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Slap on the Spy Soldier Goggles and scout a safe route through snow-man's land. The Soldier delivers a flexible fit and fog-free vision so you can unleash the badness with crystal-clear vision. Spy's Scoop ventilation and Gemini dual-lens technology eliminate lens fogging so you can spot the drop zone even in the gnarliest weather. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating keep you glued to your mission, and total UV protection saves your eyes for life after the force. Triple-layer foam and moisture-wicking fleece feel so good against your face, you may end up wearing these goggles off the base.

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Good Goggles

    I have the "Bright Idea" colored ones and they're so dope. They look awesome, the lense never fogs up for more than a second, and they fit my helmet pretty well. They're durable too, I got em last season and they're still going strong, even the elastic band is in good condition. The reason they don't get 5 stars, is they don't have any special features but for the price, they're a great deal. Definitely reccomended.

    Great Fit! Medium Face!

      Lenses are pretty scratch resistant and never fog on me during use, even whem I'm wearing my face mask (when positioned properly). Persimmion is a decent lens and the Acid Pills color is wicked. Frames aren't enormous, but they give you surprisingly good peripherals when worn. Strap never slips and the layer of silicone on the strap is great!

      The tri-foam is mega plush and feels so soft and comfortable against your skin. I've never had an issue with the bridge of my nose, cheeks, or forehead getting sore or cold with these on. The goggle is softer and molds right to the shape of my face. Venting is solid and my face is never cold either. I normally use them with contacts, but my glasses even fit inside them if I'm being lazy or spur of the moment (smaller frames).

      4 stars only since I know there are better goggles out there.


        These goggles are NOT sweet. They are WAY worse than my last pair of goggles, which cost $25 at Costco. They fog up -bad- and scratch easily. I wore them twice and already the lenses have several small scratches on them. Worst of all, they fog up really easily. Yesterday was an awesome powder day, my best day of the season so far. But I spent the entire day fighting the fog on these goggles. By the afternoon I gave up and skied without them, even though it was dumping and I kept getting snow in my eyes. At first I thought maybe it was the conditions but none of my friends were having issues. So despite the awesome deal I got on these gogs from Backcountry, back they go.

        Pretty darn good

          I love the goggles. They fit nicely with my Giro helmet and the gold mirror lens works good for me on almost all days. They are comfy for all day wear and I like the fit on my face. Sometimes I find goggles put too much pressure on my nose, but these don't. I give them four stars because I have had some fogging problems, but only on a couple days.

          Listen up you maggots; You wanna live forever?

            Quit being a tight-ass, step up and buy these goggles. When I'm doing no-handed cartwheels down a double-black and stuffing my face in three feet of snow every other time around, I think about how happy I am with my decision to purchase Spy Soldier goggles because when I stop tumbling, I can wipe em off and keep riding, minus the fogging.

            Can't be improved

              perfect goggles. persimmon lens is perfect for night riding and works for days too- not blinding in day but perfect visibility at night- no fog and comfortable as if you arent even wearing them :)

              New Spy Soldier Goggles

                I haven't had a chance to get on the snow with my Soldiers yet, but man, they look sweet. I got the MFM signature goggle for the always low dogfunk price and they rock. The soldier frames are comfortable and light but are also plenty sturdy. Cant wait to hit the powder. Great buy from a great site.

                Like you're wearing nothing at all

                  These goggles are crazy good. The performance is un-matched and is one of the best goggles in the spy line-up(hence why it keeps coming back year after year). Perripheral vision is clear as day, and they never fog up. I have a slimmer face and they fit like a glove, and never bother me or move around on my face. Super cush foam and never gets itchy even after bailing on a 30ft drop to a pow sandwich in the face and goggles flying everywhere haha. Really if you want a goggle that is supposed to do everything and be everything you want them to be.... Then get these, you will NOT be dissapointed

                  Will the contact persimmon be good for...

