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Stiff, stable, fast, and floaty. It's your big-mountain fantasy.

You want stability? With the Volkl Katana Ski, you got it. A low full rocker profile brings the liveliness in a bit, and the vertical sidewall construction and vertically laminated full wood core puts strength and power on tip-to-tail. This is the most stable big-mountain ski Volkl makes. Fat dimensions and the full rocker ensure floatation in the hardest-puking storms. And while it's nimble enough for snaking though tree stashes, this plank with double-layer Titanal reinforcement really wants to straightline big mountains, lay down huge, rocketing arcs, and stomp landings. Just like you do in your dreams.

  • Full rocker profile
  • Power/Tough Box construction
  • Vertical sidewalls and internal torsion box
  • Sensorwood vertically laminated poplar and beech core
  • Titanal reinforcement