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The Thule Quest Cargo Bag is ideal for those that need lots of extra cargo space for their next adventure. This Thule cargo bag is affordable, easy to use, and will last a lifetime of road trips through mild weather. The Quest attaches to aftermarket and factory installed roof racks and folds down into its included stuff sack for handy storage under a seat when it isn't in use. Heavy-duty molded handles let you throw the Quest around with ease once you reach your destination.

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Needs Improvements...

    For the most part, the bag does the job. It is affordable and roomy. However, if your cargo is water sensitive (or you did not use poly bags to protect it) you'd better pray for no rain. Granted, waterproof might not have been stated as a product feature, but one would expect better protection than the bag offers. I got lots of water inside!

    The tie-down points are oddly placed at only the front and back extremes of the bag, but nothing on the sides. This forced me to move the two crossbars of the roof rack all the way out and, thus, place the bag directly on the roof, so that I could tie down to the cross bars in the front and back of the bag. This is unacceptable, I thought. The bag should allow for placement ON the cross bars! Of course, this would have been a non-issue had they provided longer tie belts or, obviously, tie-down points on the sides of the bag.

    The flap that covers the zipper (and helps for water leakage protection) is held down by pieces of Velcro. That is fine, in principle. However, the Velcro pieces a so small and far between, that the flap is invariably forced upwards by the wind forces, totally defeating its design purpose and, in fact, offering increased drag...

    Excellent Experience

      I bought the cargo bag for a trip from Central NJ to Myrtle Beach, SC. I did not and do not plan to use the bag extensively, so the lower price tag fit my needs perfectly. I read all of the reviews before purchasing the bag so I was prepared. I stuffed (duffle/canvas-like bags only - didn't want to ding up the SUV) in heavy duty trash bags and sprayed the bag with water repellent. Since I'm overly cautious and this was my first foray into the "rooftop cargo bag" scene, I also spent an extra $8 at my local auto store for 2 bungee cords. I was able to pack a lot of gear in the bag. We had no problems with attaching and securing the bag and once we criss-crossed the bungee cords across the top, the bag didn't budge an inch. I didn't see any difference in the SUV's gas mileage or feel any drag when driving at higher speeds on the expressways. It did rain for hours coming and going, so there was a little wetness at the bottom of the bag where the rain sat and the sun couldn't reach. I really did expect this if we were hit with heavy rains (which we were) so I made sure only blankets, towels, bathmats and that sort of stuff was packed at the bottom to serve as a buffer between the duffle bags and the auto rooftop. Overall, the cargo bag did its job and the price was right.

      Still searching for a what I thought this was...

        It is a one star for my lifestyle. It's okay if you don't need something very durable like I do. I travel for work and for play all over the Western states, Pacific Northwest mostly, days and weeks at a time. Doesn't withstand alot of usage. If you do purchase it make sure the straps that tighten the load are tighten down as much as possible and then give it another tug for good measure...any air pockets anywhere inside are BAD. The inside coating will wear off with the slightest rubbing from the objects packed. (Make sure you don't pack anything with a square corner, either. Such as boxes.) The white piping on the outside will break in spots with movement also. I purchased another thinking the first was a lemon and tried to be extremely careful how it was packed and strapped. Even stopping down the road 50 miles to check and tighten any loosened straps from settling. The piping didn't crack as badly like the first but still the inside has pealed from the outer material in spots. And do beware, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT WATERPROOF and can BARELY be classified as weather resistant. If it is raining or if any moisture(including fog) is in the air it WILL find it's way in no matter how careful you zip it up. If you don't plan to use it but once a year on a sunny day, travel far(50 miles @ less than 50mph) or run into any bad weather/wind it will be okay and work for you.

        Very sweet bag.

          We got this bag as a last minute choice for a trip to Moab for my Mazda 6. It is bigger then I thought it would be which is awesome at how much stuff I can cram in it. I do have to mount it sideways on my car to fit right since it is longer then the space my rack has available on top. After some adjusting up top it fits great. I hear less noise from wind with this on then without it.
          Just becareful with the top of your car and don't scratch it.

          Great Product!

            Purchased the Thule Quest cargo bag for our summer vacation trip. While not the largest bag on the market, it was still a great space-saver for our family of 5. We encountered a few showers and everything stayed dry. I checked the straps at every stop on a 500-plus mile one-way trip and all of them were secure. I would highly recommend this product and Backcountry (excellent service).

            Great Purchase...worth the money!!!

