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No Upgrade Needed

    I just was looking at pads, thinking it might be time for a new one, but my Prolite 3 has been, almost literally, a security blanket during worldwide travel over the past 3 years. From the desert sands of Iraq to rain forest huts in Panama, and lots of other rough places, I've always slept well on this and it has often served as a chair or soft place to kneel while doing camp tasks. Never had a leak and packs relatively small. Have considered something a little thicker since I often end up on my side, but not sure I could trade it for the bulk/weight of a bigger pad. There are always trade offs, but overall, this has been one of my best ever outdoor purchases.

    Just as good as the reviews indicate

      The Prolite 3 is lightweight and comfortable, exactly what hikers need when staying in the backcountry. It's only downside is one that it shares with all air mattresses. Although durable, it can't work miracles, and an unnoticed mesquite thorn can ruin your evening. Check the ground on your hands and knees before putting down your tent floor or ground cloth, and don't forget a repair kit. Fortunately, the latter works quickly and efficiently, even in the field.

      Best pad out there

        Therm-a-rest got it right with this pad. It's light, packable, and comfortable. I haven't come across another pad that comes close to this one in any way. I've used mine on probably over 100 nights and it hasn't gotten a hole in it or anything else. The only bad thing about it is that the stuff sack doesn't come with it but besides that its perfect. Defiantly the best pad on the market.

        Compact and light

          This pad is the best option for 3 season ultralight backpacking - very light and compact(I believe the best specs on the market). It seems durable too(excellent condition after 15-20 uses). The only drawback is the price, but if you can afford it go for it!

          Light is right

            Does take a half dozen extra blows to get it nice and firm but it works great. I had no problems with my tender hips hitting the ground while sleeping on my side during six days in the Sawtooth Wilderness. The only challenge I found was waking up in the mornings after a night of solid rest. I'm 6' 4" and the regular is a little short. Which I don't mind because I sleep on my stomach sometimes and like to have the toes hang over.

            Great pad

              This pad is amazing at keeping you warm and off the ground at night. Just leave it to inflate and when you come back just add a few puffs of air as you wish. It rolls down to about twice the size of the original when it arrives brand new. If you sleep on your back this pad will keep you comfy all night.

              Great product - once again

                Great product- therm-a-rest never fails - have had their products for years. Only improvement I would be looking for in the future is: how to make them "cut resistable" to dog nails/teeth sharing the same pad while camping, hah!!

                Perfect sleeping pad

                  After years of carrying around a foam pad strapped to the outside of my pack, I will never go back now that I have my pro-lite air mattress. Combined with the stuff sack, this pad folds down to the size of a nalgene, meaning it can fit *inside* your pack. That means you never have to worry about it getting knocked off your pack if you're bushwacking or getting wet in the rain (a common worry with air mattresses).

                  Therm-a-Rest Prolite 3 Sleeping Pad

                    I finally gave in and got myself a sleeping pad - the Therm-a-Rest Prolite 3. Depsite all my friends making fun of me carrying it around because I don't "sleep on the ground like a man", this thing weighs less than a pound, and packs very well with the stuff sack. I suppose sleeping on the ground can be soft, but I get the last laugh when we wake up in the morning after a night in a shelter and I got a great night sleep and my buddies are still achy from the ground. The Prolite 3 Sleeping Pad is worth its weight in gold.

                    So tiny :)

                      This is an awesome pad! I bought the short version that only provides up to the waist. Im 6 foot and the pad provided enough support for my body for a wonderful "Restless" sleep. Not only it is great for many nights, but it works fantastic for a one nighter because this can fit right into a day pack! If one is looking for "THE PAD" this is the one!

                      Worked Well For Me

                        I bought the short pad (I'm just under 5'4") and it worked very well for a recent 4-night camping trip. The first two nights were very hot, the second two were rather chilly, but I slept well through all four. I do tend to sleep on my side, and was not achy or bruised at all in the mornings. I was amazed that such a thin pad was as comfortable as it was. As for inflation, I let it self inflate while I was setting up camp, then finished it off with only two quick puffs of air. It stayed inflated through the whole trip. I got this as a lightweight backpacking pad, and for car camping I might just have to get something a little more lush (the Trail Pro, for example), but that's just for luxury, not due to any shortcomings of this pad.

                        Great Product

                          A very good sleeping pad. Please follow the instructions regarding storing it inflated. Makes it inflate faster when you are in the woods. I put 6 self stick gum rubber pads on mine to stop sleeping bag from sliding. they are the rubber bumbers used for kitchen cabinets,2 bucksfor a pack of ten or twenty. packs up small and if you use a stuff sack - theirs or any other your pill should fit in it too. I have 3 Prolite 3's for my kids/wife I have the prolite 4 but then again I am over 6 foot and weigh 250. but all of above applies to both.

                          Great Lightweight Pad

                            I have owned this pad for several years now and have been overall impressed. It was designed to shed weight yet still be comfortable. No, it is not as comfy as other pads but it is lighter and saves space for other stuff. I do have to inflate it a bit more than some other pads I have owned in order not to hit the ground and I'm not a fat ass. If you want to save some weight and have some room for other crucial equipment, then this pad is the way to go. For a bit more padding with minimal weight get the Prolite 4.

                            Rad Pad

                              This pad is rad. It packs nice and small. Also, it takes me about 8-10 big breaths to fill it up. That takes about a 2 minutes or less. I got the regular length and it gets the job done. As expected for a super light pad, it is not the thickest pad around. But it will make for a comfortable place to sleep, even on rocky terrain. Also, it is very durable. Overall, a quality product.

                              whats the difference from the ProLite...

                              whats the difference from the ProLite 4's?

                              what is the difference between the Small...

                              what is the difference between the Small vs. the Women's Regular size mattress? I am 5'3"...which one should I get to rest my entire body?

                              The small is for when you want to save extra weight an sleep with your feet on your pack or something else. It's not a fullsize mattressAlso, I think two differences between the men's and women's model are:- Women's prolite 3 sleeps warmer with an R value of 3.0 compared to 2.3- Women's model is pinkMore info here: