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With its soft, naturally odor-resistant 17.5-micron Merino wool knit and ½-neck zip, the Stoic Men’s Merino Bliss Shirt covers you in functional comfort, minus the synthetic funk factor. We made this next-to-skin top with ridiculously comfortable New Zealand Merino, rub-reducing flat-locked seams and side panels, and a body-heat venting ½-chest zip so you can blow off some steam after a mean summit push or a tricky boulder problem. Merino wool transfers moisture while your sweat is in its primary vapor form, so unlike most synthetic fabrics the Merino Bliss Top begins to pull moisture away from your body before your shirt becomes saturated. And since wet usually means cold in the backcountry, warm Merino is the way to go. A reflective logo hit on the Merino Bliss Top's collar ensures a little more safety during your evening runs.

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Unbelievable Quality + Price

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

I have (4) of these shirts. The first I got off of DoG for a reasonable price. The other (3) I snagged off of SAC for $10/shirt. I think that's an unbelievably good deal for half zip merino t-shirts (with a pocket!).

As a lot of people mentioned, the citron is a weird color in real life. It's actually not THAT far off from the model pictures, just a little greener and not as bright. As if the color really matters that much?

These short sleeve shirts are perfect for hiking and biking in the late spring/summer/early fall. The half zip gives you a huge vent to dump air from. I use these for bike commuting and hiking and they haven't let me down yet.

The quality of the shirts is good, but the 150 weight is fragile so if you're going hiking in thorny areas you have to be careful or there will be some tears. Overall a great deal at a great price. A+

Great Shirt For Hiking

    Great shirt for the money. I wore this shirt on a recent weekend hiking trip, and it performed great. weather was pretty hot, but the zipper is very nice to vent a little bit, or a lot. When we stopped and took off our packs it was pretty soaked with sweat, but within minutes had dried out. Liked it so much, I ordered another one in Grey. As I said before, it is a steal for easily half the money of other Merino products. Highly recommend this shirt for hiking.


      Got this on SAC and would not pay anywhere near full price for this.

      The material is thin, though fairly comfy. There's quite a bit of extra nylon zipper material at the bottom of the zipper on the inside, which rubs annoyingly against my skin. Gonna have to trim that off...

      Yeah it's merino wool, but the overall feel and quality does not justify $70. Perhaps buy if >50% off

      Love it

        I got this shirt off SAC back in June and I love it. I wear it for running - it's really nice because it feels dry even when I'm sweating and it doesn't get too hot, especially with the zipper. I wore it for a half marathon a couple weeks ago (with arm warmers underneath because it was kinda cold) and it was great. It seems to regulate temperature really well, because in the cooler weather it keeps me warm enough and in the hot weather it actually seems to keep me cooler. It does look pretty "technical" so I don't usually wear it for casual wear, but I've been known to on a few occasions. I got the blue color (I can't remember if it was called "denim" or "navy") and it's a nice bright blue. I don't usually use the pocket but it would be good for a gu or maybe chapstick or a key or something. Personally, I don't think I'd pay full price for this shirt, but that's probably just because I'm cheap. So if you're like me, look for it on SAC and you'll be glad you did.

        Best tee ever...

          I got this on sale at Steep & Cheep but worth every penny at $69. It is the toughest tee shirt I have ever had. Plus being wool it's great if you sweet or get it wet because it dries fast and holds little water. The zipper front is great on hot days and the pocket is nice! Love this tee shirt.

          Best tee ever...

          Best Short Sleeve for all occasions

            I love them period!
            I purchased two denim colors and wore them every weekend hiking, and they breath well, very soft, comfortable, fits snug but little loose below the chest and I particularly like the half-zip when it gets too warm.
            It does get little wet on the back where backpack is skin close, but you don't feel the chill like the other fabrics.
            It retains the shape of the shirt after little stretch, and didn't notice any abrasion where shoulder strap is crossed.
            Overall an excellent shirt as both layering and short sleeve shirt on a warm day.
            I purchased four more in Phantom color and one Silver, Phantom color I like the most and would've love to have couple Navy but they are gone in Large.

            Wool you can wear all year

              I gotta say I really love the 17.5 micron wool. It's thin enough to wear when it's warm and is great for layering during the cooler months. The only quibble I have is that the sleeves are tight. Not a horrible thing, but enough for me to drop it a little. Other than that it is everything I expect from a merino shirt.

              Perfect shirt

                This is an awesome shirt, not only because its merino wool so it's soft, doesn't stink and does the moisture wicking thing but there's a bit of style with it too. The zipper pocket is a great place to put some small items. And you can't beat the price compared to other makers of merino wool products.

                Wool is good for summer

                  I thought wool was to keep you warm in winter. However, Marino Wool wicks perspiration away, doesn't establish or retain oder and, in the low thickness of this garment, is the best thing I have found to wear in the heat while recumbent trike touring. Ordered the dark blue (favorite color) and it needed to be another size so I returned it and ordered the lightest color they had to reflect the sun. I bought two and wear one of them every day as my only upper layer.

