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How to Choose Snowboard Gloves

Prevent Frozen or Frostbitten Fingers
How to Choose Snowboard Gloves

Cold hands can ruin an otherwise brilliant day snowboarding on the mountain. Gloves are an essential part of staying comfortable while you ride, as they protecting your hands from cold, wet, or both. Gloves with waterproof, breathable technology offer protection against external precipitation and internal moisture. Secondly, insulation gives your hands extra heat and protection from the cold, environmental air. Finally, cuff length and design should factor into your decision. Something that goes over your sleeve will keep snow and wind off your arms, while something that slips under your jacket cuff offers a much sleeker profile.


Moisture mixed with cold temperatures can make your hands feel painfully cold. Look for a glove with a waterproof and breathable membrane (or laminate) or, at a minimum, find a glove with a waterproof coating on the fabric.


Insulated gloves use either synthetic or down insulation. Synthetic insulation is less affected by sweat and moisture and its often cheaper than down, while down insulation offers the best warm-to-weight ratio.


Many gloves have a cuff of some kind, also called a gauntlet. A gauntlet that goes over your jacket sleeve keeps snow and wind off your arms. A gauntlet that slips under your jacket cuff gives you a trim profile and avoids the risk of dangling cords and excess fabric.