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great bag

    This is a great bag for students, commuters, or anyone who wants a functional and high quality bag. I am a student that commutes to school on a bike most days. I usually have my macbook, folders, binders, lunch, and music scores with me which fills the bag to the max. The side strap helps A LOT while biking so that the bag does not shift at all. The padded strap is nice but I wish it gripped my body a bit more - it's not slippery but a better gripping rubber would have been nice. The bag has plenty of pockets for writing implements and other accessories and looks more professional than my previous backpack These bags stand up to anything and if you're looking for a high quality messenger bag, you can't go wrong with Timbuk2.

    hope this helps

      Ok for those of you that are wondering...So I got the large timbuk 2 bag and it looks exactly like the pic. It has extra padding on the shoulder strap as seen in the pic..I did pay a cheaper price in comparision w/ the medium which was alot more... Now why is it more? who knows maybe market value.. ? but hey i am not complaining...

      It is big.. though I am 5'5 and 130..i am commonly referred to as the bag lady lol..b/c i ussually have tons of different bags with me.. but I decided to get one big bag to solve it all..

      boy it is big. i had to transport my inlaws cookery so for the heck of it i used this fit a casserol dish (norm size one), big mixing bowl, a big pot (u know the kind u use to make stews) it did stretch out......the material feels good and complaints so far... i think i need to get myself a smaller bag so i don't have to lug this big bag around when i don't need it..


        I ordered a large bag for a change of clothes, computer, school stuff, etc. I couldn't get the straps to tighten enough, and subsequently the bag kept slipping off and throwing me off balance when biking--I almost hit a car this way!! I don't know what went wrong, but this was an awful bag, I returned it the next day. I think I will stick to my patagonia pack, at least I know it can't go anywhere!


          I've gone between this bag and my day pack for loading up for school. This keeps my books in better shape than if I had used the day pack. It has ample storage pockets, which is always handy. It's well made. I couldn't ask for more in a commuter laptop bag.

          sweet bag, long shoulder strap. hidden waist belt strap.

            i got this bag to ease my biking commute to school. the bag is perfect size to stuff my macbook, one (1) text book, one (1) notebook and maybe a thin tupperware for a lunch. my main complaint is that no matter how i adjust the shoulder strap i can not get it super snug on my body! i'm not a little guy (6'1" 180 lbs). Also look deep inside the front panel to find the hidden waist straps- i didn't find mine until a month after owning. Overall this is a solid built bag that seems ready to withstand years of hauling around your hopes and dreams.

            great for daily abuse

              I use this bag for my daily commute, I love all of the pockets and small chambers and that it is waterproof. I love most things about this bag, however I tend to live out of my bag and the medium just isn't big enough for me (maybe because of the space that the laptop compartment takes up), I should have at least gone with the large. If you go straight from work to home you will be fine, but if you go from home to work to the gym to your girlfriends house then back to work and maybe make a stop for groceries or something, seriously think about the large bag.


                This bag is great. I compared it with many others, and it truly seems to be the best designed, the most durable, and the most inline with my style tastes of all the laptop messenger bags. The corduroy laptop pocket is great, and there is still ample room for a few text books and a binder.

                Some people complain that there are no exterior pockets, but I think that is a good thing, because there is less to snag if you are wearing the bag while on a bike. Also, there is ample room to toss a water bottle inside the bag, so an exterior pocket is unnecessary.

                Note: Everything written above is in reference to the Medium size.

                Cons: The Velcro is annoying. If you are at a library try to keep opening and closing the bag to a minimum.
                Size. The large is waaay too big. See my review of the Northface Ruckus (same exact size as a Large Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger) for a description of what I mean.

                awesome all-around bag

                  I have the medium laptop bag and it fits my widescreen 15" laptop nicely. I already own a few other types of Timbuk2 bags. They are awesome, last forever and can withstand all kinds of treatment and weather. This bag is no exception and I use it even when I don't have my laptop with me.
                  I use it as a diaper bag when I am out with my toddler! It fits everything I need for her, including the changing pad, 2 or 3 diapers, a whole pack of wipes, her drinks, extra clothes, food, and my purse. Because it's a messenger bag it doesn't slip off my shoulder, and the added bonus is that I don't look like all the other moms with the girly diaper bags.

                  Holds '08 MBP *and* beer

                    2008 MBP fits snugly in medium bag, along with a six-pack and much more crap. In fact, my only complaint would be that it holds TOO much which causes me to carry around a lot of weight in a single-strap bag. Seems to be holding up well to nefarious Chicago weather.

                    Doesn't Get Any Better

                      I've put this thing through the ringer over and again, and it still looks almost new. It's tougher than nails and still looks good enough to take to work. The laptop sleeve keeps my Mac save and sound and all of the other pockets within sleeves within pockets keep all of my crap where it's supposed to be. Another top notch product from Timbuk2

                      Huge laptop bag check, beer cooler not so much.

                        I picked up the large ballistic Black Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger Bag and it's huge. Maybe almost too big for my daily ride to work, but other than that it's great. I easily fit my helmet, cycling clothes, laptop, and a pair of sneakers in the bag with room to spare. You could probably fit 6-8 laptops in the bag, but then again who cares around 6 laptops, I max out at 2. The built in laptop compartment doesn't seem to be removable so I wouldn't be trying to use this one as a beer cooler like the other timbuk2 bags.

                        stands up to abuse

                          I've used mine daily now for 4 years and it still looks like new. You can put this bag in your will. My medium snugly fit both my 1st and 3rd generation MacBook Pros (individually, I don't carry both at the same time). I've dropped this loaded bag on more than one occasion without consequence to the laptop inside.

                          Excuse me~ I have some question about the...

                          Excuse me~ I have some question about the Large bags.

                          Why is the large size of bag much cheaper than the median one(same color)?
                          Is the larger one second hand? Or does it have some differences with the small one?

                          And it doesn't have the Tough-Tek Strap Pad(no-slip material), right?
                          (I mean this one
                          So is the strap pad Ballistic like this? (
                          Because I'm wondering that is it necessary to buy a new ballistic strap pad for this bag.

                          I'd like purchase three bags. Can I pay for credit card?

                          Thank you for replying my questions. *^-^*
                          Have a nice day~~

                          There aren't any larges left at this point, but if I would have to guess, I would say that the large is cheaper than the medium of the same color because the large size is HUGE. Seriously. I got a large and returned it it was so big, so I think the medium would be more expensive because it's in higher demand (much more reasonable sized bag).
                          I'm not sure on the strap pad but I would have say that the regular ballistic strap is most likely the one that comes with the bag.
                          Yes, you can pay with a credit card.

                          Does this have any kind of options on the...

                          Does this have any kind of options on the back for attaching it to a rolling suitcase?

                          Best Answer

                          It does have attachment points for a waist belt (which could be used to secure it to the suitcase. Also, the "grab strap handle" is located on the back, not sure if it is wide enough to slip down over the handle of your suitcase; nevertheless, it could be used as an attachment point.

                          Will the small fit the new mac books?

                          Will the small fit the new mac books?