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Part of you is drawn to big lines and pow, and the other drawn to huge hits in the park. Bridge them both.

The Volkl Bridge Alpine Ski is half big-mountain ski, half park ski. This stick will do laps in the park on sunny days and drop some insane powder lines when the storm hits. The multi-layer wood core puts a dense wood in the binding area for secure screw retention while poplar in the rest of the core adds snappiness for landing and takeoff. Volkl also used a fiberglass sheath for bomber resilience (yeah, Volkl knows your aggressive freeride style). The 92mm underfoot width and 130mm shovel give you plenty of float in the powder on those really deep days.

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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

Great All Mountain Ski!

I absolutely love my Bridges. I mounted them with some Marker Griffon Schizos and they rip! They ride the park, the groomers, the crud, the side stashes with ease. Not recommended for deep pow, but then again what all mountain ski is? (besides maybe the Line Blend). The ski carves nice and smooth, but also seems to be playful and snappy. My favorite ski I've ridden thus far.

Highly recommended as an all mountain park ski.

I just got a pair of the volkl bridge. ...

Posted on

I just got a pair of the volkl bridge. im trying to decide what binding to use. im 5 11 225lbs and i ski aggressively. try to stay off the groomers as much as possible. does anyone have a suggestion other than the griffon or duke. i know the marker bindings are great but very pricey. any suggestions.

Responded on

Check out the Look PX 15. Great hold, and only a fraction of the price of the Jester with 15 DIN instead of 16.

Need help choosing the 177 or 185? I'm...

Posted on

Need help choosing the 177 or 185? I'm 6'3" and about 210. Usually ski about 30/60/10 of powder/groomers/park. Pretty much want to be able to use them any where. Currently on 176 Armada T-hall. Thinking of going for the 185's. also any info on the flex? are they gonna be stiff so that i'll want to take an early lunch or they pretty neutral? cheers guys

Responded on

Fairly neutral to almost loose flex, from what I felt riding a friends pair. You definitely want to grab the longer ski though, I ski normally on something in the 180-190cm range, and I'm 6'1" 195#.

Looking at buying either the Volkl bridge,...

Posted on

Looking at buying either the Volkl bridge, 4frnt MSP or the armada ARV's. Just wondering if there is any advice out there on what to get. I'm about 210, 6'3" an experienced skier and will ski mostly powder, groomers and sometimes park. Any advice would be great.

Best Answer Responded on

A bigger dude like you would like the Volkl Bridge if it came down to those three. It has the stockiest construction, is the stiffest w/o being a full-on plank, and can take a beating. This ski doesn't have the pow performance of the other two on your list once the snow gets deeper than boot-top though. Just so ya know.

1 5

SO CLOSE, but booooooo!

The skis are awesome fun. Great one quiver ski but then I snapped them right behind my rear binding landing a front flip. They are this years!!! with about 20-30 days on them and Volkl would NOT warranty them, it pisses me off sooooooo bad when companys do not stand behind their product. I didnt even fall or land awkwardly.

Buyer beware. You may lose a few hundreed bucks. If you ski hard. Stear clear.

SO CLOSE, but booooooo!
Responded on

did u buy them from backcountry? if so won't they take back returns for almost any reason?

Responded on

no they are from a local shop. the shop backed me and did what it could but at the end of the day the volkl rep for the area wouldn't warranty them.

Hi - trying to find a gift for my boyfriend...

Posted on

Hi - trying to find a gift for my boyfriend - 6 feet 2 inches 275 pounds, skis on the East Coast a lot, hence a lot of ice. He's a pretty aggressive skier, but doesn't love the bumps. Would these skis be a good choice? If not, any recommendations? Thanks!

Responded on

This is a pretty good ski for mostly iced runs. Definitely gonna want to grab the longest length for him, and those should be good. As an alternative to these, you can look at the LIB Tech NAS, any of them, but probably one in a narrower waist, because those are pretty much the best ski on super hardpack and ice.

Whats the best park powder ski?

Posted on

Whats the best park powder ski?

Responded on

Well it is mostly a matter of opinion, and I'm sure lots of the guys and gals on here have different ones. Mine personally is the Kung Fujas, which butters like a dream, holds tough to rails, has a softer flex, and a floaty feel. Bridge is also a good one, same with the ARV from Armada.

Responded on

I have a pair of bridges and they are awesome! they are great in the powder and are pretty solid in the park but they have a stiffer flex to them if thats something you are looking for this ski would be great!

5 5

One ski to rule them all

This is my go to ski. I live in Colorado and I will ski these 9 times out of 10 when i am ready to hit the slopes. They float well in powder and rip on the groomers. Ever since I bought these all my other skis just collect dust now. The only thing they dont do so well on is in the bumps. They are just to fat and long but who needs the bumps when you got powder, trees and rock drops?

How do these compare to Liberty Hazmats...

Posted on

How do these compare to Liberty Hazmats or Faction Wednesdays?

Responded on

The Volkl has pretty much the exact same dimensions as the Faction ski, with a slightly wider tip, same waist and tail, and almost the exact same turn radius on them. The Liberty has a smaller tip than the Volkl, but wider than the Faction, and also has a wider waist and tail, but not by much. Dimensions are: Volkl= 130/92/112 Faction=122/92/112 Liberty=130/94/119
The Bridge performs well in pretty much all conditions, but Volkl's tend to have a problem with breaking, more so than any other brand I have ever tried. It also has the stiffest flex of the bunch. The Liberty is a good ll around ski for those not searching for the big fat ones, and has a lively medium flexing core. Solid ski. The Faction is probably my favourite ski, mostly because it really does do everything and all while looking damn fine. The core is super responsive, and almost a mid point between the other 2, medium-stiff lets say. In my opinion, I would say the Faction is the better of the bunch.

Ok I am debating between 3 pairs of skis....

Posted on

Ok I am debating between 3 pairs of skis. The Salomon Dumont, Line Chronic, and Volkl Bridge. I want something for the park as well as groomers and some off piste like trees and up to half a foot of powder. What should I get. I heard the bridges aren't great in the park and the chronic's can't handle the speed. Idk how the dumonts handle outside the park. Any suggestions?

Best Answer Responded on

I definitely don't like how the Dumont handles anything, even that park, but that is just an opinion. The Bridges are pretty sick, hold speed well, but I have heard that the can break a little easier than other skis. The Chronic is a super sick ski though. They hang in the park with the best, they handle speed better than you would think, and I have a buddy who can rip pow on his. Not the deep stuff, and not with relative ease, but still can keep up to us when he wants to.

I am looking to purchase new skis, I...

Posted on

I am looking to purchase new skis, I currently ski on Volkl 4 stars,The are 168 cm, recommended by the shop. I demoed the new volkl tiarra and the rep said I should ski a 154 cm. I am an advanced women skier that likes to ski fast and make short turns. I want to be able to ski groomed slopes, occasional powder and occasional racing. Any suggestions on the ski and the length I should get.

Responded on

I would go ski on the tierra at around 154 cm long. I have a couple friends that ski the grooms and make short radius turns. I would most definitely recommend them

I'm looking to purchase my skis for next...

Posted on

I'm looking to purchase my skis for next season. It's between the Volkl Bridge, Volkl Mantra, Line Prophet 90, 4FRNT MSP and Liberty Hazmats. I'm also open to other suggestions, but these seem to be the front runners in the all mtn category....

I ski groomers about 70% of the time (mostly because Beaver Creek, my home mtn, gooms EVERYTHING), but I find myself skiing less and less of them. I am always on the lookout for pow. I've also been venturing off into the trees a bit more. I tend to stay out of the bumps and have no desire to ride park. Which of these would you recommend for an intermediate/beginning advanced skier? I ski in CO. Thanks in advance for your help!

Responded on

i used to race, and i own the 4frnt MSP. I was looking at most of those skis like the prophet 90, bridge, etc but i settled on the MSP. Having raced, i would say that i am an advanced skier, and I wanted something that could handle speed. The MSP is stiffer than most of those skis, and chatters only a little bit. It'll cut into the ice, and allows me to make long GS turns on the steeps. I just got back from CO and had spent a couple of days at beaver. In the three feet of snow we got over a three day period, (thank you god), the MSPs bounced through the powder. I took them in the glades and the upper chutes, and they floated nicely through the snow. Being narrower than a ski like the mantra,they didn't float perfectly, but if you know what you're doing, you can have a great time in the pow.
Nevertheless, it all comes down to what you're looking for. If you want to be able to ride the pow a little less than half the time, but really want something that can fly and bite into a steep, pick up the MSP. If you're thinking about riding pow the majority of the time, i would get something a little softer and wider. If you are a beginner, i would recommend the bridge or prophet 90. I would wait on the mantras cuz they are wider. also, the mantras won;t be nearly as fun on a groomer.

1 5

Mine Broke

I bought a pair earlier this year. Skied on them ~10 times..3 in Tahoe, the rest back east. They were in 100% shape..never hit a rail, rock, or tree.

I was skiing some serious ice last weekend in VT and noticed my edge pop out a little from my ski. I popped it back in, two runs later I could pull out almost the entire edge from the ski.

I took it back to my shop and they sent it into Volkl. They were pretty certain they would replace them, but it really shouldn't have happened in the first place. Thankfully I was skiing groomers when it happened. Could've been much worse....

