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    comfortable pack

      very wide,comfortable, padded straps for both the hips and shoulders. has a buckle top cover with a cinch closure to further rain-proof this pack. has a bottom compartment great for wet shoes or as a stuff sack for your sleeping bag. i can fit my TNF cat's meow bag in there with no problem. great for a weekend or half a week..

      Great weekend backpack

        This is one heck of a backpack for the weekend hikes. I have used it in US as well as in Western Ghats of India. Its a pretty lightweight and the fabric streches, so you can stuff more. Only thing missing is the straps for holding the sleeping mat. Nevertheless, a great backpack serving from last 2 years!

        Pretty Good

          Is a good pack, was comfortable on the last 4 trips I took. The only complaint I would have about it are the exterior pockets. They are fairly flat, even though somewhat stretchy unlike the Kelty pack that have more useful pockets. Overall been a pretty good pack though.

          Better then my old USAF pack

            I've used this once and love it. Went on a 16 mi hike in Land Between the Lakes, TN with no problems. Packs well with plenty of room. I'm new so I'm sure it will get even better. The outside pouches stretch quite a bit, enough to hold my fuel items and water filter. There's also plenty of straps and loops to attach items. There are plenty of adjustments to get the fit just right. Not sure about the sleeping bag compartment, it fits my light weight military bag, but looking forward to upgrading that next. Any recommendations on a 0-15 degree syn bag that fits would be appreciated.

            Ripped :(

              I took my pack on two trips: One to Jamaica for a 1 week mission and the other on a 4 day camping trip. After these two trips I had two small holes on the bottom of the bag. I sent it back to Northface and I have to see what they'll do for me... Waiting for the results.

              Can't beat the Price..

                Went on a 30 mile hike on the AT and the pack performed great. I think I over packed a little but the pack held everything comfortably! The stretchy spandex outer pockets really allow you to cram a lot more than you might think into little areas. The inner pocket that holds a hydration bladder really came in handy. I put my MSR 4L bladder inside and was still able to put my tent, cooking supplies, a few clothes and food inside the bag. The only thing I put on the outside was my tent poles.. Great bag

                Excellent pack

                  I used this for a three-week backpacking trip through Europe. The bag was comfortable, reliable and sturdy. There were plenty of pockets, it was not too bulky, and the weight distributed evenly.

                  It has military-grade quality; it reminds me of my marine corps backpack.

                  I highly recommend it to anyone.

                  So far so good

                    I have had no problems with it yet, the suspension system is very easy to fine tune how you like your pack to sit, and it adjusts great on the fly. Very easy to walk all day with it loaded to its max. I would even take it for up to a week, maybe even more.

                    Not TOO much not too little

                      This pack is great. It is very convenient to use and very comfortable. It does not have any features that are too much and it meets all the requirements for a great pack. I have only used it so far on a two nighter but I know this will have no problem with a 3-4 nighter. The front access pocket is very convenient as well as the pocket on the top. This gives you a lot of options for things to put in a quick access spot. It splits in the middle which is always a plus making it so much easier to get things in the bottom of your pack.


                        My first pack, but I love it dearly. Worn it on many overnights now and it's still holding tough. The material is super strong and once you get it set correctly you hardly notice your wearing it. I really can't think of anything about it I don't like.

                        Why doesn't the military have something like this?

                          I have yet to find any realy problems with this bag, I love it. I have kicked this thing around Afghanistan for several months and it has never shied from the abuse, taking it all and asking for more. It has seen the inside of several helicopters and MRAP's, and the outside of some serious rugged terrain. I have worh this for several days without problems, and it even adjusts decently well to my body armor. It carries enough food, clothes, sleeping bag and pad, water (hydration bladder pocket), and other gear to get you pretty much anywhere you need to go for a couple of days and stay comfortable the whole time. If you are a more spartan type of person, you could probably go for a long time anywhere in this bag. I can't wait to back and use this for my first hiking/camping trip.