                  Will the contact persimmon be good for low/ flat light? I am in need of some low light goggles that will also fit my helmet (despite almost all mfgs. saying their goggles are helmet compatible, I have issues with goggles fitting my helmet)

                  are these comfortable and have good...

                  are these comfortable and have good peripherals?

                  You have good peripheral on these. I have 2 pairs myself, but just because I love the fit on my face. You have greater peripheral on the Omegas, but I did not like them as they foged and froze over on me. But the Soldier has been my go-to goggle for 5 years now. Venting is awesome, fit is comfy, and over all just a great goggle

                  can you see your eyes through the bronze...

                  can you see your eyes through the bronze silver mirror lense?
                  if you can which lenses can u not see the eyes?

                  Are all the Soldier lenses Carl Zeiss...

                  Are all the Soldier lenses Carl Zeiss lenses? I see "Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision" on every closeup of the Soldier as well as the replacement lens section... However when I ordered another pair, (I already own the "Gemini" lens) I received another Gemini lens with the "new" goggles. Can someone please explain which lenses I will receive if I decide to order again? I am hoping it is the CZ lens and it will actually say it not only on the box... but on the lens itself. Thanks!

                  BTW these goggles are some of the best goggles I have ever used. Worth every penny!

                  Are all the Soldier lenses Carl Zeiss...

                  i cant tell from the pictures how translucent...

                  i cant tell from the pictures how translucent the goggles are when they are on your head..from the outside. can you see the persons eyes whos wearing them or are they very reflective?

                  I have the persimmon lenses and they are not are not highly refelective, so the wearer's eyes are somewhat visible. The lenses have provided excellent visibilty and glare reduction in all lighting conditions so far, and I use them day & night. I have had no problems with fogging or distortion in a wide range of weather conditions.

                  can i change the strap on my spy soldier...

                  can i change the strap on my spy soldier goggles or am i just limited to the one that came origionally

                  The strap is not interchangeable, it attaches to the frame with a plastic piece that permanently holds it in place.

                  That said, I really like the strap that came with the goggle, the silicone strip locks it down on hair hat or helmet, the adjustment system is easy to use, and the width of the strap helps disperse load to make it comfortable.

                  hope that was a help

                  Unanswered Question

                  What is the vision like on the green spectra...

                  What is the vision like on the green spectra lenses? I ride wolf creek and it's usually s#!tting snow and overcast, are these groovy in the gray?

                  Does anyone know if these or some similar...

                  Does anyone know if these or some similar googles will fit over glasses. I see it says they wont but alot of googles say that and then they do fit over glasses.

                  i love these goggles, own a pair dark lens....

                  i love these goggles, own a pair dark lens. I am looking for a best all round lens color for a second pair. I'm torn between the persimmon and the Salmon Blue spectra...any thoughts which is best. help!

                  I would say that the persimmon lens is probably your best bet, for an all-purpose lens. It has a high contrast for low or flat light, and still blocks enough for medium bright days. The Blue Spectra does cut glare, but if the sun is bright enough to glare bad enough for that to be necessary in a low light level lens, just switch out to the dark one you already have.

                  What helmet would fit these goggles nicely?...

                  What helmet would fit these goggles nicely? I want the bern watts but I don't know if they will fit it good.

                  There are two Asphalt Matte Black Bronze...

                  There are two Asphalt Matte Black Bronze Spy Goggles listed. One for $80.96. A second is listed that says w/silver mirror for $103.46. Does that mean a second lens is included or that the bronze lens is silver mirrored???

                  Has anybody heard anything bad about these....

                  Has anybody heard anything bad about these. I'm comparing them to the anon realm and smith prodigy and really can't decide. The spy has the best price I'm just wondering how it will hold up on the mountain and many years to come.

                  i disagree with the above answer. i used the soldiers all winter last year and they never fogged... actually they were my favorite goggle and would definitely get another pair. i took them thru any kind of condition there is and they were crystal clear all winter. They're a good buy - get em!