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For quick access to your bikes without resorting to overhead presses to load them on your rooftop, the Transport T2 with STL2 Lock - 2 Bike carrier is the ideal accessory. It is hitch mounted with a Snug-Tite receiver that locks into the hitch. You’ll only have to lift your bike a few inches off the ground to secure it. The SecureHook system grasps the bike by the front wheel and a rear strap ensures it doesn’t slip. Unlike trunk mounted carriers, there is no rack-to-frame contact. When you are done for the day, the Thule Hitch Switch lever folds the carrier away. And if you just need to open the rear hatch, the Switch also allows the rack to tip downward and out of the way.

  • Holds two bikes (except tandem and recumbent)
  • Folds up and out of the way when not in use
  • Includes two locks for security
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TANK Rack!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

The Thule T2 bike rack is a beast! Now I have peace if mind that my expensive bikes are secure while driving. This rack is expensive but very well built (you pay for what you get!). Fortunately has these racks on sale right now! I love the integrated bike locks so you can lock up and not have to worry when you run in to grab lunch after a long day of riding the trails. I will the directions carefully or you may find yourself switching the front wheel cups and the direction that the individual racks are facing a few times like I did. My fault for not reading thoroughly and going too quickly.

TANK Rack!

Makes driving your bike easy

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Upgraded from a roof rack and can't believe it I waited so long. The thule is duriable, has great customer service (along with backcountry) and is easy to use. I used to be scared I'd hit the garage. And it sounds silly, but this rack makes putting it on so easy . No tires to take on/off and the bike is secure. The only thing is I wish they had given me two locks for the bikes instead of one. Great rack.

Never Had a Complaint

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've hauled bikes for many many miles with this rack. Hitch rack is the way to go for sure, and the T2 is the top choice in that world. The only issue I have ever had is when somebody stole one of the front wheel buckets and the ratchet straps off the rack while it was parked in a bike park lot. Thule was quick to ship me replacements. Easy to setup, take on and off, and use, this thing is bomber. When your bikes are worth more than the vehicle hauling them, this is the rack you want.

weakest link

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These bushings like to explode and your rack will wobble back n forth. You can find them at some Lowes/home depot. Replacing these will make your rack like new.

I hammer this rack on dirt roads and like how these pieces can be replaced instead of having to get a brand new rack.

weakest link

THE rack.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Why would you get anything else?? I have a top end carbon bike. It puts no stress on the frame (which was important to me). It is SOLID construction. Makes me want to visit Sweden! haha. Highly recommend for anyone wanting bike protection and quick loading of your bike.

Best platform-style bike rack I've owned

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

My hitch size is 1.25" so I got the 1.25" version. It's a pretty good and solid platform type bike rack. The Hitch Lock Pin Bolt may come loose so make sure to put Locktite Blue (Don't use Locktite Red) on the Hitch Lock Pin Bolt and torque it down to about 50 foot-lbs so it doesn't come loose. Mine did when the dealer installed it with grease on the treads and they didn't even use a torque wrench. Adjust the platforms so the bicycle's center of gravity is centered on the platform support or if you prefer, roughly centering the bicycle with your vehicle's width. When securing your bicycle to the platform, make sure the SecureHook is placed near the fork and ratchet it tight. I go for at least 3-clicks for my MTB tires. Same thing with the rear wheel straps, adjust them so they're tight when you close the lever. Don't forget to lock your bike too. You don't want it getting stolen when you leave it unattended.

Alaska Highway Certified

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I do not like to hang my heavy mountain bikes by the frame, especially on extended trips. So when driving to Alaska from Idaho and back the T2 was my bike hauler on my Toyota Tundra truck. Like other reviewers, I agree that the small cable locks that come with this rack do not inspire confidence and I supplemented my setup with a heavy duty OnGuard cable lock for the bikes and a hitch lock for the truck. I also added an 8 inch hitch extender to the rack in order to be able to open my tailgate without removing the bikes. The extender added some extra wiggle to the rack on rough roads but there was enough room to cook and access the truck bed without touching the bikes. Bringing the bikes to AK was a great decision and allowed us to ride throughout Canada and Alaska (Whistler Bike Park included!). I never had an issue with the T2 or its parts and the bikes survived the trip thanks to this rack. The Toyota truck is gone but the rack has been transplanted to a Subaru Outback three years after purchase and going strong.

