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Imagine the Stoic Somnus 30-Degree Down Sleeping Bag as a lightweight haven of warmth amidst a cool night spent under the stars. Built light, tough, and highly packable, this down bag cuts weight in your pack thanks to durable Pertex Quantum shell fabric and compressible 850-fill down insulation. Stoic paid attention to the details and added an easy-access center zip, foot water bottle pocket, and vertical torso baffles because sleeping soundly in the backcountry always comes down to the little stuff.

  • Designed for summer backpacking as well as more moderate spring and summer nights
  • 850-Fill down insulation provides supreme warmth without creating unnecessary weight, and is highly-compressible to make packing a cinch
  • Pertex Quantum (with DWR coating) shell material creates a durable outer shell without a nasty weight penalty
  • Center-oriented main zipper makes it simple to get in and out of your bag without having search around in the dark
  • Vertical torso baffles ensure that the down insulation stays put even if you sleep on your side
  • Draft tubes prevent chilly air from entering around the neck, so your heat stays inside your bag
  • Zippered pocket at the footbox holds a hot water bottle to keep your toes toasty on frigid nights
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the "Royal" traetment

    i just received my bag in the mail and have not had an opportunity to use it yet. It seem well made but is lacking the typical hanging loops at the foot of the bag. Not a deal breaker, but for those of us who store down bags hanging in a closet is does present an inconvenience. The "Royal" reference is due to the color. I don't know who is working at Stoic that considers this color "black", but it isn't. I interdependently asked my kids and they both agree... it's more of a dark purple than black. Oh well... maybe it will look black in the dark. :)

    Great sleeping bag but hate the top zip

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have both the 30 degree and 15 degree bags. They are super light and work great. I took the 15 degree back out when it dropped below 10 degrees and stayed comfortable all night (used a liner too). My only concern is the zipper placement. Sometimes when it's warm I like to lay on top of the bag. Those zippers just are aweful on your back if you even like to stay on top of the bag (warmer nights of course). I eventually gave these two bags to my son and replaced mine with the Marmot Plasma 30 and 15 bags. All great sleeping bags that all incredibly warm and light.

    Great Bag!

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I used my Stoic Somus 30 bag on three backpacking trips this season so far. It packs down small and light. I don?t use the compression back because it is heavy which kind of defeats the purpose of a ultralite sleeping bag. It packs great in a Silnylon stuff sack. Trips of 16, 45 and 40 miles with 9 nights in the North Cascades so far this season. I was toasty and comfortable. If it?s a clear night and I?m at altitude I wear long underwear and clean boot socks just to be sure.

    For the price and weight I think this is the best option for a 30� bag.

    Awesome bag

      So, after reading several reviews I bought this bag for my 6 day trek in the Olympic Mtns. I was convinced to give it a try by the sales rep who did not pressure me at all, but instead simply said...if you don't like it, we will replace it. With that reassurance and knowing I am a pure side sleeper, I jumped in. WOW, not a single complaint at zipper issues and the bag says 30 degrees and by God it actually was good at 30 degrees. Thanks for the advice, love the center zip and the lack of weight and bulk is a huge plus.

      light and awesome

        I just got the Sommnus 30 (long) and i love it. It weighs 1.65 pounds in a sil-nylon water resistant stuff sack that i bought. The cheaper Vamp 30 weighs in at 2.2 pounds.

        Compared to my Vamp 30 it has way more loft, 850 fill makes it puff up nice, whereas the vamp was flat and had empty down spots.

        It has pertex quantum instead of microlight, which has DWR. The fabric is also thinner allowing it to loft up nicer.

        I was able to test it out in a few 40 degree nights, I ended up draping it over me like a quilt and had my feet inside the footbox because i was too hot. (neo air trekker pad). Seems warmer than the Vamp 30.

        The downside: The center half zip. I would probably prefer a half side zip but you can easily just twist the bag to the side.

        This isnt really a downfall, because the half zip saves weight and also allows the bottom portion of the bag to loft up more wheareas a zipper compressed the down and lets in cold air.

        Nice bang for your buck especially if on sale at %30 off.

        With some tweaks this could be a great bag

          I just bought two of these for my kids on sale. They have been used 3 times in May/June in Colorado so far. Both bags are 5oz heavier than advertised. This could be a great lightweight bag if the down was properly distributed. Both bags have almost no down over the torso (really almost NONE!). Way too much down is in the foot box. The underside has more than the top, and the hood is built for the arctic. The good news is they did not skimp on the down or quality of the down, it is just all in the wrong places for a summer bag. These bags have all of the right components to be extremely warm for their weight. Fabric and seams are great. I suspect that the people overseeing the manufacturing in china have no idea where the heat is radiated from on a cool night. Sleeping pads cover ground heat loss, not compressed 850 down. If the down was properly distributed and the weight accurately advertised I'd give this a 5+, especially considering the price.

