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Great Coat, Super Warm

    Here in NY we are in the middle of one of the more extreme winters of a lifetime. We have had more snow then anyone can seem to remember and throughout all the blizzard-like weather my Northface jacket has always kept me warm and dry whether shoveling snow or a casual walk to the store. It's a great buy, well worth it's price and looks great too. I could not be happier with my North Face Ice Down Jacket

    "Good Ice"

      I absolutely love my TNF Ice Jacket! It is a streamlined, down-filled masterpiece of comfort and design. Most extreme cold-weather jackets feel bulky and tend to inhibit movement, this is not the case with this garment. The Ice jacket keeps you warm while allowing full range of motion and functionality. I have been loyal North Face customer for a long time and this jacket simply reinforces my faith in the company by providing quality outerwear at a great value!

      Awesome Jacket

        This jacket holds warmth in extremely well and is very durable without sacrificing style.

        I have been looking for a jacket that would keep me completely warm and still look cool (and not be as common as your common mainstream C.Goose jacket). I am not a winter person, but love where i live. Our winter weather is -20 to -30 windchill and an average of 1 ft of snow at any given time. City winter. My winter activities include shoveling the snow, walking through parking lots, and sitting in a cold other words, not very winter active, so a ski style jacket simply does not cut it.

        The water just beads up on the hyvent material, and the material seems quite durable (much like a construction style jacket material). The "puffyness" is not too bad, but it is down and you can't complain about that if you want warmth.

        Deffinetly the best jacket I have owned to date and well worth every $.

        very satisfied

          Just received this jacket today. I'm 5'9, 180lbs with a muscular build. I was a bit reluctant to purchase a medium, but it fits just fine. I found the sleeve length to be on par with other TNF jackets.

          Very nice, but bulky, as already said

            This jacket is one of the warmest down jackets i've ever worn. But the outer lining seems to be a bit bulky and even hard to bend (in several places). I give it a 9/10

            YA this jacket is a little bulky and runs bigger then u would like, so i ordered a size down to cut down on the bulk, but it was to short and tight, and its really made for hard weather and long periods out side.
            Once you get over to the extra room it feels nature and you'll be happy u got it

            I got it in kansas where its pretty cold but no one dress warm, so I felt kinda over dress, but it came in handy for halloween and walking around. Now I'm in Germany and cant wait for the winter to pull it out

            Wicked Jacket

              Let me start by saying this jacket is the mother-load of down jackets. Some people have stayed away from North Face because of the whole China manufacturing, but North Face designed this baby for extreme weather, it was only assembled in China. Looking at Canada Goose parkas, made in Canada and being colder than China but North Face is not new to the game either.
              The jacket is a bit bulky but you want down, you get down. This is the life of down. Deal with it. The zippers are plastic, however many jackets on the market are plastic but compared to metal was a leary choice for me but looking back at all the jackets I have ever had, the majority have had plastic YKK zippers. North Face offers a lifetime warranty the basics, so no worries there. The only downfall when it comes to zippers is the small size of the zipper pulls. A complete pain when you have gloves on, but then again, not a big worry. This jacket rocks and also for a down-filled parka it has a wonderful urban style.

              Enormously huge on all sizes...

                This jacket is extremely warm just like everybody here said, but it is also huge to all its sizes. A medium is more like large or even extra large. I don't know why in the world people who answered questions would tell a 5ft 7inch thru 5ft 9inch dudes weigh around 160lbs thru 170lbs to get the medium. The sleeve is way too long and the chest area leave too much space. No wonder a 6ft tall dude here bought medium. Other than it runs very big, it is a warm Winter jacket.

                Great Comfort & Fit!

                  This coat is perfect for winter activity! I am 6' weigh about 180, and the medium is the way to go. It fits just like a down jacket should, and it's not too short. The fur trim is perfect in windy conditions. You only need one layer underneath, even in really cold conditions. I would recommend this jacket to any hardcore northface fans!

                  Great Jacket!

