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A thinking watch for the conscious adventurer.

Knowing that people went to the moon with less computing power than is present in today's average laptop, you may be tempted to take your Suunto Ambit HR Altimeter Watch all the way to the peak of Mars' Olympus Mons. An integrated GPS system and multi-dimensional compass could certainly come in handy while you navigate new territory on the Red Planet. This watch's computing power complements its ability to interface with online features for customization per your needs.
  • 3D compass complements a full-featured GPS with Waypoint navigation
  • Accurate barometric altitude keeps you up-to-date on your vertical progress
  • Highly responsive pace and speed thanks to accelerometer-integrated GPS
  • Accomplish advanced heart rate monitoring with real-time Peak Training Effect and Recovery Time features, while included heart rate strap provides feedback on your cardio
  • Water-resistant up to 100m so you don't have to worry about exposure to moisture
  • Integrates with for additional functionality and upgrades