Fused dynamism for dynamic digits.

The Stoic Welder Glove trumps other hand protection, boasting fully welded softshell construction, a waterproof Sympatex bladder, and extremely durable goat skin palm and finger reinforcements. Whether you’re packing for an alpine approach or a long day of touring in the backcountry, the highly breathable Welder Glove wants in. The Welder Glove’s insulating Merino wool liner fights the cold while keeping your hands dry and comfortable, and the non-bulky closure and zipper access won’t catch on ice tools or hamper you while you’re skiing. Stoic’s ergonomic finger design offers unparalleled dexterity and warmth and the goat skin reinforcements stand up to ski edges, rocks, and other glove-tearing nasties.
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2 5

Couldn't get past the zipper

I got a great deal on SAC. When I put them on the first time I could tell they would be warm. They looked to be well made, no seams in stupid places that would wear out. The bad thing though, they put the zipper anchor right over the index finger knuckle position. I couldn't grab a ski pole without the anchor digging into my knuckle. I never used them but I can't imagine how painful that would be after a day of skiing. So I am sending them back. Fix the zipper position and they would be great.

3 5

Hate the Zipper

Really really really warm glove, but very bulky and the zipper is just in a weird place.

Stoked on Stoic

Stoked on Stoic

Gettin' buck with my Stoic Welders in The Canyons backcountry. (and always reppin' goats)

5 5

Stoic is the truth!

I was a bit hesitant about ordering these gloves due to the mixed ratings, but I am glad I followed through and bought these. The size seems to fit my hand nearly perfect and with little tightness in the knuckle and thumb area (unlike the other complaints). Loved the leather palms, and the primaloft wicks sweat and keeps the paws nice and toasty. The overall look is great, with a nice little message added in the zippers. I will be rocking these in all weather to get a better feel, but they have worked in Park City, and should work anywhere else. Don't deny the hype, Stoic is solid gear.

1 5

worst glove

who puts a zipper on the knuckle my knuckle hurt for two week trash can maybe change a tire with them as long as its not cold out. 80 buck down the drain. thanks stoic for returning my phone calls and emails i will never buy your product again thank you very much. its not a wierd shape its a painful shape.

Responded on

I was reading your review, cause I was interested in these gloves. I'm totally not buying them, thank you, but wanted to try to help you out a little. has a 100% no questions asked return policy. Just send them things back and they will totally refund your money. One time I had a crampon in a shop vice trying to bend them to fit my boots. Needless to say I broke one of them. Called and they took them back no questions asked. Full refund. Thats one of the reasons that I love this place. FYI.

Responded on

thanks carman i returned them no questions asked that why i buy all my gear from

4 5

Warm and flexible

I got these gloves to replace an old Black Diamond pair that took a joyride on the roof of my car and were never seen again. I really like these glove. They seem true to size, although there is a little extra material in the tips of the fingers, or "talons." I like the leather palms and fingers and the wool liner is great. Construction seems very good and durable; these gloves should last a while.

5 5

Great gloves

Those gloves are very cool with great style while providing a lot of warmth for you hands. I skied them few times already in pretty low temp condition and they worked like a charm. Personally, I really like where the zipper is placed, doesn't bother me at all, on the contrary.
Only thing is the "ergonomic finger design" which doesn't seem to be ergonomic for my type of fingers. The seams are strangely placed, removing some of the sensations and grips you should expect. But this is honestly a minor complaint. Overall, they rock.

Why does a glove have a bladder? It says...

Why does a glove have a bladder? It says it has a "Sympatex bladder".

Responded on

The Sympatex bladder is a waterproof/breathable layer of material that keeps your hands warm and dry.

4 5

Amazing gloves with a few shortcomings

First off, these gloves keep your hands warm. That's what gloves are supposed to do and these gloves do it really well. The merino wool interior is soft and warm, even when wet. That's con #1--These babies get wet and heavy really quick, and they stay wet and heavy for at least two days of non-use/drying near a heater/fan/whatever. You don't notice the weight of the water while you're out, but once you take them off it is surprising how much extra weight you were carrying. I've been using them for snowboarding, so I do spend more time palm-down in the snow than a skier may. They are warm even when wet, though.The top of the zipper sometimes digs into my hands like others were saying but not enough to make a dent in my skin or any major discomfort. I can feel it, that's all. I may have bought a size too small, though. The stitching on one hand near the zipper is starting to come out, so I can see some Primaloft starting to poke out. That's after 3 days of use. I'll probably just sew it closed because I still wouldn't return these.They are fairly dextrous. You probably couldn't tie your shoe laces, but you can adjust bindings.They look the business.

3 5

almost there...

5 stars for materials and concept, 3 for execution and fit (for me at least). The under the cuff gauntlet is a great idea and the zipper closure is nice for easily getting them on and off. That being said, they could be tighter at the wrist because they feel like they can slide off a little too easily. Fit through the palm is generous but the fingers feel a little short and stubby. They're definitely not as dextrous as the description indicates. I'm hoping the wool insulation on the palm and fingers will pack out some more because right now they bunch up an awful lot where they shouldn't. The unique stitching on the fingers seems to work pretty well but it seems awkward and misplaced on the thumbs. Overall I'd give them a 7/10.

Responded on

UPDATE: I'm bumping these up to a 9/10. After using them consistently for a month the wool insulation has packed in a bit and the gloves now fit better and are warmer! The fingers no longer feel stubby and the dexterity is noticeably better. I really like the wool lining because it doesn't smell at all. My other gloves could possibly be considered Superfund sites due to the heinous odor. My only gripe is that these are 1" too long on the wrist. Other than that these are hands down the best gloves I have owned. Warm, odorless, great fit, and dry (the under the cuff gauntlet is a great idea).

