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From non-life-threatening emergencies close to home to critical scenarios at remote locations on land or water, use the Spot Satellite GPS Messenger to call for help simply and easily. With one-button distress notification and GPS location services, this compact, affordable device gives you a satellite-based lifeline where cell phones would fail. Custom OK messages and real-time online tracking also help you check in with friends ones quickly and easily.

  • SOS / 911 function notifies emergency services of your GPS location in the event of a critical or life-threatening emergency and works in the United States (9-1-1) or Europe (1-1-2)
  • Notify personal contacts that you’re in need of help in non-life-threatening emergencies with the Help button After an adventure, send out an standard OK or custom message to up to 10 pre-determine contacts using the Check-in / OK button that shoots a message and GPS coordinates via an email or sms message
  • Real-time tracking on Google Maps or Spot Assist to notify professional rescue service providers sold separately through SPOT online account in addition to Basic SPOT service plans
  • Help button can also be programmed to include additional, separately purchased SPOT services
  • Receive $50 with SPOT's mail-in rebate; good from May 1, 2011 through July 31, 2011: get rebate form here:
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Sweet device

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Was able to communicate effectively with friends and family through the different message options. Worked fine even when there was cloud cover (most of the time we were away - 5 days)


  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This thing has been spot on accurate for me with over two years of use at least once a month (likely more) in the US and Mexico. I have used the tracking feature, but now just go with the standard subscription. Can send okay's to friends and family, and always have he SOS if I need it, though I haven't to date. If I were going to the big mountains somewhere I would make sure I or someone in my group also had a legit PLB, but for your average weekend warrior hitting the trails or climbing routes in the continental US - this thing is a great option with some more messaging options. MAKE SURE YOU USE LITHIUM BATTERIES, like it says all over the batter compartment as I can tell you from experience you get shotty performance with even the most expensive Alkaline batteries.


    I have used this device for a week as a geocacher. It works great! Every 10 minutes it sends an email to my family and pinpoints my location on Google Maps. Now they feel that I am safe as I hike on the trails on my own. Best gift I have ever been given. I love it!

    better options out there

      My biggest issues with the SPOT where the questionable reliability, even in wide open spaces with clear skies. On the times that it did transmit an OK signal, the location was miles off, or searched for the nearest road to use as the location. I will be upgrading to a Delorme InReach.

      Pretty Good

        I have been fairly happy with my Spot 2. I have been using it for almost three years in case of emergencies. It lives in my ski pack with my multitool and sunscreen and occasionally comes along for bigger trail runs. The I'm OK message is good for letting loved ones know I am back at the car or good for the night. Most of the messages seem to go through, when the view is unobstructed then always. IF there was an emergency though I would be hitting the button over and over until the cavalry arrived. Brought it to Nepal and OK messages worked fine in the Himalayas. I've never felt the need to have the tracking component as it costs extra and would just run out the batteries. Oh yeah, batteries seem to last forever when just saying OK once and a while. I change them more often than necessary just to be sure.

        Questionable reliability

          I borrowed a SPOT from a friend who has owned it for a year, but he seemed to have "spotty" results with it. Figured I would give it a try on a 3-day safe trip in Glacier National Park. Plenty of open sky. I set up the email addresses and did a test message while still in town, and it appeared to be working. My wife and friends back home never got a successful message or tracking update while I was on the trail. Not one... Turned the unit off and on several times to "reboot". Still nothing. I left it on "tracking" for most of the trip with absolutely nothing between me and the sky. I also sent multiple "OK" messages. A safety device that has only one function should have a much higher rate of reliability and a way of verifying that it has successfully performed its function. The various combinations of blinking lights seemed confusing. (Admittedly, I should have carried a copy of the instructions with me into the backcountry.) I'm going to have to have a much better proof of reliability before I take this unit with me again.

          The blinking lights are the key indicator that your message was sent successfully. There is a little bit of confusion with SPOT at first for sure, but the key to using it successfully is understanding the lights. My guess is you probably turned it off before the message actually sent; sometimes it can take 10 minutes or so. I have never tried using the "tracking" function though, so I can't speak to what could have happened there.

          This could save your bacon.

            I used this while floating 600 miles on the Yukon River in Canada/Alaska. With a touch of a button I could let my family know via email where I was and if I was OK. I never used the emergency button, but it was a huge comfort to myself and my family that I could have help if I needed it. Bottom line: If you spend time in the back country, this is something that can save your life.

            Poor connectivity and poor customer support

              I bought the SPOT for my backwoods adventures based on the glowing reviews the unit has received.

              In practice however, that is hardly the case.

              First of all, the unit does not provide any confirmation that the signal gets out, and just leaves me guessing if the device works or not.

