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Feel at one with your ski.Wide open throttle.

Volkl matched up the Unlimited AC30 Alpine Ski with the Motion iPT 12.0 WR Binding to give you ultimate control when the pedal’s to the metal… er, uh…the ski’s to the snow. Dual chambers running from tip to tail provide more support for the edges—what Volkl calls Wideride construction—and Volkl built the iPT binding interface to work seamlessly with the Marker Motion iPT WR 12.0 Piston Bindings for unparalleled response. The end result is a ski that begs to be driven aggressively all the way down the frontside.

  • Steel sheets in the wood core add stiffness and pop as you charge steeps
  • XTD Woodcore for a forgiving flex

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Volkl Unlimited AC30 Alpine Ski w/ Motion iPT 12.0 WR Binding

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Here's what others have to say...

My wight 220 ld.hight 5'.8" age 76. I...

My wight 220 ld.hight 5'.8" age 76. I consider myself an expert skier, born in Switzerland and skied since age 6. However I am too old to hot dog. Still like some moggels if they are not too bid and too tied to-gether. Prefer skiing on packed slops making large swoopies, but also like controled tight turns with reduced speed.

Responded on

AC 30 is a fairly demanding ski, that really works best on groomed slopes. It will work in the bumps, but is not ideal. So, it fits some of your needs very well, but not all of them.

Considering purchasing the '09 version of...

Considering purchasing the '09 version of these skis. I'm 5'8 and 180lbs, intermediate skier that ventures out West every year for a week of skiing. Right now I own an old set of Atomic Beta 9.22 170cm and am thinking of moving up to the AC30 but these are 163cm. Would this be an improvement even though the skis are shorter?

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While this is a good ski, and would be an "improvement" ski to ski based on what you want, I would be concerned that 163 would be too short. While a very stable ski, at that length it could be squirrelly for you.

I'm a 6'5 225 lb aggressive mostly east...

I'm a 6'5 225 lb aggressive mostly east coast ice skier but I do some time out west each year as well. Been skiing my 184cm Volkl Vertigo G3s for some time now and love them but am looking at getting some new gear as these are getting pretty beat up. Is the AC30 the modern incarnation? With the wider wast would I be better with a 177 vs the 184? Thanks

Responded on

I would go 177, or even 170. I would only consider the 184 if you were primarily skiing out west. It goes more by weight than height and at 225, you can easily handle the 170 without it being too short. If you are used to longer skis, you can also go for the 177. I would probably recommend the 177 if you are used to longer ski and are a very strong skier and like them stiff, but this ski is still pretty stiff. Your Vertigo G3s have probably gotten soft over the years (as do all skis), especially if you ski them hard. I would recommend waiting until the season starts and demoing them if you are unsure, but many places in the east don't carry many skis in their demo centers longer than 170cm. Between 177 and 184, choose the 177. No one needs a stiff ski of this type (in the east, at least) any longer than that and it will also do well in the west.

5 5

powerful ski

Took me a while to figure out where to position my body. Once I did, I came to realize how good these (184 cm) skis are. No leaning back on these skis, they can make you pay. Fast quick turns are no problem on hard pack and ice with the AC30. These ski's have a serious edge and can bite into anything. The ski is nice and stiff, transmits your turn into a great pop on the way out. Worked them in both slalom and GS turns. Super stable at high speeds. Check out the height of the sidewall on these ski's.
Preferred these over the AC50's that I demo'd out West.
6'4" 235# 35 yrs old advanced skier, mostly groomers.

Responded on

Thank you. Your answer contained everything I neted to hear.


Hello, I?m 32 years old, 1.89 meter tall...

Hello, I´m 32 years old, 1.89 meter tall and weight 170lbs. My skiing is intermediate to expert, mostly on track, and I´m looking for a new set of skis. I~m interested in this one, 177cm is the right size for me?