          I'd also recommend these changes. Use a lighter zipper, save the water bottle in the foot box idea for the colder weather bags, and provide a 1oz silicone nylon stuff sack, rather than a 4oz thick nylon compression sack.

          A friend who used to work for Feathered Friends in Seattle is rebuilding one of the bags with the down redistributed properly for me. If that goes we will redo the other.

          My kids previously had, and outgrew Big Agnes Little Red bags that had integrated Therm-a-Rest slots in the bottom so they could not role off. With these Stoic bags they used the small Klymit Inertia X-Lite inflatable pads inside the sleeping bag, and it worked great. Kids are light and these pads are perfect for them.

          The down channel that runs from the hood down the side of the face to the torso is continuous, and for some reason the insulation tends to pack in the hood. You could have pushed it back in place with your fingers. I do it nearly every night while camping. It takes 10 seconds. I hope your friend isn't charging you for the 'rebuild'. This likely explains why you think the back has more down than the front.

          I agree that the weight is wrong... they weigh 1.4 lbs (1.7lbs) not 1lb 4oz.

          Happy with the center zip

            Took a risk by buying a center zip bag before buying but have been really happy with its effects. I can use it as a "quilt" if it's too hot by flipping it over, zipper open, and tucking my legs in. As a side sleeper, when it gets too cold I can zip it up and on my side the zipper never bothers me. And it packs in the bottom of my bag great. It's also a slightly difference purple shade than the Anorak down pullover, so thankfully in the night I can tell the difference as I either wear that or use it as part of a makeshift pillow.

            Ounce Counters...

              I have not used this bag in the field to date. Trying to be objective and stats are 5'10.5" and 185lbs.
              Bag is roomy in the upper (logitudinal oriented baffles)
              Lower is a standard fit through the thighs and legs.
              The length is about right for me (5'10.5")
              The pertex fabric is a bit "crinkly" sounding. Not an issue for me but maybe for some.
              The center zip seems to work snag free.
              The weight came in at 665 grams, or 23.5 ounces. Not what I was expecting with claims of 20; though not a dealbreaker, still a killer deal.

              Bang for your $$

                I'll start off by saying I'm a big Stoic fan, but I would NOT buy this bag for the full $300, I got it on sale and paid under $200, which I think is a fair value for this bag.

                As far as pros:
                - Crazy light
                - Extremely Compressible(see photo)
                - Cheap for an 850 down bag(for me at least)
                - Water resistant Pertex shell

                Now that what I love is out of the way, you should know what you're getting. The 30 degree rating is pretty misleading to me. I spent a 40 degree night in northern MN, with a silk liner that should add about 10 degrees, and I was a little chilly. Now I was sleeping on an Inertia Xframe pad, which dont exactly insulate but use the bag's own insulation, so that may have contributed. I was also wearing a lightweight merino wool baselayer. So plan on wearing an extra layer at night if you're going to be in colder temps. (My buddy has the same bag and wore an extra layer that night and he said he was perfectly warm) But honestly, with such a lightweight bag that's expected.

                I didnt have any problems with the zipper hitting me in the face, there's a piece of fabric that you're supposed to tuck the zipper under and it keeps it off your face just fine. I also wish the included stuff sack would be a little more water resistant considering it's a down bag and all. I upgraded to a compression dry bag because I'd rather be safe than risk a soggy sack of feathers at the end of a long day.

                In conclusion, if you're looking for a lightweight, ultra packable, cost effective down bag, this is your bag. Just keep in mind that it's not quite as warm as advertised and you'll be totally satisfied. I know I am!

                Bang for your $$

                Great bag, but weighs more than listed

                  I just received this bag. Appears to be great quality design and materials. Zippers, though, is a lot beefier and heavier than necessary. And when weighed, the regular size is 3 oz heavier than advertised (total 1 lb 7 oz instead of 1 lb 4 oz). I'm disappointed there, but it is such a good deal. Gear makers should be more honest or at least err on the side of overestimating.

