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Eat, drink, and be light.

Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup 600 is rust proof and tough. This ultra light weight mug weighs just 80 grams and won't taint your coffee with a metallic taste.

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Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup 600

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Will the SP 600 nest inside the SP 700? ...

Posted on

Will the SP 600 nest inside the SP 700? Someone on BPL said no, but I want to double-check here as it appears some experts are responding to questions.

Also, does anyone know if the little silicon cup that comes with the SP Hybrid Cook Set will fit outside or inside the SP 700? I just ordered it separately from SP for $10 and would like to head off the order if unworkable. Measurements for backpacking items are incredibly unreliable.

(My apologies if this question posts twice.)

Best Answer Responded on

Answering my own questions for anyone else who might also be wondering:

1) SP says the 600 single-wall mug will nest tightly with the Trek 700.

2) SP says the little silicone cup will attach to the outside of the Trek 700.

Not sure I buy the second answer, but the dude had the 600 and 700 in front of him (I could hear it) and he said it fit.

What are the dimensions of this cup??...

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What are the dimensions of this cup??

Responded on

Hey Anthony and or Ashley,

The cup is 3.9 across x 4 inches tall.


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The Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup is a good option, and one of the cheapest for titanium on the market. The construction is great on the Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup compared to the MSR and you get much more capacity for your money compared to the China made MSR cup. I like the Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup, even though it is not USA made. Berz Rating: 89/100


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No, the single wall 600 cups don't come with stuff sacks, just the double wall 600. You can't cook in double wall cups, and sometimes it would be nice to be able to, but I have to say that, for what it's worth, I generally prefer my double wall for eating and drinking only because of the insulation and I leave my cooking to a slightly larger pot like the 700 or 900, both of which do come with sacks. BTW- the 600 mug nests beautifully into the 900 pot. Hope this helps you out.

Best Answer Responded on

My order came in the other day from Backcountry and there was a stuff sack with my Snow Peak 600 single wall mug.

Snow Peak 600

Snow Peak 600

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Making hot chocolate on the trail with Snow Peak 600, custom aluminum lid with wooden top handle

Responded on

100g gaz cartridge, titanium stove and a lighter nests perfectly inside the Show Peak 600

5 5

Light, useful, perfect size

Absolutely top notch mug. Very, very light. Throw a small stove in (I use a LiteMax) and throw a 110g fuel can on top, grab a small stuff sack and stuff a handkerchief on top and cinch it up with a spork inside and your cookset is good to go.

Only single downside is if you dent the mug with your fuel can inside you may not get it, or your stove, out. So you do have to be a bit careful with how you place it in your pack so as to not bend or dent the mug.

Also, if you've never had a hot drink out of titanium... for the love of God, make sure you're holding the handle if you pour something hot into it. If you're holding the body of the mug you'll scream like a little schoolgirl and throw your scalding drink all over your tent, your buddy, or yourself. Titanium transfers heat almost instantaneously.

PS. Some people like using the Hot Lips silicon edge, but I don't mind sipping quickly to prevent any major pain. The Hot Lips seems like a luxurious bauble.

5 5

That's All Folks

This is all I carry. I have an older version that they called a cooker but it's the same cup with a lid. I never use the lid. Add a spork and a plastic coffee mug / measuring cup ... and that's all folks. My Snow Peak stove fits inside of the mug. When soloing ... this is the way to go!

Another variation on a lid design.

Another variation on a lid design.

Posted on

I picked up this lid from It's a well fitting, incredibly lightweight aluminum lid with a wood knob to insulate from the heat if you are using it to cook.

5 5

Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup 600.

At 71, I'm working on a lighter and lighter pack. So I was pleased the cup worked very well on the MSR stove and the stove stowed nicely inside the cup with some matches and a windshield. I especially like the size which is adequate for a filling cup of soup and "two cups of coffee" in one.

Does anyone know if this mug is big enough...

Posted on

Does anyone know if this mug is big enough to fit a small canister in the inside? if not what is the difference between this and the 450 and would the 450 be able to hold the small canister??

Responded on

To answer your second question first - the difference between the 600 and the 450 is volume. The 600 is a 600ml cup (about 21oz) and the 450 is a 450ml cup (about 14oz). The 450 is SMALLER than the 600 (and weighs about .5oz less).

Now for the first question - the smallest canister that I know of is the Jetboil Jetpower 100g canister. It's dimensions are 3.5" diameter by 2.5" tall. The dimensions of a 600 are 3.8" diameter by 4" tall. So YES, this canister will fit inside the 600. However it will NOT fit inside the 450, which has a diameter of only 3.4".

Best Answer Responded on

The Snow Peak 110g canister will fit @ 3.25", but here's a hitch to it, the 600 cup tapers in at the bottom, so it won't go all the way down and will be snug, so if you're also hoping to nest a small stove like the Gigapower or Litemax, the stove will have to go in first. The 3.5" Jetboil 100g canister won't fit. It gets hung up on the lip of the cup because the 3.8" diameter is measured on the outside of it.