                  Great Product

                    I bought two of these. A white one for alpine and rock climbs and a blue one for day trip stuff. I also have (2) I/O merino shirt/long-sleeves, Icebreaker and HH long-sleeve merinos. I do not buy synthetics any more. Ditch the poly-pro, it doesnt keep you warm when they are wet and it gets narly (u know what i mean). After sweating it out it starts to smell like a musty sheep...which makes sense. Nothing like the acrid smell of poly-pro. Excellent product. I have needed the huge front zip on approach climbs. In the sun it does not seem much hotter then a poly pro tshirt. I think it regulates temp very well. I would suggest getting the silver for hiking / climbing. If its hot enough that you are down to your base layer you want a light color that doesn't absorb the sun. One of the shirts has a a 1/10" hole in it. Ive beat the hell out of it though so I cant fault the quality. Im 6'1 165 lbs 42 chest and found the medium to be a good fit.

                    One you go wool you'll never go back

                      I'll never wear polypro ever again after wearing a merino wool base layer. It breathes like no other and absorbs more moisture than polypro but dries slower so you don't freeze in a matter of minutes when you stop what you're doing. Also, it doesn't retain smell, which is a godsend as polypro develops a funk that no amount of washing can cure.
                      Stoic's version is very nice and a great value, especially if you pick it up on SAC. Get one and you'll never go back to your stinky polypro ever again

                      Wish I could give 4.5 stars

                        Wore this hiking a few times now and the shirt has been fantastic. I'm 5'9" about 145 and the medium fits pretty tight around my shoulders and chest but tapers down nicely. I was extremely pleased that after a day of hiking with a 40 pound pack and I had no sweating issues on my lower back which is new for me. It definately out performed the sherpa and under armour shirts I also wore. The only downside for the shirt is the material is fine enough to where mosquitos can penetrate which was annoying in the mosquito infested Wind River Mountain Range.

                        Not as athletic as the reviews would suggest

                          The shirt itself seems nice, the sizing is just odd.

                          I'm 6'2 ~170 and the large fits my shoulders and arms fine, but there is no taper for the stomach. It basically is a straight cut from the armpits to the waist.

                          For a lot of people, I guess that's fine but if you want something tapered for an athletes build, it just doesn't fit that well.

                          Great Shirt

                            I recently picked one of these shirts up to give it a try for use in the SE (hot & humid).

                            I typically wear an XL in most shirts and I decided to go with the same for this shirt, but I will admit that I was hoping it would not be a tight fit. So I was quite happy when I found that the shirt fit me fairly loose. I am actually quite happy with the fit.

                            I have worn it on a few day hikes so far and will wear it for a 4 day hike next week so I should get a little better understanding of how it will work in our weather. So far though I have found that the shirt does a pretty good job at moving the sweat away from my body to the outside of the shirt so that it could evaporate. And once I get done hiking, the shirt will completely dry out from my body heat pretty quickly too.

                            I love the deep zip on the front, great for venting and the zippers work smoothly. The pocket is huge, although i am not a fan of having too much stuff in shirt pockets, so I don't think I will load it down too much. It would be a great place for one of the smaller iPods but I don't typically carry mine. I can easily store my camera in it but it will probably be too heavy for it to feel comfy for me. Plus, with the amount of sweat I will build up in this weather, I don't think that putting electronics in this pocket is a great idea.

                            I have washed the shirt after each hike (a total of 3 times) by using a little Woolite in the kitchen sink, gently massaging it and then hang drying it inside the house. So far this has worked well. There has been no noticeable damage to the shirt from washing, and better yet, no shrinkage!

                            So far I am quite happy with the shirt. The fit is good, and the shirt is very comfy next to skin, plus it dries pretty quickly. So, as of now I definitely give it 5 stars, but a better test is coming up, so I will be sure to report back on how it does after then.

                            better than under armour

                              Have the long sleeve of this and it's great. Makes a great base layer for going skiing in -0 weather or for going out for a run in normal temperatures. Very odor resistant as well, I would wear this to wrestling practice on days I had to sweat off some weight and after being soaked by literally pounds of sweat from me and anyone I practiced with it still smelled okay. Even after sitting on the bathroom floor for several days. The fit is athletic, I'm 5'9" and 168lbs and the medium is perfect.

                              Will these shirts become available again?...

                              Will these shirts become available again? Mine wore out and it's my favorite shirt I've ever had for hiking/backpacking.

                              While a BC employee will have a better answer, I can tell you that all Stoic products are being discontinued.

                              Some are being re-branded as apparel. Seeing as this was a popular item, that's what may happen to this shirts. But again, I am not an official employee.

                              In summation: Not coming back as Stoic, may come back as

                              182CM 86KG L or XL?

                              182CM 86KG L or XL?

                              Anyone have a weight on this shirt in an...

                              Anyone have a weight on this shirt in an XL?

                              Are Stoic Merino Shirts the same Merino...

                              Are Stoic Merino Shirts the same Merino used in Ice Breaker Shirts say on their 150 thickness?

                              Stoic Merino 150 shirts utilize a 17.5 micron ultra-fine merino fabric. This is some of the finest, softest, non-itchy merino money can buy.

                              Stoic Merino 150 stacks up very close to Icebreaker - weight is the same, but unsure what micron level Icebreaker is using. If anything, Stoic Merino 150 utilizes finer/softer merino than Icebreaker.