                  Great Bag! Light, warm and a great price

                    I bought this bag on sale thinking that it was great deal, especially for the low weight. I finally got to take it out this weekend and test it out. It was definitely worth buying. The bag held up great. I slept out under the stars and it kept me plenty warm even though the low that night was about 35. I was very surprised by this. Usually you can add about 10 degrees to the rating to figure out what temp you'll be comfortable at. But not this bag, I slept great the whole night (I might add that I am a warm sleeper though.)Reading the reviews before I bought this bag, I was a little skeptical if the center zipper would bother me or not. I don't know if they changed the design recently, but I didn't even seem to notice it at all. Well anyways, solid bag, low weight and a great price, thanks Stoic!

                    A little liberal in its rating of 30, and the center zip isn't for me.

                      I’ll preface this review with my cut and paste statement that I work as a backcountry backpacking guide in Yosemite National Park. Nearly all of the products I take the time to review have seen at least a half a season, if not more, of use... and I’m committed to not bothering to write a review until I feel like I’ve really gotten to know a product. I never thought I’d bother to write reviews, but I’ve recently decided that since I’ve spent so much time over these last many years reading reviews, and finding a tremendous amount of value in articulate and well-informed opinions, that I wanted to give back to the community. So, with that being said, here we go...

                      I scooped this up on sale and eagerly awaited its arrival. The 1 pound 6 ounce weight almost had me aroused.

                      When it showed up I was really happy. The Pertex shell felt great, and it was very feather proof. I rarely saw leaked down, and only once or twice did I find the shaft of a feather poking me. My initial impression was great. I had every plan of keeping it. Then...

                      Before my season in Yosemite started I took a pleasure trip with some friends to a nice little spot outside the park. I took this bag since we were going to be at low altitude (appx 4000 ft) and we weren't going to see any temperatures lower than the high 30s.

                      Well, two things immediately occurred to me that I hadn't initially expected - it wasn't quite as warm as I had hoped, and I absolutely hated the center zip. It not being quite warm enough was forgivable. I've learned to be forgivingly skeptical of bag ratings, usually just tacking on an extra 10 to 15 degrees because we all just kind of assume that everyone in the bag industry lies a little bit. Come on, you know you do it. I do, too. Well, this bag was no real exception, particularly given that a long weighs a scant 1 pound 6 ounces. Ok, so I'll just wear an extra layer to sleep. I'm a warm sleeper, so its rare that I have to do so, but I figured I'd live with it.

                      But... God... the center zipper. Oh, its my nemesis. I hated it. I'm a side sleeper and I roll about every hour to stay comfortable. I frequently found my shoulder pushing against the top of the bag just enough that it would start dragging the zipper down. Well, I was chilly as it was, so losing heat to that was getting aggravating. So, I found myself arguing with the bag in the middle of the night, grabbing frustratingly at the zipper. I probably looked like a mad 5 year old who was being made to take a nap. So, I figured I'd beat it at its own game. I'd sleep on my back! Ha, that'll teach it to f...

                      Well, then the bag unveiled its secret weapon - it would put the zipper pull right in my face or mouth. 'Enough! I can't take it', I thought. After this trip... its going back... and it did.

                      I wanted to love it. There's a lot to love (or not a lot, actually, since it packs down so small.) For someone who doesn't reveal its nasty intricacies it'll be a dream bag. Given its low price, its insanely low weight, and the fact that it packs down to a size well smaller than a two liter bottle... its a great bag. If you sleep in some manner that's not going get it angry then you'll love it for life. If you're like me, a rolling side sleeper, you'll want to use it as a river raft your first morning in the backcountry.

                      I gave it four stars because I'm not going to bomb it because of how I sleep. That's my problem, not the bag's fault.

                      Top-shelf performance, bargain basement price

                        This is the same material, weight, and down fill used in the top-notch custom down brands- but for half the price. Get this on sale (this is discounted on most sales, and check Steepandcheap at the end of the season), and you'll never regret this.

                        I slept out under the stars in 20F temperature using this bag, and though I'm a warm sleeper, I was comfortable through the night. I plan on taking this along on my upcoming PCT thru-hike- the materials and workmanship seem entirely trustworthy.

                        Future designs might be able to lose some additional weight by using a lighter zipper and a lighter drawstring for the hood- but this is a great bag, and I look forwards to taking this on lots of adventures!

