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It's raining like crazy on your three-day backpacking trip, but your feet are dry and comfortable inside the Vasque Women's Breeze XCR Hiking Shoes. Their waterproof breathable Gore-Tex XCR linings keep out moisture no matter how hard it rains. The mid-height Breeze XCR Hiking Shoes support your ankles when you're shouldering a heavy pack and Vibram Contact soles provide excellent traction on the muddy trails. A plastic Flexframe 1 Plate separates the Breeze XCR's midsole from outsole. The frame has an excellent forward flex, but limits twisting to keep your ankles stable.

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Too much shoe

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

The roomy toe box, which I was initially stoked on just provides an opportunity for toe bang and movement that can be pain causing on longer hikes. They have a pretty thick sole, especially on the heel. That doesn't work well for me, it tends to be jarring on my lower body, especially on the down hill. They have great grip, well made, and like my last pair of vasques, the tread would probably wear down before the boot itself is worn out. These boots are right for somebody, just not me.

Nice Fit, Comfortable. So Far So Good.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

A little background: I've owned about 3-4 pair of hiking boots the last 6-7 years, and I've rotated them depending on the length of my hikes, time of year, whether I'm carrying a full backpack or a light daypack. Just recently I?ve discovered my boots are getting a little snug, especially in the toe box, so that probably meant my feet are ever-so-slightly spreading out; a condition of aging, gasp. It was during my last backpack trip in May that I knew I needed a larger pair of boots.

So I shopped the Internet and found a good deal on the Vasque Breeze GTX boots, and I ordered them one full size larger. I usually wear a womens 10 and was apprehensive about getting a size 11, but figured I could double up my socks if need be. When they arrived, I promptly put on a pair of nice thick hiking socks along with some gel inserts and took a 3-mile walk. The boots felt good; I tweaked the laces and had plenty of room where I needed it but yet they were snug around my ankles, which is what I prefer. I had an occasion to take a backpack trip a few weeks ago where my real-world test would prove their worth. I hiked up and down some steep trails; the shoes were a dream. Between the inserts and good socks, the boots fit well and felt great. My toes were not jammed, which is what I experienced from my older boots.

Time will tell how well they hold up, but for today, right out of the box, I am pleased. They don't really look big on my feet either and they don't feel heavy. I like the support, the roominess and they feel like they will hold up to some serious hiking. So far so good.

Mixed feelings

    I hike about 10 miles a day in the desert as a field biologist. Last spring I used this exact pair of boots out of the box and had no trouble whatsoever - fit true to size, did not have any hot spots, and held up as well as I expected throughout the hiking season (I'm 5'6, 135lbs, size 9.5 boot). I would have given the product 4/5 stars.

    Since I had such a good experience last year, I re-ordered the boots for this season, and in less than 4 weeks they have totally disappointed me. The midsole and insole don't sit flat and are causing all kinds of pain on my feet due to bumps and seams underfoot. I can hardly fit my feet in the boot since the toebox has warped or something. I'm not sure if they changed production materials or if I just got a bad pair, but I am returning the boots and will be replacing them with something else.

    Phenomenal Boots

      I've had these for over three years now, and I love them! I got them as a Christmas gift, and immediately put them to use hiking locally in snowy/slushy conditions. There was virtually no breaking-in process, and they have (I think) the perfect amount of flex in the sole, as well as the phenomenal ankle support.

      I scuffed the toes up pretty early, but it had no effect on their waterproofing or wear. As it's been 3.5 years now, I did just give them a good dousing with additional water proofer, but I really haven't had any issues with my feet getting wet.

      They fit well with thinner, warmer-weather socks, as well as with thicker wool socks for the winter, though you may need to undo the top lace to get your feet in when your feet are all bundled up.

      They definitely breathe well in warmer conditions, and don't hold on to foot funk like my Merrells do.

      All-in-all, money well spent! I love these; they'll be my main, go-to hikers, until I wear them out, at which point I suspect I'll be buying another pair of Vasques.

      Very comfortable!