              We purchased the Thule cargo bag for our recent trip to Florida. It rained at various times throughout the trip and nothing was wet inside. We also sprayed the outside with a water repellent prior to our trip...that may have helped. We were concerned about not having crossbars on the cargo rack, but it worked out just fine!

              Excellent choice

                If you're looking for a carry top bag that is easy to load and easy to mount to your car this is the carrier for you. It has very good hold downs, and it didn't seem to add much wind resistance to my car. If I'm looking a similar product in the future, I'll be looking at a Thule product first for sure.

                This is a nice cargo bag!

                  We just took the Thule cargo bag on a 750 mile trip. That bag held a lot of stuff! It holds a lot more stuff than it looks like it can. It was simple to install to the roof rack, and worked perfect keeping all of our souvenirs safe until we got back home. Great bag for the price!

                  Excellent Bag

                    Holds a ton but can compress down if you've got less—that means less noise and better gas mileage.

                    We had to trim the straps (which come very long) because they were flapping.

                    We use it for family trips (2 adults, 2 children), the children can pack it like a suitcase on the bed and we load it on the car, then drag the whole bag to the cabin. This works a little better than I think a hard case would, where we'd be packing and unpacking more often.

                    Good for one trip

                      The bag was well designed and definitely saved me room in the car. I only had two problems with it. 1) Had it been waterproof, I would not have had to wrap everything in trash bags to pack it. 2) The clips are made of cheap plastic and I already broke one strapping it down for the ride home.
                      Other than these two problems, it did what it was supposed to do. Friction is doing a visible job of wearing off the water resistant coating on the inside of the bag where it rubbed on the corner of my suitcase, but that is to be expected.

                      Summary: If the clips were made a little hardier, or Thule sent extras, I would recommend this bag in a second.

                      Thule Quest Bag

                        Great customer service but I would not recommend this cargo bag. After one trip of 700 miles a seam came apart and the inside of the bag flaked terribly. This may have been an isolated incident, but I was fairly disgusted with the quality. However, the quality of customer support is great because they stood behind the product 100%. Thanks guys.

                        Thru wind thru rain...

                          I just used this cargo bag on my Ford Explorer for a trip down to the Smokey Mountains. We drove down in the middle of the rain and wind that Hurricane Ivan was throwing the TN valley. The bag stayed put and although not waterproof, was pretty helpful in being water resistant. I'm not sure that anything would have sustained the rain we saw on our drive. We were in rain for a good 5 hrs. We packed our duffles inside large garbage bags inside the Quest. Our duffles were, for the most part, dry as a bone when we got there. The garbage bags weren't air-tight, which is the reason some wetness did seep in. I was impressed!

                          Quest takes me cross country

                            Just drove 2400 miles from Rhode Island to Texas with the Quest holding clothes and camping gear. It did a great job: no noise, no difference in gas mileage. It's not waterproof, so I packed things in garbage bags and even through some amazing rains everything came through unscathed. Best of all, it packs into a tiny little cargo bag till next time.

                            I just purchased this idem. It did not...

                            I just purchased this idem. It did not come with straps that would secure in place from the sides. Only the ones attached to the unit. Did I recieve all the parts for the produce

                            The instructions that came with this product will show everything that's supposed to come with it. Go to There, you can search for the product, click the technical information tab, then download the .pdf for the user manual which includes the included parts. Or go to the replacement parts area of the website and look up your product. It should show you what comes with it.

                            Just bought the Quest (just had Thule Cross...

                            Just bought the Quest (just had Thule Cross beams -after factory) and am wondering how to keep the floor of the bag & contents from resting solely on the roof of my new car! Any advice?

                            Seattle Sports makes a rubberized, no-slip cargo mat that is designed to rest underneath the cargo bag so that it doesn't scratch up your roof (nor slide around which is possible even when strapped down if it's loaded a certain way). I'm not sure if Thule makes the same product.

                            Have a 2007 Suzuki XL7 do i need cross...

                            Have a 2007 Suzuki XL7 do i need cross bars or can i use my stock roof rack if so how do i install it?

                            I do not have any kind of rack on top of...

                            I do not have any kind of rack on top of my car right now. What else do I need to buy to put this attach this to the top of my car?

                            Write your question here...can I use this...

                            Write your question here...can I use this easily on Roof of 2005 Subaru outback with factory rack. Is it made to be strapped to a rake from car factory?

                            would two or three large suitcases fit in...

                            would two or three large suitcases fit in this bag?

                            Will this work on a Saturn L200?

                            Will this work on a Saturn L200?