                        Picture of sleeping bag under the tarp

                        I had a chance to test out some new Christmas gear this last weekend.
                        One product that I tested was the 30 degree bag. Granted I was in the
                        backyard with 2 of my boys ages 7 and 9 but thought it would be a perfect
                        time to see how far I can push this bag. Temp dropped to 32 degrees and
                        the snow was coming down. I used this bag under a tarp and in a
                        sil-nylon bivy. I used a ¼ in. ¾ length pad under the bivy and a Klymit
                        inertia pad inside the bag. I wanted to see if I could do this with the
                        clothes that I would take on a summer backpacking trip to the High
                        Uintas, So I wore a moisture wicking shirt and some light Terramar base
                        layer pants (that I got off SAC - sweet deal). I then had on my normal
                        nylon hiking pants and my down go lite Demaree Canyon jacket. I had on
                        some warm socks and a beanie. All I can say is this bag worked perfect
                        for me. I stayed plenty warm and was able to sleep with no problem. I
                        feel that I could take this bag down to around 25 degrees and would be
                        ok. I did have some condensation inside the bivy, but the Pertex
                        material did it’s job as it did not absorb the water. I love the top
                        zip on this bag, and cannot think of anything that I would like to
                        change. I have had 2 other down bags (more of the budget zero degree
                        bags) that worked great but the light weight and warmth that this bag
                        offers was far superior. Thanks to Stoic for putting out a great bag at a
                        great price that allowed me to get my base pack weight down to 9.8 lbs.
                        (time to start saving up for the 15 degree bag now, for the colder
                        winter conditions).

                        Picture of sleeping bag under the tarp

                        Excellent bag for the $

                          I was a bit hesitant buying this bag sight unseen, but I'm very happy, with a few drawbacks.

                          Construction quality is excellent. No leaking down, the zippers work well, seams are tight.
                          High-quality material. The pertex material feels great and seems to repel water acceptably in my mini-test.
                          Very light and lofty, packs down small.
                          From what I can tell, the temp ratings seem spot on. Warm!
                          Affordable, especially on sale.
                          Very roomy--though this may be a disadvantage for you, depending on how you sleep. More on that later. But I can tell you one thing, this is not a claustrophobic bag. The roominess makes me think you can stretch the rating of this bag very safely by layering. I put my down vest on and got in and there was no compression of the bag or vest. That's awesome.
                          Comes with compression sack and storage bag.
                          Backcountry's guarantee.

                          Disadvantages: Most of these to me are pretty subjective, and will depend a lot on your sleep style.
                          Possibly the roominess--I listed this as a pro above, and for bigger/wider people, claustrophobic types, etc.. this is a huge pro. I'm a skinny side sleeper and I'm afraid in very cold weather that could lead to drafts due to how roomy it is. Haven't experienced it yet, however.
                          Top zip. Still not used to it yet, but I can see the advantage of it. I may come to love it, but it seriously inhibits snuggling.
                          Length--I'm 6'4" and I fit the long pretty well, but if you're much taller I'd be careful. I'm not pushing the toe box, but someone taller might want to keep that in mind.
                          The Pertex material is a bit crinkly--probably won't matter to 99% of people out there, but if you're a very light sleeper you might find that off-putting.

                          Basically I'm totally satisfied. I ordered this bag on sale because it seemed like the best specs I could get for the money, and I'm totally thrilled by the construction quality, warmth and features. It's not Western Mountaineering, but I think it beats everything else I've tried in the price range, and perhaps above it.

                          Last year, but still awesome!

                          I have last years bag, but it's still awesome! I also have the 15 in this years model. Both bags are awesome. This is a picture of the 30 in cold rainy weather with an REI bivy sack. The bivy worked well with the bag... They both have the same zipper style, so it works even better.

                          Last year, but still awesome!

                          Is it reversible? Can you sleep in in...

                          Is it reversible? Can you sleep in in inside out?

                          Anyone know what the fill weight (i.e....

                          Anyone know what the fill weight (i.e. weight of the down filling) on this bag is? Any reviews from people taking the current generation of the bag in sub-freezing temperatures? I'm wondering whether this would be sufficient for a PCT thru-hike next year; the design, materials, and overall weight is very similar to the Nunatuk Alpinist bag, but I'd like to know what the fill weight is.

                          Thanks for the note, Jason- 850 is actually the down rating (i.e. it's really light and fluffy down), but doesn't tell me how much down they put into the bag. Knowing how much down insulation is in the bag (I'd expect somewhere around 8-12 ounces of 850 down) would let me compare it with other bags, as 1oz of 850 fill down has a fairly constant insulating power.

                          Not an answer for you, but for what it's worth Backpacker Magazine called it the "Warmest" summer bag in their 2011 gear guide. As opposed to ultralight, most versatile, innovative, etc.

                          I too would like to know though, I just contacted Stoic for an answer. We shall see if they answer.

                 article of last years 800 rated bag said 11oz.


                          Good hands on here as well


                          I'm glad I ordered this bag, should do the trick across a wide range.