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Ready for the fast and light, the Stoic LTWT Step Sleeping Pad likes the ascetic life, but still appreciates a good night's sleep. This 1.5-inch thick pad signs on for ultralight summer peak bagging, overnight ski touring, and anything in between. Weighing in at only 23-ounces, you’ll barely notice the Stoic LTWT Step Sleeping Pad in your pack.

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Good, not great

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I found this pad meets my needs, but there is room for improvement. I would be comfortable on this pad if I slept on my back but i often sleep on my side and with this pad my hip feels pretty raw by the next morning. That being said, I feel like it's comfortable enough for me to get a good nights sleep. In addition, you wont get top quality comfort with most self-inflating pads. When you weigh this with its compact-ability and competitive price it is a good buy. I just wish it could be a bit more comfortable, at least it is more durable than most pads.

Poor quality control! Pad developed 7 inch high bubble in less than 10 uses

    Initial impression of this pad was that it was very light, good quality, and a decent value for less than $50. Camped on this pad for 8 days and it developed a aneurysm like bubble about 1 foot in diameter and 7 inches high rendering the entire pad useless. In other words the external pad material separated from the honey comb foam material causing a huge bubble up towards the middle of the pad. If going on a serious camping trip I would not trust this pad and go with a more trusted brand like thermarest.

    great sleeping pad

      Before using the pad stoic, always slept in traditional foam pads, is very big change for me, my nights are more comfortable, I'm 6'4 "and 211 lbs and had no problems at all. I like that it is self-inflating , has good size, I like the design of the part where the legs go, the thinner thickness helps to reduce weight.
      use this pad for three nights, is comfortable, fairly comfortable, I liked it

      Pretty comfy and cozy

        I got this for a really great price so I couldn't pass up the chance to buy it. I finally got to use it recently and I'm impressed. I slept really well during my trip. It does everything a sleep pad should. Plus its light and packs up to a decent size. For the price, its hard to say anything bad about it. Get one, you wont be disappointed.

        Better than my Therm-a-rest Prolite 4!

          I am a huge fan of Stoic and This pad beats my Therm-a-rest Prolite 4 pad out of the camp site! It is the same quality you would expect from Therm-a-rest but has thinner foot area because your feet don't need padding when you sleep, but it is nice to have it so Stoic made this pad so it packs down as if you had a Short pad, but you actually have a regular! Thanks Stoic! You've done it again! :)

          Great, Simple, Comfortable

            This pad surprised me, I got it for a 4 day backpacking trip from June Lake to Mammoth Lakes. It performed very well, as others have said I did not feel the ground at all even when sleeping on my side. Also the valve seems nice and sturdy, comes with a patch, and packs up nice, light, and small.

            Too Long? Don't Care!

              I upgraded from a half length Pack M@ solid cell inflatable foam pad I got on SnC and it was well worth it. This Stoic one weighs about a half pound less :D AND packs down to the same size! I'd say it even works as well to keep you insulated from the ground as my other pad due to its longer length, even if it does have a criss cross cutout patten (to save weight).

              Be careful with the length of this pad as it's about as long as my tent. Definitely overkill for me at 5'11'', but not a dealbreaker due to it being lighter than my other pad.

              The material on the bottom (grey color) feels more durable and possibly more water resistant than the top material (blue color), but I haven't tested it enough to verify that. The top material feels softer and reminds me of the Stoic WPF Compression Sack a bit.

              Overall it's a great pad, very plush, and keeps me off the ground even on my side. Seals are great all around, haven't had any leaks and the bag/patches it comes with are a cool little bonus, but it's much larger than the rolled up pad needs. It did take 24-48 hours to fully inflate after I initally opened it up.

              I Heart Stoic!

              Five days, 10K feet, down to 5 degrees

                Well, it's light, it's compact. Finished the inflation in about 30 seconds by blowing up. Temp range outside tent was 5 degrees to 35 degrees. Snow outside, but not under tent. Warm, comfortable. Must be good, cause when I rolled off in my Marmot 15 deg. bag, there was a big diff in temp from pad to ground. I recommend this pad. Packable, comfortable and did well.

                Great pad!

                • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

                Grabbed this off SaC, great price on there. I love it. It compresses pretty small and doesn't take long at all to inflate if you leave inflated during storage. I love the length, it works perfectly for hammock camping. It seems pretty sturdy, and includes a patch kit. I like to give it a few puffs of air after it has filled itself just to give it a little extra, but it's fine without it. The pad keeps me so much warmer than I was before with my other pad. I've used it in about 40 weather at the lowest so far, but will definitely use it in colder soon. With it I was incredibly comfortable in the stoic down 15 degree bag (If I wasn't then there would be a problem....). It's a solid pad for the price, and it's inexcusable to not get it if you see it on SaC.

                EDIT: after several uses this guy seems to have got a few holes. the bottom left seem has a lot of leaks at the foot of the pad and there were 2 pinholes on the body of the pad. I treated the pad really well so I'm not sure where they came from. I patched them up and it seems to be working better but I definitely still lose air.

                Does the job

                  I sleep on my back, side and occasionally stomach. This pad is just thick enough that I never feel the ground. Can't really ask for more, and the size and weight are plenty acceptable for the comfort. The shape works for my mummy and semi-rec bags alike as it tapers only a bit toward the foot. It isn't as thick at the bottom starting at about the calf, but unless you have some seriously heavy cankles you won't notice.