        These are my second pair of Vasque hiking boots. I wore these during a hiking trip this weekend and they were fantastic. Fit was really comfortable, great ankle support, great grip on the bottom. One negative comment is that the covering on the toe should have had some type of rubber material on it, I've already scuffed mine climbing up rocks, hence I'm giving it 4 stars. I usually wear 8.5 - 9 in shoes and I bought a size 9 and had to exchange for 9.5 because my toes were touching the front. Need the extra room when going downhill on a trail.

        Fantastic Boots

          I absolutely LOVE these boots! I am not normally the type to shell out a fair amount of money on boots, but I am so glad I spent the money on these. I originally bought these because I rolled my ankles three times when I was just wearing sneakers and finally caved. They are incredibly comfortable and fit right above my ankle so anytime my ankle moves when I'm hiking the shoe saves me from injuring myself. I wear it on easy as well as difficult hikes and it works well in both.

          Great Hiking Boot Delivers in Denali.....

            I have wide feet so I usually have to purchase men's hiking and athletic shoes. As with any hiking boot, I bought these a 1/2 size up, in a women's size 11, and they worked great for me. Took strenuous all-day hikes both in Denali Nat'l Park and in Chugach Forest (south of Anchorage). These boots were comfortable and kept my feet dry during stream crossings, with very little break-in b/f my trip. I did replace the soles w/ cushioned athletic insoles for a little more arch support. Loved the boots and so happy to be in the women's version for a change.......

            Great boots!

              These Vasques are just what I expected: the same great quality as the Vasques I bought 20 years ago. I finally had to throw the old ones out after 20 years of hiking in Glacier National Park, Acadia in Maine, and other parks. My old ones were all leather, so I was curious how these boots would wear. I'm extremely happy with them! They are light weight, but have excellent support for your foot and ankles. They breathe very well, making them great for warm weather hiking. I have used them for hikes with my son's Cub Scout pack, and for camping and hauling gear through the scout reservation. I had plantar fasciitis surgery in January, and I can wear these literally 12 hours a day and my feet don't hurt! I would highly recommend these boots if you're going to do warm weather hiking. I don't know how they respond in cold weather - yet!

              Second pair

                The Vasque Breeze is very comfortable and fits my narrow foot and heel to a "T". We live in Colorado so hiking in rocks is part of our daily exercise. The only change I'd make is covering on the toe to prevent scuffing.

                Sold on Vasque Breeze...

                  I didn't even know the name of these boots until I looked up the style. I bought them for stability in walking purposes. I'm a former long-distance hiker who has one last visit to the Rockies before knee surgery. I wanted a shoe that would keep me in place before I hit the ground.
                  So when I went looking for such a shoe, the guys at Whole Earth recommended these guys as a last chance to purchase. I looked at two more expensive and one all-leather shoes. None had the ankle stability I need. I wanted comfort, NO wobbling inside the shoe, ankle height, comfort, toe room, comfort, and comfort. I'm going to be doing a lot of walking and a little terrain changing here and there but I'm someone who now needs lots of ankle support and comfort.
                  OMG I never took them off since I purchased except to shower!
                  Other shoes had ankle height but no stability without strangulation or they just didn't have it. Ditto for toe room and wobbling - it had too much or none. I struck gold on these shoes. With my kind of pronation probably due to weak ankles, my feet stayed in place and I had zero pain. There wasn't any "breaking in" period needed either. They're relatively LIGHT for such a boot too.
                  I'm sure others have their needs and favorites but for my kinda feet, weight, condition etc., I'm pretty pleased.


                    These seem like that would be great boots for somebody with a medium arch or flatter foot. I have a pretty high arch, and on my first hike, my feet were pretty unhappy after the first mile. This boot has plenty of toe space, my heels didn't slip at all, and they would probably be great if I bought an insole. I returned them to buy a pair with a little more support for my arches.

                    so far, so good

                      The first time I wore these boots I was hiking up to the top of Yosemite falls, so I encountered lots of different terrain, including dry loose rocks, large boulders, damp rocks, and trickling streams. They provided good support and traction through all. I didn't even have time to break them in before this hike and they still felt great.

