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While Man has created some impressive feats of synthetic engineering, we still can't help but step back and take cues from Mother Nature. That's why we chose the Swiftwick Pursuit Seven Socks' pure Merino wool construction for our Competitive Cyclist socks. Why? Simple. The advanced synthetic features of contemporary socks are inspired by Merino wool. And when mixed with Swiftwick's expertise in sock design and construction, we had a pair of socks that we want to wear every day.

Swiftwick's Pursuit Seven socks are made from imported Australian Merino wool. And to ensure the Swiftwick stamp of quality, each sock uses 23.5-gauge wool with a three-inch minimum staple length. This means that each fiber of wool is at least three inches long to create an abrasion-free, soft finish. Additionally, this eliminates any itch that you might associate with wool. So, now that we know what the Pursuit Sevens are made from, let's examine why wool is used in the first placed.

As we said, the material is non-abrasive, but the benefits don't stop there. Merino wool is what we call a 'hydrophilic' fiber, meaning that it has the natural ability to positively interact with water. In fact, Merino can absorb as much as 30 percent of its weight before exuding the sensation of wetness. Additionally, it's naturally antimicrobial, so you'll experience next to no stink from the socks. This property is furthered by Merino's natural ability to disperse electrostatic charges. So, the Pursuit Sevens will pick up less dirt, grime, and lint in the first place.

As for the socks' construction, Swiftwick does classify these as a light compression piece. So, not only will you experience superior wicking and thermo-regulation from the wool, but with Swiftwick's design, your circulation will improve as well. The high, seven-inch compressive cuff promotes an efficient blood flow, which will assist in the reduction of lactic acid buildup. So, you'll experience a little less fatigue in the saddle, while enjoying the heightened sensation of comfort.

The Swiftwick Competitive Cyclist Pursuit Seven Merino Socks are available in the color Black and in four sizes from Small to X-Large.

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