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The Voile Universal Splitboard Binding Interface is the industry standard for backcountry splitboards. Companies such as Burton and Winterstick have completely abandoned their own designs and have adopted the simple and foolproof Voile system. This interface includes all screw-mounted hardware for the touring and riding modes and a pair of Universal Slider Tracks and Slider Pins to quickly switch back and forth from the touring to riding modes. Almost all snowboard bindings on the market today are compatible with the Universal Slider Track. The Voile Universal Splitboard Binding Interface is the only way to go if you need a binding system for your splitboard.

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Great for the beginner

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

What I like about this system is that it is a cost effective way to get into splitboarding partially using what you already have... your bindings and boots. This is great for someone who is just starting out so they can make sure they really like splitboarding and make better choices later. However, realize, that if you get into more intense touring, you're really going to want to lighten up your set-up. This is probably THE heaviest system you can possibly find. Also, board boots don't allow you to bootpack well, nor can you find decent crampons to fit them. So if you plan on doing anything that involves putting your skis on your back, you're going to want an upgrade. And that is fine, just be wary that you'll be spending the money sooner or later, you may want to think about taking the next big step if you're pretty serious. Also, this system does ice up pretty badly in certain conditions.

Great for the beginner

It just works!

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

This design is the easiest, most cost-effective way to get your current bindings working on a splitboard. It may not be the lightest option, but the design has been proven to work when put in harsh conditions. I would recommend this setup to anyone that is looking to get into the splitboarding world. The instructions are easy to follow and it will save you a ton of cash compared to buying splitboard specific bindings.

System works

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

This system has worked well for me and my Jones Solution. It was quite hard to install exactly to the specs I wanted but after some focus and sweat I had it dialed in to almost the exact specs I wanted. I feel like the Burton channel splitboard system that i've seen videos of is leaps and bounds ahead of this, but i've never used it so can't be certain it works. This allowed me to put a really nice set of bindings on my split instead of being limited to split specific bindings which I felt lacked when it came to new binding construction (uncomfortable straps, bad highback).

I have not had any experience with the parts filling with snow/ice, but i'm not saying that it won't happen. The parts seem like they will fill on one unfortunate icy day. I'll be riding them this season but may consider changing in future. Split board tech is moving fast so it's hard to settle into a system.

System works


  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

A bit tricky to install and a little hard to slide the bindings on and off to start but the more you use them the easier they are to slide. It's weird but it seems to be easier to slide the bindings off and on the interface in colder temps than in warm temps.

Reliable. Durable. Effective. Original.

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

The Voile Interface is the most effective way to attach yourself to a Splitboard. This design from the originators of splitboarding is simple yet indestructible! When ideas become to complicated thats when things start to go wrong and break down. I've experienced it first hand and that is why i stick with the trusty Voile design.

"If it aint broke, why fix it?"

No qualms here

    a bit tricky to get set up correctly at first but too be expected I think - online videos and advice from friends helped. The go to in the back country split board world - thank you Voile and Back country

    Just what I needed!

      To be unleashed into backcountry freedom!! As with Alex, I'm going to switch to splitboard specific bindings in the future to be more efficient & lower to the board, but this is great for now!

      The only complaint is that setting your stance is kind of a pain, but once it's done you're good to go. So stoked on it!

      works like it's supposed to!

        Got this for my GNU B-Pro and so far so good. It was difficult to get the pucks aligned perfectly so that my Spark bindings could slide easily but I'd say most of my transitions have been effortless so far, even with heavy snowfall. The plastic seems a little cheap, but I guess for the sake of weight I'm okay with it.

        Easy To Install

        • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

        The Voile Universal Splitboard Binding Interface is easy to install on any splitboard. Makes for a quick and easy change from ski mode to snowboard mode. Highly recommended!

