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For serious alpinists.

If you've forgone the cubicle and have turned to the mountains to finally test your manhood, the Suunto Vector HR Altimeter Watch gives you the tools for accurate training and precise monitoring of your progress. The Vector HR Altimeter watch combines an altimeter, barometer and compass with a heart rate monitor with zone alarms that warn you when your heart rate is climbing too fast or you need to work harder. Add the ability to measure vertical climbing speed and you can start to see the training potential of this very serious athletic watch.
  • Altimeter features a range up to 29,500 ft and measures vertical speed
  • Heart rate monitor features zone alarms that indicate high and low HR levels based on parameters you preset
  • Barometer features a weather trend display that tracks changes in barometric pressure to help keep you ahead of storms
  • Electric compass with bubble level delivers an accurate reading with 3-degree precision, and can be set to track a specific bearing to keep you on your heading
  • Comfort belt gives you the option of a softer feel against the skin with traction strips