Responded on

At your height which is pretty much 6 feet 2 inches, the size you get depends on how you ski. If you do a large amount tight turns when you ski (for example bumps or tight trees) you might want to go with the 177cm. At that size, because of your height, you may loose some stability at speed. If you don't mind a bit of a longer ski when in tight turn situations and don't want to sacrifice stability when doing fast especially on high speed groomers and on-piste then go 184 which is the next size up.

Responded on

You won't lose stability with the 177cm at 170lbs. I wouldn't recommend going any bigger than 177 and would only recommend it if you primarily ski out west. You might want to try the 170. If you consider yourself in any range where intermediate is mentioned, even "intermediate to expert" I would recommend the 170cm. I work at a demo center and 170 is the longest we carry in the ac30 and 50, and many other skis, and many people think they will be too short, then they ski them,love them, and don't want anything longer. I would only recommend the 177 if you skied the 170 and decided it is too short. This is a stiff ski. Now if you were looking at a twin tip ski, I would say go for the 184 for someone of your size, but not the AC30.

I have returned to skiing after a 25 year...

I have returned to skiing after a 25 year hiatus. I'm 72 years, 5'-10", 145 lbs. After skiing about 12 days this year, I consider myself an advanced/expert skier, having been able to take on the steep mogul runs for short distances before I get "pooped". What length of Volkl AC30 skis do you experts recommend.

Responded on

Robert, I ski the AC30s and am at a similar level of skiing, including getting pooped after short distances on the moguls. Also similar in age and height though I am a little heavier (185#). My shop recommended going with the 170s and I loved them the first season. Went with the shorter 163s the next season as I took bump lessons in CO and felt the shorter ski would be more responsive (shorter turn radius). Love the ski ... they handle Midwest skiing on hardpack and groomed well; were excellent this year in CO with 4 days of powder in the a.m. and powder crud in the p.m. and a 5th day of great sunny groomed skiing.

Responded on

If you get "pooped" easily, I wouldn't recommend the AC30, especially after not skiing for 25 years. They are STIFF. Stiff skis tire you out faster and are also harder on the knees. I would recommend a K2 ski such as the Interceptor, 2010 Recon(2011 Rictor) or 2010 Crossfire(2011 Charger). They are softer and still have amazing performance. K2s have a nice smooth feel and their softness doe not sacrifice performance. I would go with any one of those skis in 163cm.
For the 2010-2011 season, K2's whole line of all mountain skis will have slightly rockered tips, which they say "makes turning easier at low speeds." I didn't really notice anything different about them when I skied them at Stratton, but I did notice that I loved them.
If you do really want the AC30, I would only recommend them if you have demoed them or if you skied a very stiff ski this past season.

For the AC30, you are kind of on the borderline of 156cm to 163 by weight, but height and weight combined put you at 163. When taking your age into account, I would say the 156 would be better but probably be a little short, especially since the skis you skied 25 years ago were so much longer. I love the AC30. I am 130lbs and ski the 156cm. It is a stiff ski that will tire you out if you get tired easily.

5 5

Fantastic Ski

Bought these skiis toward the end of the season this year. I have snowboarded for 15 years and decided to start skiing full time this year. The AC30's were not only incredibly fun to ride, but they are pretty stiff and are the most fun at high speed carving deep turns. Responsiveness is great. Haven't tried them in the bumps or in a slalom (probably because this is my first year skiing full time and I would eat it hard if it did.). Great overall for the East Coast up and down.

5 5

Great Ski!!!

I used these on the hard packed icy snow of the east. They worked great, held the edge and really accelerate out of the turns. I also took these out to Colorado. They worked great in the powder. I dont know if i would take them out in 2 feet of powder but anything under that they work great. Great ski, great quality..

2007 AC30s

2007 AC30s

K2 ObSETHed skis side-by-side with my 2007 Volkl AC30s.

The AC30s are length 163 while the K2s are 169. Both skis rip!

I am an intermediate skier 5.7 142lb....

