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Sorel Caribou Reserve Limited Edition Boot

    These babies are the ducks... The bison hide is fantastic and looks amazing. I was a little worried i would look slightly g a y with the fur on top but they look as good as they feel. I dont think Australia will ever be cold enough to really test these bad boys but i have worn them on some -5'C mornings and i could cook an egg on these little rascals they are so warm. There is no better snow boot brand than Sorel. While i would prefer they were still made in Canada the new "imports" are just as well made as my old Canadian pair.

    Best boots in the world?

      These boots are fantastic. They are unbelievably expensive and worth every penny. Very comfortable, made to last a lifetime and warm in virtually every condition imaginable. Outstanding product.

      Caribou Reserve Snow Boots 2009

        These are awesome. Not available in the UK but about to be used in Austria. Had deep snow and freezing conditions in Scotland for 6 weeks. Never had them off. Perform as described on the box. Thoroughly recommended. Shame I got hit for air freight and taxes in my country but still worth it....Great service from Backcountry. USA to Scotland 5 days....Alistair


          these are by far the best boots i have ever had, they have kept my feet warm in every condition ive put them through, might be a little high on price but what is cost to stay warm? they do run a little big by about a half size makes it good for heavy socks, I GIVE THEM A 10

          Is is possible to marry a pair of boots

            First off, the aesthetic of the boot is beautiful (I have the black boots but they are all good lookin). Second is they are so so comfortable (I'd use other words but I'm sure they'd be censored out). Last but most important, because we are talking about a boot here, my feet have never been anything but dry, I feel like I'm walking on pillows they're so comfy, and lastly and something that rarely happens with me is my feet have been warm and stay warm all day in my Caribous. They are a little pricey but it is well worth it when you want warm, dry feet and not have to worry about losing toes because you chose the cheap boots. Go for the Sorel Caribou Reserve Boots....TRUST ME!!!

            Is this made in Canada or China? Given the...

            Is this made in Canada or China? Given the 300 dollar price difference, I figure that hopefully they were in made Canada at the very least...

            So what the difference between the Caribou...

            So what the difference between the Caribou boot and the Caribou reserve? what justifies $300 difference is price? I have used the regualr caribou for 15 years for winter hiking and snowshoeing down to -50F and they have been great. If the reserve are that much better Ill try them but I need a pretty good reason to drop an extra 300 bones for no apparet reason. so What is the difference?

            I am not 100% sure this is why they are more money but my guess is because they are made with Bison leather and sheep shearling lining. It is also a special edition boot as well which means more $ I am sure.

            I'm guessing that these aren't made in china like all their other boots. Though I could be wrong. I have a pair of original caribous I bought in the late 90s and they were still made in Canada. It would be a shame if these were made in their chinese factory.

            Unanswered Question

            There seem to be two color options in the...

            There seem to be two color options in the pictures and only one in the menu (bark). Does it have a tan lining with a tan outsole, or a black lining with a white outsole?

            Unanswered Question

            I just got two pair of these, one in my...

            I just got two pair of these, one in my regular size and one a size larger. The regular size pair fit great length-wise but are very tight on the sides. The larger size pair are very loose length-wise (they flop when I walk) but just right in width. Does anyone know whether these might stretch width-wise? Seems unlikely given the materials but thought I'd ask. Any recommendations about which pair might fit best in the long run? Thanks.

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            I am looking for a premium quality extreme...

            I am looking for a premium quality extreme cold weather boot in a size 15 that I can depend on because where Im going you just can' walk to the nearest mail box and ship the thinks back. I am contracted to work for Raytheon Polar Services in McMurdo Station, Antarctica,..and I am going in on the first southbound Jet,..It will Be Cold to the extreme! I can not rely on the average quality here. Can you help me?

            have pair sorels (arrowhon) treated me...

            have pair sorels (arrowhon) treated me well 4 20 years but are getting tired. is this model(caribou reserve boot) there replacement or do they still make the arrowhon? thanx

            How are these different then the regular...

            How are these different then the regular Caribou's? In other words, are they worth the extra (a lot) money?

            I wear an 11 double E width. Will these...

            I wear an 11 double E width. Will these boots fit?

            do you sell Sorel boot insert replacements...

            do you sell Sorel boot insert replacements for my husbands old sorels? I not, do you know where I can get them?

            I just purchased a pair of these and so...

            I just purchased a pair of these and so far I really like them. One problem is a tendency to pull your socks down - any ideas about how to avoid this?

            are these boot made in canada or they...

            are these boot made in canada or they overpriced chinese crap

            Canadian company, chinese made. I am a huge supporter of non-chinese goods but I can speak for these boots.....they're definitely not crap. These are some of the best winter boots I've ever owned. They're super durable, wicked comfortable and insanely warm. One of the few products from china that hasn't been poo!

            can you sit in below freezing weather all...

            can you sit in below freezing weather all day hunting from a tree stand without your feet getting cold.?, what is the temp. rating, the other sorel boots were rated for -40? thank you Eddie

            are the boots true to size?? these...

            are the boots true to size?? these boots have any "wiggle" room for heavy or thick socks??