                  Out of box review

                    This is just an out-of-the box review, but I'm super excited about it. Because I haven't actually used it yet, I can really only verify the specs. It weighs (with the two straps but without the included stuff sack and patch kit) 21 and 3/8 ounces (just under 1.5 pounds), and measures 4.75" x 11" when rolled! This is WAY smaller than I expected, but I think I might just pay more attention and take more time to roll things smaller than most. With it rolled so small, the velcro straps don't quite line up because the strap ends up wrapping all the way around and covers the "loop" side of the velcro leaving nowhere for the "hooks" to hook up. The stuff sack is too big for this bag, and I don't think I'll be using it much. Perhaps I can stick some long johns in there with it or something, but I just don't see myself using it much.

                    It was either this pad or the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pad, and from a money perspective, this is such a great deal (from the SAC anyway). It is nearly equivalent in every way. The quoted weights are practically equal, the packed sizes are comparable, and although the R-Value of the BA is a bit higher, I'm going to be bring a foam pad along with me when it really counts anyway (Thermarest Z-lite), and I on't need too much more than that (I read somewhere that this pad has approximately 2.9 average R-value).

                    I'm very excited, and I can't believe how inexpensive this was for the product.


                      I've never been so comfortable, rested, and warm while camping. This does so much better than the foam pads and air mattresses of the past! And so worth it for the money. I have now learned my lesson.

                      My boyfriend had an issue with it sliding down while sleeping. This shouldn't be a problem if you put your tent down in a level spot. If your spot isn't level you might want to lay a shirt down to eliminate shifting.

                      Unanswered Question

                      Stoic doesn't list an R-value for this on...

                      Stoic doesn't list an R-value for this on their site either. Would this be the same as the Therm a rest prolite plus give or take .1? Thanks. I currently have 2 prolite's but am going to return them since these are half price and mine didn't come with stuff sack when I bought them.

                      I am looking to pair my stoic LTWT step...

                      I am looking to pair my stoic LTWT step sleeping pad with some sort of chair... would it work with the therm-a-rest- Trekker?

                      What's the size of the pad when rolled up...

                      What's the size of the pad when rolled up in its bag? The picture makes it look tiny, but pictures can be decieving

                      Is this self inflating? I just got one...

                      Is this self inflating? I just got one off of SAC and it doesn't seem to be inflating after about an hour. I don't want to blow in it if I'm not supposed to(I heard it damages self infating mattresses).

                      Make sure you store the mattress fully open and inflated when not in use. One possible explanation to the mattress not inflating might be it being in the stuff sack during storage and shipping. I have the same one and as long as I keep it inflated during storage it inflates fine.

                      A self inflating pad never self inflates after being stored in a compressed state for a long period of time. You should never expect a brand new pad to self inflate when you open it for the first time. You need to store it fully inflated without the valve closed. When it does self inflate you will still need to top it off by blowing into it or it won't be firm enough. This is just an FYI.

                      Is the R value of 2.9 just for the 1.5"...

                      Is the R value of 2.9 just for the 1.5" thick portion of the pad, or the average insulation value across the entire pad? (i.e. more than 2.9 at the torso and less at the feet)

                      They say 4 season use. Do they mean you...

                      They say 4 season use. Do they mean you can camp on snow with this or would I still want to bring along my Z-Rest for extra insulation?

                      Are any of the Stoic pads insulated?...

                      Are any of the Stoic pads insulated? Thanks!

                      The current line of Stoic sleeping pads are insulated with open-cell foam - no synthetic or down insulation beyond the main foam giving these pads their self-inflating qualities. Even so, this pad would be most accurately classified as a 3-season pad.

                      Stay tuned for 2011 season... great new styles under development.

                      What is the R-Value if this pad? Is it...

                      What is the R-Value if this pad? Is it really 2.5" thick as the specs say? If so, I'm definitely interested. Thanks!

                      R-Value for Stoic LTWT Step Sleeping Pad - Regular is 2.9. Thickness of this pad is 1.5" at top end (top 2/3 of pad), and "STEPS" down to 1" thick at bottom end (bottom 1/3 of pad). If used alone, this pad is best suited for 3-season use. Paired with a closed-cell foam pad, the Stoic LTWT Step would be great for 4-season use as well.

                      what is the true dimensions of this pad?...

                      what is the true dimensions of this pad? 1 inch or 2.5? Can we get some consistency here?

                      Best Answer

                      This is only a guess, because who is to say that the weight is correctly listed? But at 1 pound 7 ounces, it must be 1" thick. If you compare it to other brand's sleeping pads you will find it falls into the same weight category. The 2.5" thick pads tend to weigh in significantly higher. But again, this is simply speculation. I would recommend opening a live chat window with a service rep and have someone in the warehouse actually go look at it (they will do that for you).
                      I hope this helps!

                      2.5" is hard to believe, but I'd hope it is at least 1.5" with that weight. Worth pointing out that the name is different than the 1" thick model- this is the LTWT Step and the 1" thick model is the LTWT. Maybe they're analogous to the Prolite Plus and the Prolite, respectively.