                          Easy on the wallet

                            Pros: Inexpensive, durable, lots of external storage

                            Cons: Not super light, no rain cover included, the hip straps rip my hips apart. The Verti-Cool is more of marketing ploy.

                            I really this bag. Its huge and the side straps allow you to keep it small if you dont need all the space. I love the spandex-esque pockets in the front and side. The bag has firm padding and the frame is very basic but it certainly gets the job done. I has large external pockets, but they dont have elastic tops, so stuff can fall out (Lots of dented Sigg bottles). I'd call this a pretty basic bag. I wouldn't take it on a week long trip, but a weekend backpack trip? For sure! The one thing I really hate is the mesh material on the inside of the straps, it basically a cheese grater on long hikes, does a number on my hips and clavicles. For the money, I can't think of a better bag.

                            Very Nice

                              After seeing a 'Best Buy' for the Terra 40, I thought I'd try the 60. I finally had an opportunity to try the Lg (3850) on a trip up Pikes Peak. Plenty of space, pockets and straps. The suspension was great as it started out around 50lbs fully loaded (ouch, I hate winter treks) - but it rode very comfortably (I'm 6'3). The only thing I could have asked for was a Sherpa. Great pack.

                              Good pack. A few nits.

                                I bought this pack to use as a carry-on for a trip to Scotland. It worked out fine, and I hiked about 50 miles with it. The zippered pocket on the top was a handy place for stuff I needed frequent access to, and the internal zippered mesh pocket inside it was a good stash for stuff I definitely did not want to lose (passport, keys). The suspension worked perfectly: I never had any back fatigue. Three small nits: the chest strap adjusts, but when I moved it to its lowest position it tended to creep upwards on its own. Second, the side mesh pockets were perfect for a water bottle, but too high for me to access without taking off the pack. Last, there isn't a map pocket.

                                Wonderful Pack (Dig the suspension and Straps)

                                  After weeks of searching at countless stores, websites, and magazines, I finally came across the North Face Terra 60. I got it in the Cave's ballin. I have taken it on several 2-4 day hikes and have been nothing but please. The water bottle pouches are hard to reach without taking off your pack so you have to ask a friend to help you out. That's hardly a big deal.

                                  What sold this pack for me was the suspension. It's so comfortable and the straps are like pillows. I know this sounds trite, but you really forget that you are carrying 20-40lbs on your back. I would suggest that you buy this pack

                                  where can you put your tent on this...

                                  where can you put your tent on this pack?

                                  You could take the poles out of you tent's storage bag, and store it horizontally on the exterior of the pack, towards the bottom by the sleeping bag compartment. You may need an extra storage loop or fastener or something to accomplish that but it's a nice way to free up space inside your bag and if your tent is light enough you won't notice the weight being on the outside. Plus with the poles being out, you can compress the crap out of the tent to do this. OR you could remove the poles (store them vertically in the main compartment of your pack) and put them tent in the sleeping bag compartment of the pack. Or you could store it inside the pack on the side, vertically. Or you could store it on the outside of the pack, on the side, vertically- looks like there are some really good gear loops for holding pads and such.

                                  To anyone with this backpack, where do you...

                                  To anyone with this backpack, where do you usually put your sleeping pad, since there doesn't seem to be any tiedowns on the bottom? Just curious.

                                  Best Answer

                                  Tyson, sorry man, I read your question late yesterday and pad turned into bag in my brain. The two little webbing loops on the bottom would be great if you tie a loop of cording around your sleeping pad. That my suggestion at least. Sorry for the earlier confusion.

                                  I'm thinking about buying this pack for...

                                  I'm thinking about buying this pack for my girlfriend for christmas, and I'm wondering if the medium may be too much pack for her. She's about 5'6". We are going to be going on some multi-week travels, and we do some multi-day hikes.

                                  Its possible she'd be fine, but packs that come in different size are really hard to fit for people without having them try them on. Luckily for you, if you order it off backcountry, you can always take it, see if it fits, hike in it, and worse case, send it back if it really doesn't fit her!