                    I purchased this jacket in black size M. for my son who is about 5'9 165lbs. it fit perfect! He attends MSU and walks and rides a bike to class. So far it has been pretty cold in Michigan and it has kept him warm. The only disappointment I had with the coat was that I thought it was a little longer in length. I would highly recommend this coat for warmth and style.

                    Great, but needs refinement

                      First, let me say this jacket is great. When my friends and I are hanging outside in the cold, I'm the only one not shivering. The full zip-up to cover the chin, and maybe mouth, is great for closing in warmth. I had nothing but compliments when I got it, and they still keep coming-some from people who have already given them. I would have liked a real fur option on the hood trim.
                      Now the things I would change. The sizing is really weird to me. The jacket fits me, but it could be a little more fitting. What I mean is, read other reviews; there are people saying they are 6'1" and bought a small or medium. I am 5'5" 165lbs (not fat), and the small size is just a little roomy. The sleeves are too long in my opinion. I have to give them one roll to be comfortable. Friends of mine have tried it on who are like 5'8"- 5'9" average build, and the sleeves fit them perfect. How are sleeves on a small size jacket going to fit people smaller than that if it fits them just right? If I were 5'5" but little, I would have no choice but to buy a different brand. TNF shousk make a size XS, or just make the small a small.
                      Despite my discrepancies I really do like the jacket. The problems are not that big of a deal to me, but could be for someone else. This product feels good as far as quality goes. It's heavy and solid and definitely worth the money.

                      Have your cake and eat it too

                        This jacket is stylish, functional and extremely warm. I was simply looking for a down jacket to keep me warm during nasty Chicago weather and this jacket more then does the job. The waterproof Hyvent shell is a huge plus during those wet heavy snow storms and when playing in the snow with the kids. I bought my wife a down jacket without the Hyvent shell and when her jacket gets wet she feels it along with the cold. So needless to say we are shopping for and new jacket for her. If you are going for the big baggy look and get it too large you will sacrafice warmth plus jacket is pretty heavy to begin with.

                        Bottom line is this jacket is great, well worth the price. If you find it on sale it is an absolute steal.

                        Warm and comfy, but cut weird

                          I have been burned by TNF on sizing before, so I was bound and determined not to let it happen again.

                          This coat runs a bit short in the chest, but the sleeves are sized correctly. I am 6' 175lbs and the medium is fine. I suppose if you wanted the ability to layer a lot under it, or like your coats a bit looser, the large would be okay. Please ignore the sizing chart posted, it's not that accurate.

                          The coat itself is comfy. The lining is soft and not itchy, and doesn't pill much. The outer shell is a rough nylon/oxford material that has a nice look to it. The fur on the hood is a bit obnoxious, but you can remove it with the zipper. I found the hood hangs very nicely and doesn't feel too tight or too big.

                          There's lots of pockets and pouches, but they're hidden well. The velcro over the main zipper is strong but you can still pull it apart with one hand.

                          Overall I'm very pleased with the performance of the coat and would definitely recommend it.

                          (Also, the colors in the picture are a tad washed out -- the colors in real-life are much more vibrant. I got "brownie brown" and found it to be a very rich color.)

                          Warmest Coat Ever!

                            My girlfriend got this for me for christmas a few years ago as a total suprise and it's easily the warmest coat i've owned in years.This jacket can really take all the worst mother nature can dish out whether it's freezing rain, arctic blasts or sub zero blizzard conditions, it's stood up to all of that.This jacket is so warm and toasty i feel like i'm cheating the elements.The wind and waterproof HyVent shell is a huge plus as i know my core will be staying dry no matter how bad it gets.I love pairing this with an insulated pair of The Northface Freedom Pant.

                            Unanswered Question

                            Can you Please give me the actual measurement...

                            Can you Please give me the actual measurement for a Size S


                            Neck =

                            Shoulder hem to shoulder hem =

                            Chest (Measure of bust across armpit to armpit) =

                            Waist =

                            Sleeve Lenght (from shoulder seam to cuff) =

                            Sleave Lenght + neck (from center of neck to wrist cuff) =

                            Total Length (from central neck to bottom hem) =

                            Unanswered Question

                            I want to purchase this ICE down jacket....