                      Generally speaking, my feet feel very secure and supported in these boots. I have wider feet and I didn't have any problems with rubbing or blisters.

                      Pretty Good

                        Word of advice...
                        don't take these boots when you're going to be in Sand Dunes...
                        I worked at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado for over a month and the sand got in the boots, like in between the mesh... Very painful on my toes, but I pushed through it. After the week long trips I would throw them in a dryer to shake the sand out and that worked, but when i'd go back it was the same situation all over again.
                        These boots lasted me 2 seasons. 1 with the Forest Service and the next spring/summer/fall with the Southwest Conservation Corps. I worked em hard and thats why they are no longer with me anymore.

                        great boots!

                          These boots were great right out of the box, didn't really need any time to be broken in. I put snowshoes on them and went on two hikes over a weekend and my feet stayed warm and dry. They were really supportive and comfortable without being too heavy. I also wore them on desert trails and they felt great. I didn't get one blister! These boots are true to size.

                          Great comfort, right out of the box.

                            I was between these and the Vasque Briza boot for an upcoming trip to South America.. I'll be backpacking and doing some light hiking, so I need an all around boot. I have a wide toe-box and Vasque fit the best out of any boot I tried. Because I have a wider foot, I did order the wide, even though I tried the regular on in a store and they fit ok. Fit is true to size. I decided to go with this boot over the Briza because I felt like these would last longer.. Just a heavier-duty boot -- The briza almost looks anf fits like a high-top tennis shoe. They are SUPER comfortable right out of the box and haven't required much breaking in, but I haven't worn them hiking yet. Pretty light for how durable they appear as well.

                            Great ankle support, narrow in the toes...

                              I love vasque's boots... i actually have these in the mens version (my 2nd pair) because i tried both of these and found that the womens' version was just way to narrow where it tapered down towards the toe box area. It felt like it was pinching my toes together. If you look up on this page to the 11 detail pics above and scroll right you can see what i'm talking about in the overhead pic of the boot. The rest of the boot feels amazing, especially the support it gives you for your ankles. So, if you don't have wide toes? i guess, this would be great. I have average to slightly wide feet, (although, i've never had to buy a wide width shoe in my life), so most people with narrow feet should be fine in this boot i would imagine, and it fits true to size. But after reading the reviews below about this boot having a roomy toe box i'm beginning to wonder if i have abnormally strange feet (or if i'm going crazy), lol, or if those people just have tiny toes? I'm a 10 in womens and i have this in an 8.5 in mens, which doens't have the narrow toe issue, and i LOVE them, they keep my feet dry, offer great support, and give me great traction on gravel/dirt/rock.

                              *Try to watch out for hitting the plastic lace hooks on anything hard, or pulling too hard on them, cause if you break one then your boot is caput. The hooks are pretty tough, and lasted about 1.5 years for me before they broke, but still, i would've wanted them to hold out much longer. You really can't use the boot anymore if they break, cause you need them tied to support your ankle properly to avoid injury, and so hotspots and/or pressure points don't form from being laced up improperly. That's why i am on my second pair now. Too bad they didn't make them in metal!

                              Very comfortable, but not waterproof

                                I am now on my 3rd pair of these boots. I do a fair amount of hiking, about 15 miles a week, year round, in all weather. By far, these boots have been the most comfortable I have been able to find -- just take them out of the box, put them on, and go.

                                They are somewhat water resistant, but, unfortunately, NOT water proof. This has been true of all three pairs I have owned. Because they are so comfortable, I choose to wear them most often, but when I am going to be hiking through slush, mud, or significant rain, I choose my other, much less comfortable, but water proof boots.

                                I wish someone would make a truly waterproof, comfortable boot.

                                Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots

                                  My wife bought these boots after doing a careful review of several brands. She is relatively new to hiking and most of the shoes I had recommened in the past seem to hurt her feet. We were very pleased after we received these! She went on a 6 mile hike with them right away and had absolutely no problems. She says they are the most comfortable boots she has ever warn. Definitely worth it and we would recommend them to anyone who doesn't like breaking in new boots.

