're standing in the water. There are three basic styles of waders—hip, waist-high, and chest. The deeper the water you’re fishing in, the taller you need your waders. Staying dry is the key to staying comfortable. Shop Fly Fishing Waders
Wading Boots & Sandals
Wading boots are waterproof boots designed to be worn with stockingfoot waders. These boots keep your feet and lower legs dry and feature either felt or rubber soles. Felt soles offer superior traction on slippery, rocky bottoms, while rubber soles dig into mud and make long hikes more comfortable. Sandals are the minimalist alternative to wading boots. Shop Wading Boots & Sandals
Neoprene Socks & Gloves
Wading socks are neoprene socks designed to drain quickly and keep your feet warm inside wading boots. Soft and flexible, fly fishing gloves are similarly designed, however gloves often feature slit opening at the ends of the fingers to give you the dexterity needed to tie or manage flies. Shop Fly Fishing Neoprene Socks & Gloves
Fly Fishing Vests & Packs
You’ll need to carry plenty of gear for a long day of fishing. Vests offer easy-to-reach storage, they’re lightweight, and they often offer more mobility than a pack. Packs are heavier but they offer the most available storage for food, water, and gear. Many brands offer fishing-specific packs and vests with features designed just for anglers. Shop Fly Fishing Vests & Packs