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Stop guessing and know for sure.

Make every step count and count every step with the Suunto Foot POD Mini. This itsy-bitsy data recorder clips to your shoe and then syncs with a compatible Suunto heart rate monitor to provide you with accurate information about your training speed, distance, and pace.
  • Measures speed and distance to provide accurate training data
  • Super lightweight design (nine grams) won't bog down your stride
  • Battery life lasts 400 hours
  • Water resistant design stands up to puddles, mud, and snow
  • Disturbance free ANT-transmission won't cut out as you move
  • User-replaceable battery saves you money in the long run
  • Note: the Foot POD Mini must be paired with a compatible Suunto wrist computer in order to provide training data (Suunto HR monitors sold separately)
  • Compatible with Suunto T3, T4, T6, M5, and Ambit monitors