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    Used this pack in the Tetons 2 weekends ago and was very impressed. I was unsure how the expandable foam back panel was going to feel, but after 20 miles it felt great. This is probably the first large capacity pack that I have ever worn that did not create any hot spots while dialing in the suspension. The welded seams on the top and bottom of the pack are a nice touch and really eliminate the need for a rain cover. Carried very nicely with a medium load of about 40 pounds.

    needs a rain cover

      Ordered it and returned it. They attempted to make a waterproof pack but forgot to but waterproof zippers. I also don’t care much for the back panel. I know this type of back panel is popular and probably really nice but when ski mountaineering I don’t like the weight to be off my back that much. The bag is good for the price though if you don’t plan on getting in any down pours or if you don’t mind the weight a little off your back.


        It's advertised as "watertight" in Backpacker magazine and even a hose couldn't sneak any water in... well that's almost true. The fabric is incredibly durable, and water proof as far as I've ever taken it. The hood is completely watertight with a waterproof zipper to top it off. However, there is a long side access zipper down the bag that isn't waterproof.. and lets a lot of water in when it's pouring. Why The North Face would make a waterproof pack, but not include a waterproof zipper for the longest zipper on the bag is beyond me. There is a storm flap that covers it, but it doesn't help much. With that considered, here are the good notes- The frame is the most comfortable internal I've ever used. Although you can't really overload the bag or else the hip belts start to fail, around the 55 lbs and up range. Getting that much weight into a 60 liter bag is pretty tough for and average backpacking trip though. The 30 to 40 pound range is amazing! Rotating hip belt moves with you, great center of gravity, and the ventilation on your back works well. The zipper pulls are wonderful too, no little strings, but rubber finger loops. Great durable pack, that carries loads exceptionally well, but I wish they would have made it with a waterproof zipper. My experience for credibility- Trip guide for the past 4 years leading trips around the U.S..

        Unanswered Question

        Does anyone know the dimensions of the...

        Does anyone know the dimensions of the pack if you take the top off? The listed dimensions on the NF website is 24½ x 13½ x 9½ in. for the M pack and that is just a hair bigger than most airline carry-on allowances. I figured if I can take the top off and use that as my "personal item" and the bag goes below 20 in. in height I should be good to go. Thanks!

        I just got the women's version of this...

        I just got the women's version of this pack, and I was hoping that the floating lid would work as a lumbar pack. The straps on the lid aren't even close to long enough. Are there extenders somewhere or is the lid just removable?

        It's simply a removable floating lid on the Women's Primero 65. Packs with lids that can be used as lumbar packs will have their own hip belt that slips into an internal sleeve. With all the aftermarket straps, webbing and buckles available these days, you might be able to rig something up, but I've never seen it done, and in all honesty, the comfort and fit of lids as lumbar packs isn't something I've ever been too thrilled with anyway. Another idea would be to maybe look into a small, light rucksack that you can use as a stuff sack or easily roll up and stow away in a corner of the main pack for short off-trail excursions (So much more functional and comfortable!). Something like a Marmot Kompressor (+) comes to mind. Not the best news, I know, but hopefully it gave you something to go with.

        the Medium, large and small sizes? does...

        the Medium, large and small sizes? does that mean a larger volume or a larger hipbelt size?

        Does the pack come with a Trampoline...

        Does the pack come with a Trampoline sleeping bag divider as is listed on The North Face website?

        No, (at least mine didn't) but I bought mine from a local store.. That is a downside of this pack in my opinion. The side access zipper does allow you to unzip the bag far enough to pull out the sleeping bag, but then everything falls down to the bottom of course. It's for the rest of the positive aspects of the bag I just try to look past this as I repack my bag in the morning.

        Does The North Face Primero 60 Backpack...

        Does The North Face Primero 60 Backpack meet airline carry-one size restrictions?

        Generally no, and taking a backpack this large through TSA is a pain (especially if secondary screening is involved).Save yourself a giant headache by just checking the damned thing.The restrictions have become a bit more relaxed recently. This is the guide I use: "Each passenger is restricted to carrying only one item through the airport search point with a maximum size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and a maximum weight of 18kg (40lbs), including wheels, handles and external pockets. Other bags, such as handbags, may be carried within the single item of cabin baggage." This converts to 22in x18in x10in. Using this guide the Primero 60 would not fit the carry-on restrictions. I would, however double check with your airlines prior to departure.

        What is The Difference Between This Pack...

        What is The Difference Between This Pack And The North Face Crestone 60?