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Snowpeak Lantern Mantels

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Good Price for Standard Size

    These mantles fit the Snow Peak and Primus backpacking lanterns just fine, and they were the best price I could find right here. Well done, Backcountry!

    One point--you are getting a three pack of mantles which I don't think it says directly on this page other than on the photo.

    Primus has a great video on their site of how to put the mantle on and burn it for the first time. A tiny amount of gas and a slow burn off and I got a perfect sphere for a mantle.



      These mantles fit the "Primis Easy Lite" lantern perfect. Fit nice and tight. Make sure you get the "Easy Lite" Electrical point inside the mantel before first burning. Or the "Easy Lite" will not work. They should fit the other Single small lanterns brand lanterns without a problem. Best to put on with small teezers or needle nose plyers...little more control with big fingers. This also keeps the oil from your hands of the material so they will burn nicely first try. Very durable. Survied shipping via UPS after using the lantern for 4 nights.

      Does anyone know if the Snow Peak Mantles...

      Does anyone know if the Snow Peak Mantles are Thorium Free like the Primus ones?

      Best Answer

      Okay, so the definitive word directly from Snow Peak is that they are thorium free. It was replaced several years ago with yttrium. Less bright, but not radioactive.

      So, now we all know with absolute certainty that Snow Peak, Primus, Coleman and Century mantles are all thorium free. I feel so much better...or is that just the carbon monoxide poisoning from using a gas lantern in my tent?

      Hello all, i have a Primus Easy- lite ,Trek...

      Hello all, i have a Primus Easy- lite ,Trek lite .I find that it is very difficult to attach the mantles to the burner.Does anyone have any advice.Basically they will not push on easily.Do you twist them on or try to screw them on.I mangled the the one that came with the lite so i could not even try it out.Since then i have ordered more.There must be some trick to this.Help!

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      Write your question here... I notice that...

      Write your question here... I notice that the sight talks about snow peak lanterns and the picture is of centru primus mantles. I am looking for double ended tie or slip on mantles for a Northern lights butain/propane backpacking sized lantern, any Ideas on where to get them? I cant find anything online on that product except for candle lanterns!

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      We need mantels for a ceiling propane gas...

      We need mantels for a ceiling propane gas light with two globes. The circular ring has 3 horizontal prongs, and the mantel attaches below prongs. Numbers on the prongs say: 00800 (on one); 52/18 (on another); and British (on another). I think the size is 1 1/8 x 1 /1/4. Do you carry these?

      Is this mantle used for the GigaPower...

      Is this mantle used for the GigaPower lantern?

      Yes! I got them this weekend, and the packaging is totally different - it actually says "SnowPeak" on it, and specifically notes that they are for the gigapower lantern. I thought the previous answer was sorta vague, so figured I'd post up a "for sure" answer.