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heavy sleep

    This pad is great for car camping. You don't want to lug it around on a backpacking trip, and you certainly don't want to bring it on a bike tour. Great comfort, easy to use, get great sleep. Just too darn heavy to have it with you when you realllly want it.

    Luxury camp

      My daughter and myself (father) took a trip to Yellowstone in the middle of June 2009. The first night we camped there it got down to 30, but with our Therm-a-rests we were not cold all night. The luxurycamp model is quite thick and very comfortable. I would definitly recomend it for camping, not so much for backpacking as they are kind of heavy for that.

      Review Title

        We got this for my 4 yr old daughter to use and after trying hers out, we decided that we need to get rid of our big ol' air matress and pick up two of these for us. It was just as comfortable, if not more so, than ours without all the extra weight.

        Big and Heavy/Worth It for Me

          I tried three lesser pads, and now will accept the size and weight of this thing. Perhaps I'm just too old and fat, but I slept on rock the other night and was impressed with how comfortable I was. Not bedlike, but comfortable enough that I didn't wake much and felt good in the morning. This would not have been the case on my other three pads unless I doubled them up. If you are young and vigorous you probably don't want the volume and mass of this thing, say backpacking great distances. If you are more like myself, you'll find it worth the space it takes up. It was warm when I tried it (20's F), but I doubt that the insulation value will be any different that the comfort it demonstrates. I'm going to do some winter camping again this year (NE Mn and Manitoba/Ontario) and will update if that's not the case. gt

          A Car-Camping Deal-Maker

            I am typically a minimalist when it comes to camping, opting for a compact Therm-a-rest model for my pack. However, my wife can only sleep in spoiled comfort of a Hilton Dream Bed, so I got her the Luxury Camp sleeping pad. It has done wonders for expanding her tolerance for car camping and keeping us out of hotels when we get away.

            Comfort & R Value

              Immediately after receiving this quality Therm-a Rest pad, we headed for a winter car camp. Upon arrival, I started the self-inflation procedure, somewhat slower @ 0 degrees. That night I was rudely awakened by an aching side. I soon realized I had slid off my pad & was lying on the tent floor. Everything was back to normal when I got back on. You won't even notice the cold, frozen ground when sleeping on the Luxury Camp Pad, as long as you don't slide off! Great for car & cold weather camping. Extra thickness = extra warmth. I even pack it in on short distance winter camps.

              Interesting enough years ago Therm-a-Rest made a spray-on adhesive product that was just tacky enough to keep you from sliding off your pad. The surface on these older pads are much more slippery. You simply sprayed it on & allowed it to dry. I actually worked fairly well.

              Love it so far!

                I don't backpack often as I have foot pain I have to endure but I enjoy the winter quiet. I wanted a pad that I would not roll off of, was warm and easy to set up. I've only used this XL pad twice in my tent in my yard as a test during a snow storm and also when it was about 7 degrees. Both times I was comfortable, never rolled off of it and it gave great protection from the cold ground. The contoured surface and stretch knit fabric really helps with the comfort. I pull a sled in the winter so the 5 lb. weight isn't an issue but I may even try it in the spring and fall as the comfort may be worth the extra weight. I'm looking forward to using it in the cold quiet of the north woods!

                so worth it

                  I used the micro-light sleeping pads for several years, not wanting the extra weight of a luxury t-rest. Carried and slept on the deluxe mat for the 1st time in the Andes.... and despite the high altitude etc, the extra weight was well worth the improved rest and warmth. This is my 2nd one - first was 'borrowed' by my kids. I use it exclusively now and as long as it's packed in it's stuff sack, it seems to be pretty indestructible. Only one patch in 7 years... from a crampon stab. Well worth the money and the extra weight.

                  I'm on the ground

                    The Therm-A-rest self inflatable pad seems like a good idea, until you're in the backcountry and you wake up on a frozen ground.
                    I keep telling myself that I really need to like this pad, but I just can't anymore. It has let me pun intended..too many times.
                    If it's not the valve letting out air it's a tiny puncture hole.
                    I think I'm ready to try other non-inflating pads.

                    Cold weather test

                      Well, two days after receiving the pad I got to use it. A week above 8,000ft and temperatures hovering around 5F and the pad was bloody amazing! I have spent over seven years of my life living outdoors in bad weather and bad terrain and this is simply the best sleep I ever got on a mattress. None of the disadvantages of an air mattress, just the bonuses. I am huge (6'5" 270lb) so I was worried about squashing the mattress and making ground contact. Not a good thing when it's 25 below freezing. It was not a problem with this mattress. Awesome!!!

                      I tested the valve and it did not leak....

                      I tested the valve and it did not leak. How do I find where the leak is without getting the hole pad wet?

                      Best Answer

                      Hey Anna,

                      Over inflate it as much as you can, then...

                      Plan A- try using your lips up close to the surface of the pad to see if you can feel air coming out
                      Plan B- a little soapy water and a squirt bottle
                      Plan C- get part of it wet, starting with the edges first
                      Plan D- put it in the tub and don't worry because it'll be dry in less than a couple hours, and even faster if you dry it with towel

                      Be sure to mark the leak with a ball point pen so you can easily find it again. Hope that helped.

                      Two part question, salesman at local store...

                      Two part question, salesman at local store says the XL LuxuryCamp is the only Therm-a-rest with 2 valves, plus does this model come with a stuff sack?

                      Write your question do you air...

                      Write your question do you air this up? (the therma rest luxury camp sleeping pad>) is there a pump with it?

                      Do they make a product to repair a small...

                      Do they make a product to repair a small leak (hole ) in a therm-a-rest pad?

                      When I purchased my pad it included both a repair kit & stuff sack. Now you have to purchase everything separately. This repair kit is the best thing going for all self-inflating Therm-a-Rest's:


                      A friend of mine owns one and said that...

                      A friend of mine owns one and said that you are supposed to store it hanging up, with the valve open to keep the lifetime warranty. Is that correct?

                      No. This is the best way to store the pad if you want optimum performance (meaning if you want it to inflate super fast), but storing it rolled up will not void the warranty. There are other things that will void it like leaving it in a hot car, putting hot items like pots of boiling water on it, using it to ward of a bear attack, using it to slide down a scree slope, etc., but leaving it rolled up is not one of these.

                      FYI, If you do have it rolled up for an extended period of time and want to 'revive' it, simply blow as much air into it as you can and leave it overnight. This will help the foam regain it's lost memory and allow it to inflate at it's fasted rate. Unlike popular myths, Thermarest mattresses won't lose their self-inflating capabilities by storing them rolled up. They are not like sleeping bags that if left stuffed in small stuff sacks will lose their loft. Thermarest self-inflatable mattresses can be revived...

                      I would like to know, my husband is 6'1"....

                      I would like to know, my husband is 6'1". Will the large size be ok? I'm 5'1" - will the regular size b ok?Thanks.