5 5

Volkl Bridge, womens review w/ telemark bindings

I am writing this b/c I could not find any reviews from a woman on these skis. I was looking into the Mantras but I got a great deal on these from Tramdock, so I went for it. So far I absolutely love these skis! For some background: I am a 5'4" female about 120 pounds and I just got the 169's and have them mounted with Hammerhead tele bindings, I live in a ski town and ski quite a bit. I only just received these last week so the conditions I have been skiing on are typical March. They are super fast on the groomers, really fast but thats good and can definitely set an edge on any small patch of ice you may unfortunately encounter. I have skied them several times in some chopped up crud and a day of some creamy soft powder in the trees they were great so I can only imagine on a deep light powder day they will be wonderful. You do have to be on top of them a bit more than my old skis, K2 PEnemy, for someone my size because they could take off on their own but as long as you are an aggressive skier these are awesome and I am so psyched to ski them in some other conditions. Definitely recommend these for the aggressive skier, male or female, they seem to be a perfect 1 quiver ski for most days although I have not been in a lot of bumps with them yet b/c they have been rock hard. I actually like the graphics as well!

4 5

Vokl Bridge v Line Prohphet 80

Just finshed two days comparing the Vokl bridge to the Line Prophet 80.

I'm 6'0 175lbs, and rode the 174 prophet and 169 bridge. I ski 70-80% Trees/bumps/ob, and 10% park. 10% is the groomers to get from one place to another.

Both handled the intermediate snow at Jupiter Bowl in Park City well.

The big difference I found was that, even with the slightly shorter length, the Vokl was MUCH more stable on the groomers. It would hook up it's edge and not chatter anywhere near as much as the Prophets.

Other than that, the Bridge is slightly wider underfoot, which made edge transitions in the bumps slower, but the shorter length made up for it okay. The Bridge floated better in the 4-5in pow stashes I found in the woods, but the Prophet floated nicely as long as I leaned back a little.

Between the two, I'd take the Vokls, even with that ridiculous paint scheme.

How do these skis perform on rails and...

Posted on

How do these skis perform on rails and jumps?

Responded on

I have a friend who sends it on last years version of these skis, total confidence. They hold up on mean rails good after 2 season abuse, and stomp booters with ease.

Which ski is a better buy the line prophet...

Posted on

Which ski is a better buy the line prophet the rossignol s5 barras or the volkl bridge? I'm looking for quality as well as performance. I ski 75% all mountain 25% park.

Responded on

I love the S5 it is a super durable lively ski that rips in all places, you will be stoked on the groomers, rip in the pow, and will slay the park, they have great swing weight so they dont feel sluggish when spinningThe S5 and the Bridge are going to be a little better for freestyle because they are lighter than the line prophets. The line prophets have a metal core making them a little heavier. I own a pair of S5's and loved them until I clipped a rock just below the surface on a groomer and blew out the side wall (so they may not be the most durable ski on the market). I have skied the bridges and loved them too. I prefer the S5 over the bridge in the park because it has a medium flex making it a little more forgiving on landings; but the bridge out performs the S5 in the all mountain category because of its very stiff flex.

I'm considering the Bridge but torn between...

Posted on

I'm considering the Bridge but torn between the 177 and 185. I'm 6'0" 175, 33 yrs old and ski very aggressively. I hit the whole mountain, want something that's stable when running the groomed, and mix in the bumps. My current skis are 175 Fischer Big Stix and while fun, they feel squirrly at high speed. I'm leaning towards the 185 for all mountain use but was curious about some feedback.

Responded on

Sounds like the 185's would be good for you. The longer ski will benifit speed and stability but might sacrifice a little on quick turns. Really 7 cm isn't all that much but it depends on skill level and experience. Personally i like a bit of a smaller ski so i would get 177 but since you like speed and stability the 185 would be your best bet. Again only 7 cm difference that's just under 3 in so you should be just fine.

I love to ski fast on groomers, I also...

Posted on

I love to ski fast on groomers, I also enjoy making fast short turns. I love skiing powder when available. With so many skies out there how do I know what is best for me? Ive been looking at the volkl tigershark 12 ft adjustable. I also think a twin tip all mount ian ski would be the ticket. But are they able to make quick turns? what do you think?

Responded on

yes you just need to make sure it's a all mountain twin tip. My recomendation would be the volkl bridge, line prophet, or rossignol s5 depending on the conditions you ski. Also a shorter ski is typically easier to turn.

I agree with everyone that says these skis...

Posted on

I agree with everyone that says these skis are sick! Just looking for some help on sizing and bindings. I'm 5'11 and 175lbs and an advanced skier.

Responded on

Andrew if your an advanced skier your skies should be just taller than your head. I aM 5'11' ALSO AND I ski on 177

Responded on

i'm 5'11" 150 and would go with the 185. the length will hold better at speed and will be way better in the pow. the only downfall would be tight trees. as for bindings i'd look at any of the look /rossi bindings with the 15 din max

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