                                  How much do boots weigh and are a they...

                                  How much do boots weigh and are a they light-weight hiking boot?

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  I have an OLD (7 yrs)? Vasque Clarion...

                                  I have an OLD (7 yrs)? Vasque Clarion IMPACT womens hiking boot I LOVE!!!! I am looking to replace it but Vasque discontinued this line. What is the present BEST womens hiking boot for ZION etc in Utah hiking? In Jan and february? help. Kim Levins

                                  I have extremely bad ankles and I was...

                                  I have extremely bad ankles and I was wondering if these boots would provide enough support for a 8 day backpacking trip in Glacier National Park? I have rolled my ankles in other boots and I am hoping these will be better.... If not, what would you recommend? Thanks!

                                  I agree with Ryan. Your ankle bone is going to sit right above the top of the boot. The Breeze is a light-hiker and will give you about as much support as anything else you've used in that category of boot, but if you come down off a little you're going to roll. With bad ankles already, best to wrap up with a brace or Ace bandage before you hit the trail. I can't say for sure, but I believe that Merrel and North Face make a couple models that ride above the ankle. The only other option might be to go with a lighter weight mountaineering boot like an Asolo, Scarpa, or La Sportiva but that's a whole other animal and a lot more money.

                                  I have broken both my ankles and use these boots. I use sturdy ankle braces Don't rely on any boot to support your ankle enough. Even boots that go a few inches above the ankle don't do it. These boots are perfect because they have the room needed for the brace.

                                  How do I break these in so they don't rub...

                                  How do I break these in so they don't rub the back of my ankle?

                                  Breaking in boots can be tricky.

                                  It sounds silly, but I have heard of people wearing their boots in a warm bathtub to soak them through and make them supple. They then wear them around the house until they dry, and usually the boots dry in a shape that fits their feet better. I have one friend who swears by this method.

                                  A second option is to wear 2 pairs of socks, a liner sock underneath a thicker one. This will eliminate friction on your foot so you won't blister, keeps both socks a little cleaner on the trail, and is instant to take effect.

                                  Another thing you could try is wearing the boots nice and loose. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but a lot of times in trying to get a new boot to fit tightly, people over-tighten, which increases friction on their feet and causes rubbing.

                                  Finally, there is a chance that these just aren't compatible with your foot shape. If you keep having problems with them, return them to Backcountry and try something else.

                                  hope that helps

                                  I have been trying to read something...

                                  I have been trying to read something regarding the temps that this boot will accommodate. Can you please let me know the lowest comfortable temp I can use these boots in?

                                  Their is no temp rating. It has mesh side panels to let your feet breath, or to let water out if you step in a river or something like that. This is more of a spring, summer and early fall boot. Not really made for winter wear.

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  I have previously worn Vasgue boots and...

                                  I have previously worn Vasgue boots and have been happy with them. I was told that they are now wider than they used to be, is that true? I am very narrow at the ankle. Any tips? Iusually have to wear 2 pair of socks; a thin running and a medium thickness hiking sock. Are any other brands better?Thanks!

                                  I need a wide boot that gives me comfort...

                                  I need a wide boot that gives me comfort through the toe box. I tried a timberland that did not come in wide. It was very uncomfortable. I am worried about purchasing this boot without 'wide' next to the sizing. Should that be a concern or does anyone know how to order it in a 'wide'.

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  Had Vasque low-top day hikers in the past,...

                                  Had Vasque low-top day hikers in the past, these mid-boots provide a shot for more support on more rugged terrain.

                                  Can I order the hiking boots in wide...

                                  Can I order the hiking boots in wide sizes?

                                  I have a wide foot and I ordered a pair of women's Vasque hiking boots,they were too narrow and hurt my feet. I was told that the Vasque boots were made a little wider than other boots and wide sizes were not available. So I purchased a pair of mens Vasque hiking boots and I love them, great fit. I just got back from a bear hunt and I had no problems with wet feet or blisters with these boots. Good Luck!!