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At LAST...! boots were my divorce present to myself. never had warm feet in my marriage, but single life is a WHOLE NEW STORY!! ;o) i am from new england so i have had my life's share of "best boots around" claims...these really are the best i have EVER had! what you really can't know until you see them is that the actual overall finish (color) on the of the boot is more of a distressed/variagated grain. rather like a flight pilot's bomber jacket. it has a very nice vintage look out of the box. what i like best is that the actual boot is light, but thick where it needs to be--in the walls of the ankle and calf. there is more than enough bootlace to accommodate very large calves, so there are no worries there. lastly, my only advice when trying to decide what size to order is to go one size larger. i got the 9 and though i tend to run 9.5 because i have the foot of a duck--the boots tend to run smaller because they are more tapered to the foot; toe box is very snug. fashion isn't a huge priority for me normally, but they do work with everything.

    Sexy Snow Boots?

      I got these boots as a gift for V-Day and am thrilled with them!

      I live in Whistler were there is lots of snow,ice and slush.These boots can handle it all...

      They are ultra cozy and keep you nice and warm like a big cup of hot cocco.....
      The lace up is halfway so adjustable to your calf.
      The detail of the fake fur and overall boot design is cute and a little sexy...hehe..did I just say sexy along with snowboot?....yes I did....

      I got the boot in my regular shoe size, and the fit was pretty darn took a few days of breaking in, but with new boots it always seems to be that way.


      Great Boots

        I walked 6 miles in these boots with complete comfort right after pulling them out of the box. I'll probably wear these boots everyday until May. They are great: warm, water/snow/nasty slush-proof, and stylish. I like my shoes snug, so I ordered the size corresponding to the exact measurement of my foot and found them a perfect fit. I am so estatic about these shoes, I'm trying to spring for a second pair just so I don't have to buy winter boots again for the next 5 years. Here's hoping The North Face keeps making them...

        Best Boots Ever

          These boots are amazing - they are super warm, really comfortable and they don't slip on the ice and snow. They are also really cute - I get several comments on how cute they are every day. They are wide enough so you can tuck your jeans into them and really show them off. Buy these boots!


            I purchased these boots due to previously failed target snow/cold boots. These boots are nice and warm in the blustery Chicago cold and do an excellent job in the snow. I love that they come up just below the knee because now I don't have to wear stockings. I have the north face jacket that goes from head to toe with a slit up to the knee so these will complete my cold weather gear by keeping me nice and warm. They are also incredibly light weight, maybe a pound each. They are not tight at all, they are a perfect fit. Comfortable to walk in, especially long distances (which Chicagoans know walking long distances is a daily task). I would certainly recommend these to anyone on the fence. I did look at another pair of boots, I forget the name, the ones that fold down to be half knee or ankle height, but this boot I think is the better of the choices.


              I am only giving this boot three stars because I haven't worn them yet, so I cannot attest to the level of comfort. But because these boots are so kick ass, I couldn't care if they had a bed of nails as soles. They do come up knee high, and they are slightly snug around the ankle for me (I'm a little on the heavy side). From walking around my house in them they seem highly comfy to walk in. I can't wait to try them out at the Christmas markets here in Germany!!!

              Warm and comfortable

                Vary warm, vary comfortable. When I first put them on, the area around the ball of my foot felt snug/tight, but after a few sessions breaking them in, they feel absolutly comfortable and I figure that's just the way they break in. Everything feels solid and lasting. Worth it. Every time I put them on I just want to keep walking!

                Do you need to do additional waterproofi...

                Do you need to do additional waterproofing?

                let me know when you get size 11 in stock,...

                let me know when you get size 11 in stock, this is a perfect style for me.

                Are the Adrianne II Winter Boots pull on...

                Are the Adrianne II Winter Boots pull on and how much fur is on the inside. I would need a size 81/2 or 9 depending on how the boot is cut.

                Write your question here... our you going...

                Write your question here... our you going to be getting size 6.5 any time soon?

                Karen,It is unlikely BC is going to get any more of these in, they are on sale as a discontinued color. When I searched other sites for the Adrianne II I was unsuccessful in locating any stock, specifically a 6.5 Perhaps there is another TNF boot or Ugg you would consider as a substitute., Sumo

                Unanswered Question

                hi, when i saw these boots i fell in love...

                hi, when i saw these boots i fell in love with them! i live in england and have been searching unsuccessfully to buy them on the internet for 2 weeks. will you be getting anymore of these boots in or do you know of anywhere that has which will ship to england? please help!! lucy x

                the size is not correct i can return, for...

                the size is not correct i can return, for change dthe size?

                You can make returns simply by clicking on "order status" and then clicking on "return" on the order you'd like to send back. recommends that you just go ahead and order the size you need rather than wait for the exchange due to the fact that they have limited inventory. They will credit your account when they recieve the item you are returning - they are usually very fast and efficient with this. Just be sure to write the RMA number for returns on the OUTSIDE of your return package for faster processing (you will be issued a RMA number when you request a return).

                Are the soles of this boot very stiff or...

                Are the soles of this boot very stiff or sturdy? Sometimes boots soles are too flexible and make walking long distances in the snow very taxing.

                These are great - I have worn them for 4+ mile walks in deep snow. They keep my feet warm and ultradry. The soles are perfect stiffness - often my little dog decides to 'run' during our walks and these are easily adaptable to the change, without hurting my feet. Noticed that in extremely icy conditions, if I step using the heel and not the 'grippy' part of the sole, the boots can slide, but overall, excellent! Have worn them in cold Michigan winters - which are damp and ioy as well as in Banff, Alberta, which got deep powdery snow. Well worth the extra money.

                Are these entirely waterproof? Could i go...

                Are these entirely waterproof? Could i go walking through mounds of snow and not get my feet wet?..and also... Is this the cheapest price to find them at? I have very little money and i really love these boots!

                Are the boots good for walking in the snow...

                Are the boots good for walking in the snow for longer periods of time? will they stay dry during this kind of activity??

                does it take a long time to put them on?...

                does it take a long time to put them on? it looks like they have a lot of laces!

                I'm not sure what you'd be doing where seconds count while wearing a fashion oriented boot...However, if you actually look at the boot, you will see that you only unlace four of the eyelets. So if you are proficient in moving your hands back and forth, you should have no trouble putting the boots on. Admittedly, it will take longer to put these on than your slippers.