I am an intermediate skier 5.7 142lb.
1.What size should I get 156 or 163cm?
2. How significant is difference between 2009 and 2010 models? 2010 is wider and also has a 'wide ride' bindings, but how much difference it would make for me? thanks!

Responded on

I would say go with the 163's, look at for an in depth sizing chart but for your stature and ability i would say that is the perfect fit for you.

Responded on

Go 163s. I am 5'4" 120lbs and the 156s were way too short. These skis are a beast, but the 163s will be tame for what you're looking for.

As far as the year models go, they are pretty similar. Both models are a great ski... you probably wouldn't notice a big difference between the two.

4 5

First time out!

Hey, I took my new AC30's out for the first time in PA groomed ice! The AC's were unscathed, they held edges extremely well, carved on the frozen hardpack real fast. I even entered the frozen bumps and the AC30's were good, not great, but I chalk that up to my tenativeness with not wanting toi fall onto the ROCK bumps! Heading to Killington, VT this weekend, snow is expected I will be back to update the review.

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I skied the AC30 two seasons in New England. I am 53 and raced 210 cm GS skis in the 1970s when sidecut was a completely different thing.
You can ski the AC30s any way you want. They respond best to the modern technique and make a nice carved turn no matter the hardness of the surface. They need to be forced to due super short radius turns but GS turns are easy. Mine were 184s.
Next season I am going to a wider ski, maybe the AC50 or the Mantra.

I'm in the market to replace my current...

I'm in the market to replace my current Volk Crossrangers 195cm (witch I love and will be very hard to part with). I've had my eyes on the AC30 for a few years and I'm ready to make my move. however I'm unsure of whats the right size for me. I'm 27, 6'2" and weight 215 and ski very aggressively. What the right lenght for me, 177 or 184?

Responded on

I am the same height as you but about 50 pounds lighter. The 177 is spot on perfect for me in that ski. For your size I wouldn't hesitate putting you on the 184. The Ac30 really likes to go fast and if you choose the 184, you'll need to stay aggressive on the ski as I found that it really wasn't good until it is at speed. The 177 may offer a little more versatility and forgiveness.

I'm a 49 yr. old 6'3" 220 lb. skiier,...

I'm a 49 yr. old 6'3" 220 lb. skiier, keeping up with my athletic 19 yr. old son when I ski, so I'm fairly aggressive and pushing the edge when I ski. I love to ski the groomers fast, because that's usually what's there, but enjoy powder when I get it. I Ski Summit county CO mostly, enjoy A-BAsin alot. I am currently skiing K2 Mod-X Pro skis, in 195 cm length. These skis have a 70 cm waist. My questions are: 1. Why have skis become wider? 2. What would I gain by going to a current shorter, fatter ski, such as the Voikl AC 30 (80 cm waist) in a 185 cm length, over my aging K2s.

Responded on

Skis have become wider because the wider the ski is, the better it will float in powder. By going to a fatter ski, you will have better flotation in powder. If you wanted to go wider than your 70 mm waist K2's, you could go anywhere from 80 to 95 and still have it be a specific all mountain ski. If you wanted to go over 100 under foot, you would be getting into the powder specific and big mountain ski range. Hope this can be of use!

Responded on

Steve. I'm a ski instructor. Physically and age-wise we are the same. I've been skiing on AC3's for 3 seasons. These are great, aggressive skis in any conditions, but not so aggressive that you have to push and struggle with 'em. They hold their edge nicely in bare patches, grip and contour in moguls and keep a nice smooth line while cruising groomed runs. Their sidecut allows for good fast turns in powder, and glide nicely through it. I firmly believe that a guy your size and with similar ski interests cannot go wrong with these Volkls. You may even attain satori. You should consider taking lessons though, in order to learn to ski with shape skis as the style is totally different from the sticks you have been using for the last 20 years. And by the way: no longer that 177 cms ... no kidding... size does matter.