Alaska Highway Certified

Hauls my bikes

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This is actually the third rack like this I have owned and they have worked well. The T2 is a bit utilitarian but it does what you buy it for and hauls bikes. I have driven thousands of miles with bikes on this rack on paved and dirt roads and it has held onto my bikes every time. The cable lock is all but worthless and I usually use a long cable and pad lock when I need to lock bikes on the rack. The rear wheel strap is a bit tricky to use and I know several people that have lost or had the straps stolen but so far I still have both of mine and once you know how to use them they do the job. Also the T2 worked with my truck and let me lower the tail gate without interfering unlike the Yakima hitch rack I tried out.

Poor quality accessory parts

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Very disappointed with this product, especially after reading so many positive reviews. The platform is quite sturdy, but the pieces/mechanisms to attach the bike are very cheap/flimsy. On the very first use, one of the cam levers designed to secure the rear bike wheel broke off. They are built with very flimsy, aluminum rivets. I had to use bungie cords to hold the wheels in place. Also on the first use, one of the lock cables pulled completely out of its housing. It is hard to see how this cable is attached inside the support arm, but either another cheap part broke, or it was not attached to begin with. Either way, I expected better craftsmanship for the price.

I have to concur here. After three years of ownership accumulating in about 10 months of total use I have all sorts of parts broken, missing, and not functioning correctly. I still love how easy this rack is to use and hanging my bike by the frame is not a respectable option, but for the money the durability isn't so good.

Thule T2 Review, 1998 Volvo V70, Bronson

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Thule T2 Review, 1998 Volvo V70, Bronson This rack is awesome. Sturdy and easy to use. I bought the 1.25 inch version and it doesn't move around any more than the 2 inch version's my friends have. Advantages over a roof rack: 1. Minor hit to MPG's and 2. Much easier to set your bike down on the rack.

Thule T2 Review, 1998 Volvo V70, Bronson


  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've had this rack for many years, and it has always performed flawlessly, carrying my bikes everywhere I go in a very secure manner. I love the fact that it can be lowered with the bikes on it so that I can open the trunk of my outback. I also love that the lock is built into it so that I don't have to bring anything separate along if I think I'll need to lock it up at some point.

Probably the best part of this rack is just that it's very well made and durable. My only complaint is that the hardware can rust if it's in a lot of weather. I've sprayed a metal protector onto the bolts that has diminished this, but something to be aware of.

Well worth the money- it will last you many years.


Can't go wrong

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This is an easy review. It works great and keeps your bike very secure. I use it a lot and have no complaints. You won't be disappointed.

Perfect Fit Bike Rack

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Recently purchased the Thule T2 917X for a 2003 VW Jetta after getting in to mountain biking. I much prefer the trailer-hitch bike racks after seeing a few examples of people forgetting their roof-racks loaded with bikes and smacking low-hanging solid objects ("out of sight, out of mind" syndrome?). The rack fits the car extremely well and is relatively easy to remove from the hitch considering the heft of this solidly built bike rack. When not carrying bikes, the fold-up aspect is great; provides plenty of clearance to the bumper and allows for easy trunk access. Would definitely recommend as a great bike rack. HOWEVER - make sure to torque down the four bracket bolts with a sufficiently strong allen wrench. I had tightended the bolts as much as possible with the supplied allen wrench (nearly bending the wrench) and on my first drive, the bike tray moved / walked down 2"-3" on the backbone. Before the next drive, purchased a T-handle allen wrench in the correct size, repositioned the bike tray, and tightened the bracket bolts down much tighter; have not had any movement problems since.

can you fit a bike with a 48 inch wheelbase on this? (yeti SB5c)

do you sell replacement rear wheel straps for this rack?