        Review Title

          like some of the other reviews, i could see a little improvement here and there in design/materials. but overall this is a great product. if you take the time to set it up right/ you shouldn't have any problems transitioning irl (in real life) — it gets easier the more you practice. also make sure everything is tight before heading out for a tour.

          it took me a good couple of hours to get my stance all dialed in and everything mounted correctly.

          Not Suitable for Build-Yer-Own... In any way...

            A friend of mine and I decided we were going to build a splitboard for me from scratch and I purchased this instead of the Split Decision kit, as we planned on using inserts rather than drilling through the board to mount the pucks. It worked out great except that in this kit the Chinese hooks ARE NOT INCLUDED and had to be ordered from Voile for an additional $43.

            Not a huge deal, but just a little heads up for anyone planning on building their own board.

            Room for improvement, but decent

              No quibble with the overall design, but remnant plastic seams on the pucks and burrs in slider pin holes required some filing for smooth functioning. Seems the quality control/inspection flunky could've buffed out the stuff before shipping. Other improvements worth pursuing: lighter, stiffer sliders; pole-flippable heel lift bails; longer stock bail...

              Heel lift bails are easy to lift with your pole once you get the hang of it. They are selling two level lifters now (55 and 75 I think). It fits the stock hole pattern as well. As far as the sliders go, get some spark R&D binders or maybe even the new voile split specific binders

              Stoked again

                Worked great, true the instructions are a little unclear in parts. None the less, a little searching around on the internet can aid any of your questions. A tip for those in the Seattle area, Fisheries Supply on 34th has epoxy and the guy I talked to had already had a bunch of people come in for split boards.

                kinda like it

                  I am pretty happy with the interface. It's easy to use and to set up. Although I have a bit of concern with the instructions that are very not clear at all (particularly about the positions of the climbing pads). Lot of web resources helped me in my board butchery. Used it last week end in a very cold weather (-35 Celsius) on top of ridge and it worked perfectly!

                  Can I use this system with my older Flow bindings and my regular snowboard boots?

                  Whats the difference between this and the...

                  Whats the difference between this and the Voile Universal Splitboard Hardware? for $99.95?


                  The difference is that this product does not come with the board hardware for the tip and tail clips. It just has the hardware and plastic parts for the pucks, binding interface plates and the risers for tour mode.

                  Jared D.


                  800.409.4502 ext 4055

                  Just bought a Jones Solution women's...

                  Just bought a Jones Solution women's splitboard for my girlfriend (dropped a bloody mint on it too!) She currently has a resort board with Burton Stiletto bindings. Can I buy this Voile kit, install it on her new Jones splitboard, and just swap her Burton bindings back and forth between her splitboard and her resort board? Will I need to drill any holes in her splitboard? Or will the kit just fit in the pre-drilled holes?

                  Best Answer

                  Yes. Using this kit, you will be able to mount her current bindings on the new splitboard.

                  The bindings will mount to the Voile Slider Track with t-nuts (included in this kit) and then you just use the circular mounting plate the bindings came with, you'll adjust stance angle by moving the pucks and tighten down like a regular mount. No extra drilling is required.

                  To switch them back, you would just dismount them from the Voile Slider Track and remount them on her standard board.

                  If she really gets into splitboarding, you might want to look at some of the newer split specific binding options from Spark R&D, Voile and Karakoram that eliminate the need for the slider track altogether.

                  So say I buy this kit to use with my regular...

                  So say I buy this kit to use with my regular Burton disk binding. Then a year down the road I want to buy some Spark bindings. Is this kit compatible/universal? Or would I now have to purchase this kit (

                  Just trying to find the most cost effective way to make a switch if I decide to down the road.

                  This is all you need. Just mount your burtons to the slider plates and you're set. It takes some dialing in to get the binding lined up. Also you may have to file down the mounting screws after you got them onto the plate so they clear the pucks when being slide on. The lower profile of the binding will help the ride down be smooth too.

                  Say I have burton ICS bindings that I would...