                                  does anyone know if i can bring this on a...

                                  does anyone know if i can bring this on a plane as a carry-on luggage?

                                  I don't think so, I was considering the Terra 40 but it didn't seem to fit right and the internal frame was pretty lengthy. I'll have to check out the Solaris 35 (2100 cubic inches I think). I did check out the Kelty Redwing 3100 and I think it could pass as carry-on. Backcountry has it and I thought the dimensions and size of it was seriously close enough for carry-on.

                                  Here's the link:

                                  I was thinking about getting a weekend...

                                  I was thinking about getting a weekend backpack and there is alot of rain where I live. I have narrowed between this backpack and Rei flash 65 backpack. Anyone have recommendation between the two, if so why? I was also wondering if the Northface Terra 60 is 100% waterproof? I'm only 5'4 so would this backpack fits me ok if I get a medium?

                                  Thank you in advance everyone!!

                                  Best Answer

                                  I haven't used the Flash 65 but the feature set looks comparable. I don't know what the REI warranty is, but North Face is lifetime. With regards to waterproofing, the Terra uses a coated nylon fabric, which is waterproof except for the seams- like most packs they aren't seam sealed. I personally don't carry any type of rain cover, and I can tell you from personal experience that it take quite a sustained rainfall to have to worry about any real amount of leakage through seams. If you keep your sleeping bag and clothes in stuff sacks in the pack, then even less to worry about.

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  Looking for a pack for a week hiking is...

                                  Looking for a pack for a week hiking is the Terra 60 in medium good for a 5'6 113 pound women!

                                  im 5'2" and small, will the medium be way...

                                  im 5'2" and small, will the medium be way too big for me?

                                  I am 5'2" and I tried this bag today for a day hike. It fit me really well. Buying it to use on a 3 day hike..

                                  Only thing I did not like is it is not at all user friendly to adjust the torso size. But once you adjust it, hopefully u dont have to change ti too often.

                                  I have been looking everywhere for a rain...

                                  I have been looking everywhere for a rain cover for this pack. Does anyone one know if such an item exists? Also, does anyone know how this pack holds up in the rain and its water-repellency? Thanks

                                  Hey, who out there knows the approximate...

                                  Hey, who out there knows the approximate size of the sleeping bag compartment, just that little space? or can anyone share what the stuff size is of a bag they have successfully fit into the void of the compartemento? Tanks a bunch,

                                  I'm trying to decide on a backpack and i'm...

                                  I'm trying to decide on a backpack and i'm looking at this Terra 60, and trying to compare it to the North face CRESTONE 60. Which one has better suspension system (V-Stay suspension VS Opti-Fit)and which is more confotable on shoulders? The Terra 60 is newer on the market?
                                  Please also note that ia have a TNF Goliath to fit in there!

                                  Thanks for the help!

                                  Best Answer

                                  The Crestone is more sophisticated suspension for sure. It will carry substantially more weight, and I highly recommend it for anyone who needs their pack to more than an over-nighter. The Terra is a fine pack for entry level campers- but the Goliath is a pretty big bag, I would consider the Crestone to be a better fit for this bag.

                                  Write your question here...where do most...

                                  Write your question here...where do most of you keep a tent on the terra 60?

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  Is this backpack extendable? It seems...

                                  Is this backpack extendable? It seems like many backpack now days allow you to over fill and expand the capacity by 5-10 liters. Thanks.

                                  My son is starting to do quite a bit of...

                                  My son is starting to do quite a bit of camping/hiking with his scout troop. The Terra 60 seems to be what I am looking for (weekend overnighters and lenghty hikes). I have a decent sleeping bag that doesn't look like it will fit the sleeping bag compartment (19x8). Does this pack come with straps on the bottom? What do you recommend?