Can you fit a fat tire bike on the rack?

I have 2 vehicles that I want to use this hitch on, one has the 1.25 inch hitch and the other is a 2 inch hitch..... Does Thule sell an adapter so that the 1.25 can fit in the 2 inch hitch?

Does anyone use it with 29inch wheels? ...

Does anyone use it with 29inch wheels? I'd like to know if the arms that grab the wheels are near the end of their extension when holding the 29er. How many "ratchet" teeth are left if it slips one?

Is anyone experiencing bike top tube damage...

Is anyone experiencing bike top tube damage caussed by the way this rack secures the bike? Thanks. Would the XTR with wheel securing arms be better or worse?

Best Answer

Are you squishing the clamp hook down on the top tube? It sounds like you are, but maybe you aren't? The top tube has nothing to do with securing bikes with this rack. The hook grabs the wheel/tire and holds it in the wheel saddle. The rear wheel gets held down with a ratcheted strap with a cam buckle that holds it down securely.

The only damage this rack does to the bike is it has a tendency to rub the lowers on your front suspension fork. I use a small shop rag tied around the foam area on the hook where it can touch the fork. No top tube issues at all.

Right, just watch the front suspension. Not so much a problem with my friends GT, but it's very tight, or close, for my Fuel EX 8; but no big deal if you just keep it in mind and just not shove the arm too far forward. That's the only issue, if a issue at all, regarding this least, so far.

Is the snug tite lock effective in reducing...

Is the snug tite lock effective in reducing or eliminating play in the receiver?

We got the "2013" modle, and can ony say there is NO excesive play in the unit we have, ours is only the 1" 1/4 receiver for on a Civic...probably more stable yet on a truck. You can go directly to Thulle and download a PDF that might be better able to answere your question on the modle you have, or better yet, call the company. Can only say ours is (so far) the best; we bungy the tires for a little added stabilization to help bikes from possibly banging against each other, though it's not necessary.

NOTE: Just make sure you tighten down good both before you leave home, and again when you leaving for home. We've had them start to wobble, just a bit, on the way back to the house from a long trip; they were fine earlier, but a somewhat rough road loosened the hitch bolt a bit. Just make it a habit to check both times...

How much does it weigh and is it easy to...

How much does it weigh and is it easy to take on/off of the car for a woman

Hey Barbara,

Thanks for the question. I'd say the Thule Transport T2 with STL2 Lock is around 30 lbs and it is a bit awkward to take on and off of a car hitch. Luckily, that moment doesn't happen too often as it is one of those hitch racks that you put on your car and leave on there for pretty much the entire bike season or longer if need be.

Not the easiest rack to take on and off. I have the 2 bike extension and that thing is a cumbersome pig to take on and off. Lining up the holes and cranking the bolt down and then loosening it back up. mounting it isn't the most user friendly. It is more of a 'set it and forget it' kind of rack.

My friend says it's more like 50 lbs. or nearly. Very heavy and awkward to move, and having only a compact car, and a 60+ mile drive to work each day, extra weight/gas mileage is real important; so he has to install and remove each time...that's the only downside is the weight of the thing!

Will a tandem fit on this rack? If not,...

Will a tandem fit on this rack? If not, is there a hitch rack you recommend?

Does anyone know if this rack will work...

Does anyone know if this rack will work well with a minivan? I just got a tow package installed on my van and it is quite low -- I'm a bit worried that going over bumps or low areas it may damage the rack or my bike. Anyone have this rack on a minivan and if so what is your experience? Have any photos to share?

I was looking to get this for my car. What...

I was looking to get this for my car. What is the weight of the rack by itself?

The selection listing states that the rack...

The selection listing states that the rack is for 1.25" hitch receivers - is this version compatible with 2" receivers as well?

Best Answer

You can technically add the adapter and it will work fine. However, I highly recommend getting the rack that is the correct size for the hitch on your vehicle. Having fewer connections makes the rack more stable. Using an adapter is fine to add flexibility, but buy the size rack that matches the hitch of your primary vehicle and adjust from there if needed.