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    I just got a him35. I was not what to choose between the ve25 and the new him35. Now that I have it I can tell you: go for the new one: very strong, easier to mount, a bigger front vestibule, two entries, very nice ventilation possibilities, and I heard about a community, which is fun! I was skeptical about the lift technology, but it's very efficient.

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    I'm looking for a great 4 season tent that...

    I'm looking for a great 4 season tent that I can use for my wife, 2 year old daughter and myself in the colder months as well as fitting into a sea kayak. Will the HIM 35 fit into a kayak with no problems? Thanks for the help.

    Him 35 or VE 25? My winter bag is a 6'6"...

    Him 35 or VE 25?

    My winter bag is a 6'6" Western Mountaineering Kodiak. I also sleep on a 25" pad. Would the Him 35 be big enough for two guys over 6' tall (long sleeping bags) and a couple of dogs, or would the VE-25 be a better solution?

    You would have enough room if it wasn't for the dogs. Though not much, they also need their space. The VE 25 would give you an extra eighteen square feet of floor space, four season capability, & a few ounces lighter in weight.

    I'm looking for a really great tent that...

    I'm looking for a really great tent that will hold my family of 5 in -20C weather. We have 3 young children and I want to make sure they stay warm and safe in the tent.
    We might be going to Frontenac in late November and I'd like to know a good recommendation on a light packing sturdy tent.

    The only way I would recommend this tent to you is if you are going to be doing a significant about of winter camping, and are worried about facing conditions with significant snow accumulation that this tent is designed for. If snow isn't the primary condition for this tent, I probably wouldn't recommend it for a couple reasons- the ventilation probably won't be sufficient for family camping, and it isn't light enough to really be considered a backpacking tent. Check out The North Face Double Headed Toad 4 person tent - I think this might be a good alternative for you and be plenty warm and you will save about 4 pounds in weight.

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    I am considering buying the Him 35 3 person...

    I am considering buying the Him 35 3 person 4season tent for my sons graduation. I currently own a Hotel 66 that I bought from you back in the late 80's. I need a replacment rain top (outershell). Is that something that can still be purchased? Thank you B. Johnson

    choosing between the HIM35 and VE25. The...

    choosing between the HIM35 and VE25. The interior space seems larger on the VE25, but the diagrams show the floor space being calculated differently. Is the VE25 really 11 sq feet larger (48 vs 37 sq ft) ?

    I need a 3 person, 4 season

    I need a 3 person, 4 season considering HIM 35 and VE 25. Having trouble making a choice; what are the differences/advantages/disadvantages?? Also, relative to condensation problems in the fall, which is better: 3 season or 4 season tent?? Thank you for the help.....DaveThanks for your help

    In all my experience, 3-season tents ventilate better than 4-season ones. This is due to the fact that most 3-season tents have a ton of mesh on them, making them bad for the cold, but good for ventilation.As far as which one to choose, I don't have either one so I can't really weigh in on that part of your question.

    where is the tent manufactured?

    where is the tent manufactured?

    Unfortunately North Face tents are no longer made in Berkeley, CA. Those were the good old days. They are now manufactured in Asia, most likely China. I still have a Pole Sleeve Oval & Westwind that proudly display the "Made In The USA" label!