                                  Best Answer

                                  Just out of curiosity, what kind of sleeping bag is it? Do you know the brand/model/weight?________________It is a Coleman 20 degree bag (39"x81"). It weighs about 5lbs. I am beginning to think that an external frame pack would work the best. The internal packs require sleeping bags that stuff into nearly nothing.__________________Hey Mike,Depending on how serious your son is and what kind of budget you have set, this is what I would recommend: I'd look into getting a new bag, which would save a lot of space, be much lighter to carry, and give you the ability to carry an internal frame pack such as this one, which in my opinion, is much more comfortable than external frame packs. The North Face Terra 60 is a very solid pack for someone getting into backpacking. The reviews on this page really tell a good story.Back to the sleeping bags, is it safe to assume that you have something like this?: car-camping, this sack will do the trick, but if your son is planning on some overnight trips and eventually longer trips, this sack wouldn't do well against the elements. If it gets wet, it will trap the water like a sponge, and you could be looking at a 7+ lb sleeping bag, a loss in temperature rating, and an uncomfortable night sleep.Depending on how tall your son is and what temperatures he'll be camping in, there are some bags on the site that would work well with this pack, and make any trip much more enjoyable than the current sleeping back you have. If you are looking for a good bang for your buck, I'd check out the Kelty Light Year bag:'s half the weight of your current bag, it comes with a stuff sack, and can fit in any internal pack. It's also 30% off right now. Also, depending on your budget, we're running a deal on a 20 degree down bag: a down bag is more expensive, they are lighter, can generally pack down further in it's stuff sack (this particular bag stuffs to 16x6 inches), and in my opinion, more comfortable. One of those sleeping bags along with this pack would work well. We have a great variety of sleeping bags in stock on our site, so look around to see if any of them fit your needs (I have owned about 6 different sleeping bags in my few years of backpacking, so let me know if you have any questions on them ). I hope this helped - Let me know if you have any other questions on bags, packs, what have you!

                                  get a telescoping stuff bag for your sleeping bag (be sure to have your sleeping bag in a weatherproof stuff bag first) then with your telescoping bag you can begin collapsing the bag down to a smaller size.
                                  you can get one at Academy Sports&Outdoors (but i could not find it on their website) i purchased several in person at their store.

                                  get a telescoping stuff bag for your sleeping bag (be sure to have your sleeping bag in a weatherproof stuff bag first) then with your telescoping bag you can begin collapsing the bag down to a smaller size.
you can get one at Academy Sports&Outdoors (but i could not find it on their website) i purchased several in person at their store.

                                  The Terra 60 is my first internal frame...

                                  The Terra 60 is my first internal frame pack and my sleeping bags don't fit. How do I choose a new bag that will fit?

                                  dont buy a new bag if you like it...spend less than $ 15 and invest in a telescoping compression bag. i bought several of them at Academy Sports/Outdoors in person, i dont see them on their web site though.
                                  as you see in my pic, at first my sleeping bag is almost 16inches tall, then i am able to compess it down (with the 4 pull straps) to under 9inches tall.

                                  dont buy a new bag if you like it...spend less than $ 15 and invest in a telescoping compression bag. i bought several of them at Academy Sports/Outdoors in person, i dont see them on their web site though.
as you see in my pic, at first my sleeping bag is almost 16inches tall, then i am able to compess it down (with the 4 pull straps) to under 9inches tall.

                                  I noticed the pack does not come able to...

                                  I noticed the pack does not come able to carry a snowboard. Is there any kind of accessory pack/strap that can make it so the pack is capable?

                                  If I am 6' 2" and a 170 with a relatively...

                                  If I am 6' 2" and a 170 with a relatively short torso for my height, would a medium be suitable for me, or would I need a large?

                                  Is the 'Cave Black' version available in...

                                  Is the 'Cave Black' version available in LARGE (3850)?

                                  I'm fairly tall, 6'3", and very slender,...

                                  I'm fairly tall, 6'3", and very slender, 170lbs with a 32" waist. I like this pack, but I don't know if I should get the Medium or Large. The large fits my torso measurement the best, but according to the sizing chart is way too big for my waist. Would I be better off with the M or L?