The smaller Snow Peak diameter canisters will all fit easily into the Trek 700 pot, and if you want to use a full sized canister like an MSR, you'll need to go up to the Trek 900.

5 5

A food saver lid for the Snow Peak 600 single wall mug

I'd been looking all over for a nice tight lid I could use on my Snow Peak 600 mug. Although there are some nice aftermarket metal cooking lids, I wanted a food-saver type lid that would keep any leftovers safely inside without spills.

I went to a local store and found a lid that fits extremely it was made for the mug. They're green BPA-free lids made for use on Luminarc glasses and they fit the Snow Peak 600 perfectly. They even look pretty cool with the bright green color on top of the mug. I know some have tried to cook with plastic lids, but I personally would rather not risk even BPA-free plastic in a high-heat environment.

Although I found them in a local store, a quick Googling revealed a cheap source here:

Again, these lids fit the Single Wall Snow Peak 600 mugs...probably not the double wall since they're so snug on the single wall.

A food saver lid for the Snow Peak 600 single wall mug
5 5


First off...I ordered this on Friday afternoon and by Monday morning I had it in my you guys just earned another customer...You ROCK!

This is the PERFECT solo cooker / mug. It weighs nothing and is built like a brick (poop) house. I have a Trangia alcohol stove for long trips, but the 600 paired with a canister stove can't be beat for long weekend trips. I shaved a full pound off my alcohol set-up with the Snow Peak 600, used with the Pocket Rocket. Get one just because...and buy it'll be in your hand before the bank processes the order.

So Cal.

Cooking with homemade alcohol penny stove.

Cooking with homemade alcohol penny stove.

Posted on

Cooking with homemade alcohol penny stove.

Responded on

What did you use as a lid?

Thumbs up for using a penny stove, btw.

5 5

Fill 'er up

Love this cup. Gets a bit hot sometimes, but I usually want it that way to warm my hands from the cold PNW rain. Durable, light, handsome, what else do you need? I've abused mine for 5 years with no dents and the handle hasn't broke off yet. Love this thing.

Will this work with a soda can stove? It...

Posted on

Will this work with a soda can stove? It has an open flame, so that is what I am worrying about. If so, would the 450 model be a better cup?

Responded on

There shouldn't be any problem with doing that. I've stuck mine on a few different types of cooking fires/stoves with no problems yet.

Responded on

A soda can stove with a wide burn pattern (like the Penny Stove) will shoot flames up the side of this narrow mug, which will make it less efficient than a wider pot. Also, the handles will get searingly hot.

On the upside, I do know that lots of people do use this as a pot for ultralight rigs. I have used it a fair amount for boiling water, and the writing on the side even holds up to moderate flame. You can even buy a custom lid for it from this guy's site.

Hope that was a help

4 5

Good General Use - Not Good for Drinking

Honestly, this isn't a great mug for what I purchased it for - drinking hot fluids. The single wall transmits way too much heat to my lips and to the outdoors, cooling the drink quickly.

It would be good as an ultralight cooking pot/multi use item, though.

So, if you're looking for a straight mug, go to the double-wall Snow Peak mug (which is FANTASTIC). If you're using it as an ultralight all-in-one, this will likely meet your needs.

Responded on

get the hotlips for this pot

5 5

UL Staple

Perfectly paired with the Snow Peak Lite Max. Great size, light and durable. I bought this for a recent 160 mile/3day fastpacking traverse across the island of Hawai'i. Highly recommend!

5 5

All u need !!

I own the Snow Peak Litemax stove & it fits in this mug w/ a small gas canister perfectly. Extremely lightweight, and very satisfied that I will not be trying the alcohol stoves all the other lightweighters' seem to rave about. There is also enough room left for lighter(sm bic lighter),small visine bottle(campsoap),Brunton Spork(titanium foldable)& small pak towel(cut to fit). Don't waste your $ on anything else.

5 5

lightweight cup/mug/pot

this is awesome! great for open fire tea, or boiling water for a dehydrated meal. it works great for both. NO LID THOUGH! it doesn't state whether or not there is one in the listing, but i figured they wouldn't have included it if it wasn't listed. the handle tends to get really hot so bring fleece0like gloves or bandana to grab the cup (or use your clothing). it does come with a little mesh stuffsack though!

Responded on

I don't own one of these but I came across this on concerning a lid:

"The lid from a 11.3 oz. size plastic can of Folgers coffee snaps perfectly onto the top of a Snow Peak 600 cup. Using a leather punch, I put two holes opposite each other on the lid. Small hole on one side. Bigger hole on the other. It works perfectly, and weighs .4 oz aka 10 grams. Cost: under $4 if you don't drink coffee. Free if you do.
Someone had tried using it as a cooking lid and it worked fine. Someone else tried and the lid deformed. Maybe you just have to be really careful. In any case, for the weight, I'm willing to pack it along with a cooking lid."

Maybe it will help. Sip it lids would be great for these things.

Responded on

Check this site for a custom made lid for the 600

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