              Secondly, I preloaded 5 email addresses so my friends would get check ins. The last time I tried to send a checkin message, I had a good line of sight to the sky, let it sit face up on a rock for 10 min, and later aksed if anyone got the message. No-one did.

              I have heard about the SPOT connect. Maybe it is more reliable? But just 1 way as I understand it, so I guess there is no guarantee of ever knowing if it works.

              Its been hit and miss for me, and I just cant recommend this device. What if I had the same lack of reliability in a SOS situation?

              The key for these devices is understanding the blinking lights. That is your confirmation that your messages have been sent. I have not myself sent an SOS message, but have been told that the blinking lights are the same story for that function as well.

              0-2. I have both SPOT2 & Connect

                GPS is slow and sometimes inaccurate on SPOT2 - loses power a little fast, and has been missing more transmissions than promised.

                For Connect, I have worked with customer care reloading the app and trouble shooting with them on multiple occasions. The customer service was friendly and nice, but they are not up to speed on the device. They couldn't answer many questions, and after spending countless time on the phone, without resolving the issues, they said someone would call me back.

                I didn't get the call back twice. When I recently followed-up I actually, got a call back the next day. The guy admitted to some of the faults and said they are working to fix them. They sent me a new unit, but I still have all the same problems. They then gave me the number of the SPOT sales rep for my area, Rocky Mountain, and he seemed very rushed on the phone, and really didn't have any more to offer than care did. What is a customer to do?

                And SPOT has already collected a full year of service up front!

                Very disappointing

                  I was very disappointed with the GPS performance of this device. I picked this unit partly because of the tracking feature. Well, given todays GPS technology, this device performs very poorly. Yes, I know the directions state the unit has to be oriented upward to get good signal, but it is ridiculous how sensitive it seems to be. If you hang it from a pack or put it in a pack pocket, GPS reception is terrible. Even when hand holding it the reception is poor. After poor results I tested it along side my Garmin wrist mounted Forerunner 205 and another handheld I have. The SPOT regularly failed when the other GPS worked fine. So the tracking feature that I though would be cool was really pretty useless. Instead of a reading every 10 minutes as supposed, I would be lucky to just a few over a full day adventure (unless I carried it in my hand with unit oriented correctly - and even then it regularly indicated no signal). If you just want something that can save your life by calling the cavalry in a life or death emergency, I'm guessing it would be a worthwhile purchase. But I selected this unit because of other advertised features and it failed to deliver.

                  Be sure to take advantage of the $50 rebate

                    Can be found at

                    Any idea if the rebate will apply now the Backcountry has it listed for $119.96? The info at the top of the rebate form says "Purchase a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT-2) at regular price ($149.99+)
                    from a participating retailer between 5/1/2011 and 7/31/2011."

                    hi there, i live in australia,, will...

                    hi there,

                    i live in australia,,

                    will this system work here?? (apart from the 911 call)

                    also i plan to go to new zealand as well,,will it work there

                    thanks jamie

                    Yes, it will work. The GPS system of satellites covers the entire globe, so it'll work anywhere. Don't be frustrated if some messages don't get through- that can happen anywhere on the globe- it just depends on satellites being visible and aligned to receive your message.

                    Need some updated info. Does this $149.95...

                    Need some updated info. Does this $149.95 include any subscription plans? Did anybody ever use this in Asia "yellow" zone where it says "96% TO 99% PROBABILITY OF SUCCESSFULLY SENDING A SINGLE MESSAGE WITHIN 20 MINUTES." Does that claim match the reality?

                    The price of the unit does not include a subscription of service. The packages range from $90-$160 a year. You can find these on sale for $99 and then get a basic service package and it keeps your cost under $200 for the first year and $90 a year thereafter. I've been happy with mine. I havent had any issues with the unit and the 8x batteries last about 1 year. In the summer the tracking is almost dead on, in the winter with the satilites lower on the horizon the track can sometimes be up to 100yrds off, which is to be expected. When comparing the spot to a satalite phone or avy beacon, I feel the spot is a better value and just as reliable. As with all electronics, I would never put my life 100% in its hands.

                    I live in Alaska and drive from Southeast...

                    I live in Alaska and drive from Southeast Alaska to Interior Alaska on a regular basis. Is there a similar device which will work in Northwest Canada?

                    According to their coverage map ( you can get this device for coverage where you are looking for it. If you are looking for something less expensive you can get one of their less expensive models. I have the SPOT Personal tracker and it tracks and send OKs just fine. I think it is around $100 plus services.

                    I am in South Africa and looking at doing...

