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Hiker-tested, 14th-century explorer approved.

In today's developed world, most people would be lost without a cell phone. Since you regularly trek into cellular signal doldrums, bringing along the analog Suunto MC-2 Compass is necessary for old-school orientation while deep in the wilder parts of the world. Housed neatly in a fold-up case, this mirror compass points you in the right direction without needing batteries, signals, or fair weather for optimal performance.

  • With a little orienteering experience, this analog, liquid-filled compass provides reliable bearings with its sighting mirror and V-notch
  • Adjustable declination (with included key) lets you manually account for a difference between magnetic and true north, so you can get the most accurate readings
  • Two-zone geographical balancing system allows easy use in the southern hemisphere
  • Night orienting possible thanks to luminous two-color bezel
  • Silicon grip on the base doesn't slide around on a map while you orient
  • Slope meter lets you evaluate avalanche risk during backcountry travel
  • Lanyard keeps the compass close so you don't veer off course