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Mini 55-Use Poo Powder Waste Treatment

Cleanwaste Mini 55-Use Poo Powder Waste Treatment




Toilet In A Bag - 15 Pack

Cleanwaste Toilet In A Bag - 15 Pack


4 5 (1)


PeeWee Urine Bag - 3 Pack

Cleanwaste PeeWee Urine Bag - 3 Pack




Pee-Wee Urine Bag - 12-Pack

Cleanwaste Pee-Wee Urine Bag - 12-Pack


5 5 (1)


Complete Portable Toilet System

Cleanwaste Complete Portable Toilet System


4 5 (1)


Portable Toilet

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet


5 5 (2)


Portable Privacy Tent

Cleanwaste Portable Privacy Tent


4 5 (1)


Waste Bag Kit - 12 Pack

Cleanwaste Waste Bag Kit - 12 Pack


4 5 (8)


Hexa Tarp ProSet

Snow Peak Hexa Tarp ProSet




Spray Bottle Poo RepAIR

Cleanwaste Spray Bottle Poo RepAIR

$9.56 $11.95 20% Off

5 5 (1)

Choosing Tents and Shelters

Unless you’re up for sleeping under the stars, you’ll want a tent for your next camping trip. Tent styles range from small solo shelters to huge, structured tents designed to withstand gale-force winds while mountaineering. You’ll need to consider seasonality (three or four-season) and size when you make your choice.

3-Season Tents
For most campers, 3-season tents are the way to go. Intended for relatively mild conditions, these tents have mesh panels to promote airflow and employ rain flies to keep you dry. Shop 3-Season Tents
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4-Season Tents
Designed primarily for winter, 4-season tents feature heavier fabrics and more poles than 3-season tents. This adds weight but is essential for withstanding fierce winds and heavy snow. Shop 4-Season Tents
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Bivy Sacks
Bivy sacks and tarps are extremely lightweight, compact shelters preferred by mountaineers, climbers, and minimalist backpackers who need shelter but want to conserve as much space and weight as possible. Shop Bivy Sacks
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