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How to Buy Snow-Study Tools

Study Hard—Your Life Depends On It
Snow Study

The more intimate you get with the snowpack, the more likely you are to make the right call when it comes time to drop in or cross a suspect slope. The avalanche report is nice, but nothing teaches you like digging deep and getting down in the snow. These tools will help you analyze what you’re seeing in all those layers.

Slope Meter:

Knowing slope angle is key, whether you’re digging a pit or just deciding whether or not to cross a slope. A slope meter is small, light, and an easy way to gather critical information to help you make the right decision.

Snow Saw:

Snow saws are invaluable when you’re isolating a block of snow for a stability test in your test pit.

Crystal Card:

This metal or plastic card features a measured grid so you have a uniform surface to analyze individual grains of snow to determine size and shape. This information helps you easily identify weak layers and make a more informed decision.