Give these gloves a chance, they fit much better after a couple weeks of use!

5 5

pretty solid

These are pretty warm and definitely hold up to abuse. I have no complaints about these gloves at all so far. Looks like we got it right!

4 5

good gloves

great performance on cold mixed alpine routes. goatskin holds up well to belaying/rappeling.

As another review below said I do feel the zipper ridge at my index finger knuckles when gripping anything. Also, the gauntlet isn't great for me, too thick to easily get my jacket cuffs over (stoic event stash) and not tight enough zipped to stuff the cuffs in.

Mine get a little soggy after long days on ice/snow, but still my go to glove for cold weather when I need decent dexterity.

So any chance of a solid color version...

So any chance of a solid color version coming out for 2011 sorta like the original inbounds version

Responded on

Before stoic came out made a model called the inbounds glove in black or tan. GREAT GREAT glove. The solid color was nice for those of who are +40 and dont have delusions of gangsta

5 5

Durable soft shell for your Hands

I really enjoy the texture of the inside of these gloves. Ya know your favorite towel that is forever old, but you love, because it doesn't shed like a German Shepard, and get the job done? Well the inside of these gloves are terry-cloth-like texture that gets softer over time. The gloves are warm, water repellant, and just darn tough.
Addressing the issue of the zipper, yes it did put pressure on my left index knuckle at first, but over time this pressure went away.
The other issue, if they fit under or over your coat? My coat has a velcro cuff, and these gloves fit easily under my coat. As far as over the cuff, you can zip them halfway up and cover the cuff if you know you will be taking them off and on a lot. No big deal here.
On this inside of the glove, on the tag, it suggests to use nikwax glove waterproof to re-waterproof these babies. I would suggest to do this if you wear them more than ten times out in the wet snow. I did it, and they repel water like new.
Buy these at this great price, and put them on every so often until next season to get you excited for the next deep pow day.
Oh, and they will make you feel stronger.

4 5

simple and plain

These gloves work for me. I snowboard so they can get some wear and tear when I am adjusting my straps on and off. I've worn them the majority of the season in all types of conditions, and even snowmobiling. I have worn them in the dead of winter in high winds, low temps and deep snow and my fingers stayed nice and warm and I am able to handle zippers and pockets easily. They do get wet in the warmer slushy days, but my hands stay dry inside and do not feel the effect of the water absorbed. I like the powder cuff, they are easy to put under my jacket sleeve or over my powder cuff and they are easy to handle when one hand is in the other glove. Messing with my phone and ipod and food I generally will take one hand out of my glove on the lift. If you are looking for a more technical touring glove these may not be the greatest. But for a quick hike out of bounds or a long day these are great.

which do you guys personnaly think are...

which do you guys personnaly think are better, these or the hestra heli glove. Also, take the price into consideration.

Best Answer Responded on

The hestra heli glove is going to be better and, IMHO, worth the extra dough...but I did just replace a pair of gloves I've head for 5 or 6 long seasons, so I like my gear to last. That being said, for the extra money, you also get the wrist straps, gauntlet, removable liner and "waterproof" shell versus the soft shell in these guys. I also think the hestra will be warmer overall but this one will breath better, so that's another compromise and might depend on what you're going to be using them for. Hope this helps!

I am right between sizes S, and M, which...

I am right between sizes S, and M, which ones do you guys think I should go with?

Responded on

I would go with a M.

When I first got them, they felt pretty tight, but they are packing in OK now. They are quite warm, and they seem really water repellent.

Responded on

I agree with jbresee, I was also in between sizes and went with larger option. They packed out perfectly are of great comfort.

4 5

Need safety cords

I took these gloves out for the first time on a 4 day ski trip. Initially I was concerned, I am used to mittens and never get cold in them. When I first put these gloves on my fingers were cold in a couple of minutes. It was only about 20 degrees out and expected better insulating abilities...what I discovered though was that after only about 45 minutes of very bearable coldness, my fingers were no longer cold and only felt a bit of chill initially each day, after first putting the gloves on.

The only thing I missed was the safety cord that I would normally connect around my wrist so I can let the gloves hang when trying to access something requiring the finer dexterity of my bare fingers. Fortunately, I have two sweet pockets in my Arcteryx jacket that functioned well as temporary storage locations during such activities. However, before the next outing I will be attaching such safety cords to the gloves.

I had no dexterity issues with the gloves and though they have ample leather where it is needed and it is initially a bit stiff, it breaks in quite soon. One learns quite quickly that were designed with function and comfort in mind for skiing and not so that one could perform detailed work on a watch. Additionally, the zippers on the cuffs made it so that the gloves were easily snugged beneath the sleeves of my jacket.

5 5


Backcountry used to make this glove and it was called the inbounds glove. Hands down the best glove I have ever used in any conditions. After a hundred days of slaying utah pow, they are still unstoppable. Now that it's the stoic welder, I am really disappointed. There is no need for a zipper. You guys should really make this glove like you used to!

Responded on

f10 there will be one without the zipper.... the Werker glove, still great goatskin, and wool lining.

Responded on

bring back the original inbounds glove please. best balance of warmth and dexterity ever. Great wrist enclosure too.

2 5

I must have funny hands

I didn't think my hands were any different from anybody else's but the zipper that comes up the back pinches my index finger knuckle for some reason. If it weren't for the zipper I would be in love with these. I love the glove and the materials used, especially the Primaloft. Thanks for the easy return backcountry, I'll probably get some Hestra's this time around.