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not bad

    Not a bad jacket - I bought this one and the Mountain Hardware Typhoon. I kept the Typhoon because it fit better. I'm 5'6" and 160 and the small fit well. If you're looking for The North Face look, then this is perfect - however, I preferred the Typhoon because it had some additional length.


      Since backcountry doesnt feel like mentioning it, these jackets offer no warmth at all. Its only a rain jacket and kinda feels like a garbage bag over you. Very upset.

      You must be new to the whole outdoor scene my friend. No worries, I'll explain it to you. Layers are the name of the game, you buy a base layer that wicks moisture away from your body and it goes up against your skin. An insulating mid layer for warmth which is almost always not waterproof. Finally a waterproof shell (like the one above) for wet weather which almost never are insulated. You're welcome.

      It's so obvious that's employees are ridiculing people who post negative reviews while trying to pass as customer reviewers themselves. Every time I see a negative review I see at least 3 responses calling the reviewer an ignorant idiot. Who exactly gets outraged by negative reviews except someone explicitly told to do so.

      These reactions are wholesale, transparent bull. It's obvious that these people who are outraged by negative reviews are employees. Who would react so indignantly to negative reviews except people explicitly told to do so? I don't take my jackets that personally.

      I'm about 1.78 meters tall,and about 145...

      I'm about 1.78 meters tall,and about 145 pounds in weight,what size do i need?

      Hi, i intend to get this jacket and i would...

      Hi, i intend to get this jacket and i would like to know if i can combine it with a fleece in order to stay warm during winter.If yes which one i can get?
      As you say, it's not zip-in compatible though...

      is it insulated for warmth

      is it insulated for warmth

      I need a new rain coat ASAP...I'm doing...

      I need a new rain coat ASAP...I'm doing climbing/rappeling guiding on the east coast (canada) and need a good jacket for belaying in nasty old jacket just isn't beading anymore after repeated re-sprays, not to mention it being thrashed. I'm looking at this with an eye to an eventual AT thru hike as well. what do you think? can you reccomend something better in the same area of price?

      I just got the stretch diad jacket and I am pretty stoked about it.I hiked for four hours in the rain last saturday and stayed bone dry. It's super light weight, cut well to accomadate a harness, and has a nice stretch to it for climbing and all around mobility. Its the same price as the ciradian. That's my two cents. Happy Trails!

      Unanswered Question

      how does the 2009 version fit like?im tall...

      how does the 2009 version fit like?im tall and skinny and i usually find north face jackets way too short in length and big in the arms.