                            I want to purchase this ICE down jacket. But, I'm not sure which size is good for me. I'm 5.7 ft and 165 lbs. Usually, North face medium jacket was fine to me. But, some people mentioned about the jacket size - a little bit bigger than others. Which size will be mine? Medium or small? I'm gonna buy a brown one.

                            When are other colors going to be available...

                            When are other colors going to be available in size Small? I am looking for the grey. Thanks

                            Unanswered Question

                            Anybody know if this jacket is cut and...

                            Anybody know if this jacket is cut and sized identically to the Gotham? The XL is the right size for me with that model, but I'm not crazy about the bunched waist design. The Ice looks ideal.

                            Unanswered Question

                            Hi folks! I'm interested to buy Ice Jacket....

                            Hi folks! I'm interested to buy Ice Jacket. I'm 5'9''/ 160 lbs. What size should I get. Are you going to have S and M sizes in GRAY this season? Thanks!

                            Unanswered Question

                            My waist is 38.5' (98cm), chest is 41.7'...

                            My waist is 38.5' (98cm), chest is 41.7' (106cm), sleeve is 27.5' (70cm) and 198.4 lbs (90 kg) which size should I take?

                            Unanswered Question

                            Hello I'm 6'0" 194 lbs, chest is 43, sleeve...

                            I'm 6'0" 194 lbs, chest is 43, sleeve is 35, atletic build. I bought a North Face Hawthorn, size L, but it was a bit small to me. I want to exchange it for the North Face Ice, what size should I get?

                            Im 5'10 and 190 on althletic. At most i...

                            Im 5'10 and 190 on althletic. At most i would wear two layers. (undershirt and shirt) I was thinking about Medium for a more fit look, but have reservations that it would be too tight?

                            Also I think this is the better (warmer) parka among the Gotham and Hawthorn?

                            Advice would be greatly appreciated!

                            I bought this jacket last year and have been very pleased with it. However, the sizing is kind of weird, I think. I am 5'5" 160lbs.-athletic, I bought a small, but I wish they made an extra small. I have a friend that is 5'10" who tried the jacket on and it fit him better than it fit me. He is around 150lbs, so I think with 40 more lbs on you a medium would be great. There is free shipping, so it may be worth it to just order a medium and see if it works. This is just my opinion.

                            sort of cross-posting this, but can anyone...

                            sort of cross-posting this, but can anyone identify the relevant and functional differences between the ice down and the gotham down jackets?.. they are visually quite similar. seems this has a higher weight, which i suppose translates to more warmth?

                            lastly, if i am 6'2" 220lb or so, is XL the proper size?

                            Best Answer

                            Both are 2 layer hyvent and 550 fill down.... Ice down is 2000g....Gotham is 1310g.... Ice down has a removable hood....Gotham the hood is not removable....

                            It is the fill of feathers that makes the jacket warmer, but the weight can play a small factor.... This jacket runs a little larger so something to keep in mind....

                            I am 5`6" 200 lbs. Chest is 46.Sleeve is...

                            I am 5`6" 200 lbs. Chest is 46.Sleeve is 36- 37.
                            What size should I order?

                            im 5,8 132lbs what size would be best for...

                            im 5,8 132lbs what size would be best for me

                            I'm 6'4" and 250 lbs. athletic build. ...

                            I'm 6'4" and 250 lbs. athletic build. What size would you recommend for me?

                            Hi, I am 180 cm and about 165lb. My chest...

                            Hi, I am 180 cm and about 165lb. My chest is about 40''.
                            What size is proper for me?

                            It depends on your sleeves. My sleeves are 32/33 inch. The medium blew past that length by at least a couple of inches. I think 180 cm equals to 5 ft 10 inch tall, for a 165 lbs guy, I take the small. Really, I would recommend you to take the small based on the measurement you gave, that's how big this jacket runs.