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Push a built Vassago Jabberwocky Frame to the limits of traction, and you???ll leave show-pony 29ers in the dust. While other companies lumbered along with trusty tradition, Vassago played 29er mad scientist and dialed the predicable, tight handling and climb-devouring WetCat geometry. Now stodgy companies are playing catch-up with gimmicky twenty-niners. Leave the fancy paint jobs, cool-boy integrated bottle openers, and hastily developed geometries on the bandwagon; your riding style???s too refined to waste on me-too-wagon-wheels.

  • WetCat Geometry puts the rider in the bike rather than on it for a low center of gravity and a long, stable chassis
  • R-tech: Butted 4130 tubing that???s optimized for use on 29er framesets to provide weight savings???without compromising strength
  • Forward-facing chain tensioners allow fast tube changes with a standard quick-release
  • Tool-free JabberNutz chain tensioners available separately
  • ISO standard disc brake mount
  • GearPlug2 (available separately) lets you use a rear derailleur
  • Portion of proceeds donated to IMBA to fight trail closures
  • Vassago donates and plants a new tree for every Jabberwocky sold
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Loven' it!

    Picked mine up just before Christmas and love it. I was between sizes but opted for the smaller (16"). I had to get a 400mm seat post which is now about 2cm from being at its minimum insertion point. Wish they made a 17". Other than that, the bike rides great. I handles well in the turns, climbs great, and the weight on the frame is not bad at all for an over the counter steel frame. Love the tensioner system though I do wish it had sliding dropouts instead so you wouldn't have to mess with your rear brake caliper when the rear wheel is removed.

    Just swapped out my tires from what's in the picture and the bike currently weighs in at 20.9 lbs. Still room to shed weight if your a weight weenie with my build but for now I am content to just ride the snot out of it!

    Loven' it!

    Sweet Jesus!

      Love this bike. Handles great. Smooth Ride. Sold my other 2 geared mtb bikes to build this Rigid SS and not looking back. WetCat Geometry fits me great. I find the bike easy to throw around yet stable. Grippy on climbs.

      Sweet Jesus!

      My Jabber Baby Wocky!

        I have my jabber currently set up with a Reba 80 and a 32x20 drive train and I love it. I had a relatively limited budget to build a single speed to add to my collection. The price of the frame allowed me to spend the majority of my cash on a set of hand built Stans on kings and go a little crazy on components. The handling, quality and price on this frame is an absolute home run. It rides almost like a soft tail. I love this frame!

        I gave it 4 stars only because Vassago stuff seams to be a bit of a PITA to find in stock. They are always sold out. I really wanted the Odis fork, but they are near impossible to get. If you can get you hands on one, you simply will not be disappointed. A+ value.

        2009 Orange JabberWocky

        This is my initial build the week I bought it from my local bike shop in 2009. Since then I have upgraded to a carbon handlebar, switched the gearing to 34x22 for easier climbing, eggbeater pedals, Thompson setback seat post and Terry saddle. Still running the rigid fork because it's made me a better trail rider. With the single speed gearing I can almost keep up with my geared friends on the flats but I pass them on the climbs as they shake their heads in disbelief.

        2009 Orange JabberWocky

        It's a climber

          The Jabberwocky was my introduction to 29ers, where I was riding a 26" full suspension, geared bike. The setup: Stans ZTR Flow rims, Rock Shox Reba SL 29 - Race Face Evolve Crank (Gear Setup: 32 X 22). Tubeless - Ride Characteristics: Since this is the one and only 29er I've ridden, I can't compare. As the geometry says, you are riding between the wheels, where such makes you feel intertwined with the bike - in unison. The bottom bracket feels relatively low, where where my 170mm cranks sometimes hit rocks below. Though, the power one feels from being "in" the bike is worth the BB being a bit low. The Bike climbs well, though, lifting the front wheel is not as easy as a 26". Though, the big wheels ride over obstacles you normally would have trouble with on a 26". The Bike is stable, with a relatively long wheelbase - which allows one to feel confident when descending. All-n-all it's a great frame for building your own pride-n-joy. Dennis

          Buy it, you'll love it.

            I bought one last year and it made me fall in love with riding again. I've been mtn biking for 20 years and in the last few had gotten to the point that all I was doing was lift served downhill. Friends finally convinced me that I needed to try out a hardtail again. They all ride custom built ss 29ers, and I bought this as I liked the flexibility of being able to run gears, but I hate the eccentric bb that other companies use. Well, I've never bought gears, and now I'm climbing the stuff I used to only ride down. It took some time to get used to, but I don't think I'll ever go back. It's just too fun riding past people on 5k+ full squishy bikes on the uphills. I built this up with a fox fork and kept it under 24 pounds with pedals without breaking the bank. I'm in UT and had to order mine from a company in VA because nobody here sold them. You can buy all the other bits on Vassago's website, but you'll probably never want them.

            Looks = Great glossy paint finish with inlay decals.

            Mechanics = Horz. Drop-out tensioners are simple and work well.

            Ready out of the box = almost, the B.B. shell and steer tube need facing before installing components. The B.B. threads might need to be chased as well because mine had some rough paint that needed to be removed.

            Overall the frame is sweet and the welds looks up to par. I haven’t had a chance to ride on the trails with it yet but I'm not too worried about any surprises other then performance gains. I needed a new longer (410mm) seat post for my small frame do to the low top tube design. My 29er build is 24lbs. 7oz. with the small frame.

            Is the 22" frame that is advertised the...

            Is the 22" frame that is advertised the same as the 20" frame that shows up Vassago's site? Did they make both a 20" and a 22" frame?


            Unanswered Question

            Anybody know where I can get the Gearplug2...

            Anybody know where I can get the Gearplug2 for my jabber, moved to the mountains and would like to add gears.

            What's the recommended fork travel for...

            What's the recommended fork travel for this frame?

            Recommended 80mm travel fork although most people are going with 100. I mounted a Fox FIT 100 on mine and love it. You can find the fork specs on the Vassago website -

            Get a Jabber and make your riding buddies jealous.

            I am a little confused here. The frame...

            I am a little confused here. The frame can be setup both geared and single speed but neither the chain-tensioners or the derailleur hanger comes with the frame. Nor are any of these items available for sale on Huck n Roll. So how does one complete the frame? And why not just included both?

            Best Answer

            The frame's a single speed and comes with tensioners that require a 2mm Allen wrench (located inside the dropouts). The JabberNuts are a tool-free option, available separately, probably not in stock right now. The GearPlug2, avl. separately as well, allows the use of a rear derailleur.

            The frame's ready to build up as a SS, as is.

            The frame's a single speed and comes with tensioners that require a 2mm Allen wrench (located inside the dropouts). The JabberNuts are a tool-free option, available separately, probably not in stock right now. The GearPlug2, avl. separately as well, allows the use of a rear derailleur.

The frame's ready to build up as a SS, as is.