                  Say I have burton ICS bindings that I would like to use for a splitboard is there an alternate slider that is drilled for these kinds of bindings?

                  Hi, is this new split kit with improvements...

                  is this new split kit with improvements - part# 1100?



                  Best Answer

                  Hey Fliip,

                  The link you sent is for the "split your own" board kit... the one listed here is for "factory split boards", i.e. the Burton Freebird will require you to purchase this kit, skins, etc...

                  So to answer your question, unless has old inventory, yeah this will have the newly updated parts... check us out if you want to split your own board...

                  Hey Fliip,

The link you sent is for the "split your own" board kit... the one listed here is for "factory split boards", i.e. the Burton Freebird will require you to purchase this kit, skins, etc...

So to answer your question, unless has old inventory, yeah this will have the newly updated parts... check us out if you want to split your own board...

                  You should really change the for Burton...

                  You should really change the for Burton splitboards to being for factory splitboards. Especially now that you sell Venture splits.

                  If you set this up to ride regular can it...

                  If you set this up to ride regular can it be switched later to ride goofy?

                  Yes, as long as you are not using a custom built board/ do it yourself, which requires you drill holes to mount the hardware. If you are using it on a Burton S series or a Prior or Venture factory built split, you are good to go. The factory built boards have inserts just like a solid board (except a bit wider)which allow you to adjust your stance forward and back, and also flip flop from regular to goofy.

                  Now do yourself a favor and get on the waiting list for some Spark R&D bindings for your new splitboard. Have fun!

                  I've a question.. I've got a splitboard...

                  I've a question..
                  I've got a splitboard Burton S series before the year 2006 and I'm not sure if the fixes are avaiable or not.
                  can you telle me?

                  I want to cut my 02' burton canyon snowboard...

                  I want to cut my 02' burton canyon snowboard in half for this split kit. the insert pattern is the triangle deal with some inserts in center line. Have you heard of people doing this and it working out ok? I'm Ok with the center line not looking perfect due to the saw work and inserts cut in half.

                  How is this different from the split...

                  How is this different from the split decision kit?

                  Actually this kit is the hardware provided/needed for factory split snowboards. If you find a factory splitboard that doesn't have the hardware, this is what you buy. If you want to split your own, or have Mountain and Terrain Technologies do it, then you buy the split decision kit. M n' T Tech does install the setup to be like the factory splits, i.e. rotating system; so you could purchase this if having your board split and you want the rotating system.

                  What is the difference between this and...

                  What is the difference between this and the Voile Split Decision kit? Is this the same thing with a different name? What else do I need to make a split board?

                  DO I need the split board decision lit and...

                  DO I need the split board decision lit and the binding interface kit to covert a snowboard to a split board and put bindings on the split board so I can use it? Seems like you need both kits - but I am not sure.

                  Best Answer

                  "This is all you need except for the saw."Neg... this kit is not the one for making your own split board. This is the kit for mounting your bindings to a factory made split board. See Aaron Wilbur's answer above. The kit to make your own splitboard includes things like the tip and tail hooks that help align and hold the two halves together.

                  Is this all you need to make your own...

                  Is this all you need to make your own homemade split board? This will serve as the hardware to connect the pieces at the cut?

                  Old questions, but still good answers... this kit will NOT work to split your own board, you will need the DIY kit... this kit is missing sticker templates, yin-yang hooks, tip/tail hooks, and "tee nuts"... this kit is only for factory splitboards... we can install the rotating stance system on your DIY board, check out our mail order splitboard assembly at:

                  Do you need special boots for this binding?...

                  Do you need special boots for this binding? Are these bindings just for going up, and then you switch to high-backs?

                  Hi, I work for These plates allow you to mount your snowboard bindings to them so you can tour on the climb, and with the switch of a pin, you can set them back on the board once you have put it back together to ride down. You only need your snowboard boots, no special boots are required. Thanks for your question.