                    I am in South Africa and looking at doing an extended hike from source to delta of one of our rivers here. I am looking for a device that will allow interested parties to track our progress online (on google maps) and also be able to communicate out the co-ordinates if need be. The hike will not be on roads. I need to know if this product will work for this? And is there coverage in South Africa - specifically Kwa-Zulu Natal from the Drakensburg through to Port Shepstone.

                    check out the spot coverage map from Spot. Sending a single also depends on how unobstructed the sky is. In deep narrow canyons, dense forest with canopy sending a single is harder.

                    With the 911 and family help buttons, is...

                    With the 911 and family help buttons, is there a way to cancel a distress signal that was accidentally sent? It seems like it would be a bit too easy for one of those buttons to be hit.

                    Buy an ACR Sarlink. It's not a toy. By the time you buy this unit and pay for an annual subscription, and maybe get your signal out, maybe not, the extra money you spend up front for the ACR might actually save your life. It also takes pressing two buttons very deliberately and deploying a small antenna to activate.

                    Google 'reviews of Spot Messenger' and just start reading.

                    NO! As soon as the "SOS" signal is sent, the 911 call is placed. Turning off the emergency signal by holding it another 5 seconds will cause the signal to stop but help is already on the way! If you accidentally sent a "SOS" message--- LEAVE THE SIGNAL ON! When help arrives, be very appoligetic and hope they dont kick your ass!

                    ONLY push the "SOS" button if your LIFE is in danger! This is not a signal to have someone bring you water or help you back to the car. It's perpose is to save a life, not assist in mistakes.

                    would this unit work in australia? it says...

                    would this unit work in australia? it says it works in the USA and Europe but doesnt mention OZ.

                    Best Answer

                    Yes, Australia is in their coverage area.

                    Here's the link to SPOT's coverage map and info:


                    If you don't care about the texting and tracking capabilities, and are just looking for a locator beacon that doesn't require a paid annual subscription, and will summon help reliably, also have a look at the ACR Sarlink.

                    I am interested in buying this product...

                    I am interested in buying this product from Backcountry as it is on sale, however, I read that units with an ESN # between 0-8000000 and 0-8053925 have a battery life problem and SPOT suggests you return it for replacement. How can I confirm the unit I purchase from Backcountry does not fall between these numbers...?

                    Can i use the unit without having to buy...

                    Can i use the unit without having to buy a subscription. i don't care if it 5 bucks a message or something not to crazy. i only go deep into the wilderness once a year for two weeks and don't like the idea of shelling out 100 a year to fire off messages home for two weeks. I have a PLB but i like the idea of sending updates to the worried wifes.

                    Best Answer

                    It requires the subscription. They route everything through their service...messages, distress calls... I'm not sure if you can get a month-month subscription, but it might be worth looking into. Another thought would be to rent a sat phone when you head out, but over the course of a couple weeks it's about a push on the SPOT subscription, although you do get to actually talk and not just text. Their texts messages run about $.59 per outgoing message and usually free for incoming. They'll charge you a flat fee that sometimes includes a set number of minutes, and you can also buy more if you need them. Iridium and Globalstar are the services to check with. My standard routine when I only carry my PLB is to tell everyone, "If you don't get a call, we're fine."

                    I was ready to pull the trigger on one of these until I started reading all of the terms and conditions. The more I read about them and the stories of horrible customer service I decided not to purchase. I am not saying not to buy one, I am saying do some research and make your decision.

                    Will the SPOT be dependable in Colorado,...

                    Will the SPOT be dependable in Colorado, even in a gorge or deep valley?

                    Best Answer

                    Sure, it'll work in Colorado, as it does use satellites. If you have a clear view of the sky, the signal will go out, eventually. On the other hand, if you're not looking for the ability to send your coordinates to friends and family, and want something that's going to be more likely to save your life by summoning emergency responders without fail (and that doesn't require an expensive annual subscription) you should look into an EPIRB/PLB. ACR makes the best, in my opinion. I wrestled with the choice between the SPOT and an EPIRB myself when my kids started heading out with me. After doing lots of research, based on my needs, the choice became obvious. I now carry an ACR Aquafix 406 wherever I go. This is one of those choices that require you to really understand the pros and cons, limitations, technology, and capabilities of the device you decide on. Read as many reviews as you can find to give you a better idea of what users are saying. Your life may depend on it. Hope that helped.

                    There was a fatality accident this year in Sangre De Cristo in Blanca area where climber died and none of the two SPOTs were able to send distress signal. Instead survivor had to run over 6hrs to the bottom and it was too late then. I have a suspicion that it only reliable when in cell phone network area coverage zone. To me it look like you selling your fears for $250+ but it just makes you more complacent which is bad.