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Cant beat it

    Its super light weight, and very efficient. This thing is a beast in windy condition, 50%of the stove always stays lit no matter how much wind there is. With a wind shield its unbeatable


    The Best

      The stove is great. Lightweight, efficient, easy to maintain, and compact. I got the auto ignite version and would recommend it to everyone. I believe that you can purchase the piezo seperate and install it yourself later. I have been using this stove almost three years now and have had not one problem with anything failing in the field. I use it in all seasons. The only reason i gave it 4 stars is because you must have the wind screen. Especially in winter! it increases the efficiency ten fold. I think it would be cool if they shipped with the screen but, eh.


      Great stove but...

        I used this stove on a 300 mile thru hike on the Long Trail in VT. I like how little and user friendly it is. I mainly used it to boil water but it seems to simmer pretty well. You might not want to make cheese fondue in it :)

        The only thing I can think of is the lack of wind protection. I should have bought the wind screen for my trip. Overall its one of the best lighweight stove for backpacking.

        Do you stock the Snow Peak LiteMax...

        Do you stock the Snow Peak LiteMax stove?

        No. does not stock that particular model.

        They do now. A very light and compact (even lighter and more compact than the titanium gigapower) new stove from Snow Peak, but the specs in the Snow Peak catalog show that it is not as efficient with fuel and not significantly faster to boil. There are always trade-offs, I guess. It is another amazing piece of engineering art from Snow Peak, though.

        The Snowpeak manual titanium stove is...

        The Snowpeak manual titanium stove is listed at 3 oz. The weight of the standard Snowpeak stove is listed at 3.25 oz. It was my understanding that the advantage of titanium was a weight savings. At a cost difference of $25 for 0.25oz, this is $1 per 0.01 oz. What am I missing here?

        The weight of the other stove is listed at 3.75oz, so technically you're saving .75oz. Other than that though, you're reading it all correctly. Sometimes weight is that big of a deal. And yes, titanium is way lighter than stainless steel, but it isn't lighter than aluminum (just sturdier). There two important reasons why the stoves don't have a high weight differential with the two materials. Firstly, the standard stove incorporates stainless steel and aluminum. Secondly, there isn't a lot of metal here to shave weight from. This may help illustrate that point:Aluminum - 170 lbs per cubic footSteel - 490 lbs per cubic footTitanium - 280 lbs per cubic foot


        SnowPeak fixed the "off position"

          I heard older stoves had a "weird" issue where the gas control had to be in the open position to fold correctly for storing. This isn't a big prolem until you forget to turn it all the way off before connecting your fuel to the stove. Apparently, SnowPeak fixed this, because my stove folds for storing in the off position--GOOD JOB SnowPeak.

          Will this run only on SnowPeak canisters...

          Will this run only on SnowPeak canisters or also on Primus-compatibles? TIA

          SnowPeak says to only use their GigaPower fuel. But it seams to me that it works with any fuel canister that fits it (Primus Power, MSR IsoPro, Jetboil Jet Power). (But let's be honest, SnowPeak's GigaPower is TOTALLY the most awesome looking.)This stove can use any Lindal valve (screw-on) fuel canister.


          smaller than I thought

            I was cooking aside a MSR pocket rocket & the Snow Peak wasn't doing as well in the wind. Heated 2 cups of water in 30mph wind conditions (with a wind shield) in about 6 minutes. Flame was having a hard time with it's jet flow. This stove packs smaller than the MSR though & has a sturdier grill. One very disturbing experience: burner shut itself off after about 5 minutes on high heat. It turned back on when I re-lit it but after cooking and removing the stove from the fuel tank, pressurized fuel shot everywhere. I hope it was only a defective snowpeak fuel tank. Even so, it is scary to think what would have happened if there was an open flame nearby or if I had several more days on the trail without any fuel. I need more time to fully evaluate. Bottom line is that it is light & got the job done but has some scary dangers associated with it that may not of had anything to do with the stove itself.


            Go Piezo!

              Ultralight, robust, functional, and versatile stove. No complaints at all, but I wish I'd not gotten the manual ignition version. Subsequently retrofitted the Piezo ignition to mine, just save yourself the trouble and go auto from the get-go; plenty of reasons to do it, no reason not to.



                I have an old MSR WhisperLite. I bought this stove to save weight on short backpacking trips. I'm very pleased with it. It's tiny, light and easy to use, particularly compared to a liquid-fuel stove. I have to take more care to find a really flat spot and to center the pot on the smaller supports, but this is a small price to pay, and these issues apply to most canister stoves. I bought the Titanium manual ignition model to save weight. If I had the automatic ignition, I'd still want to bring matches as a backup.


                Great stove

                  This is the first stove I've ever owned, although I have used backpacking stoves before. It’s great, so tiny, yet stable on ground, logs, tables and fuel is cheap (220grams for $5). Water boiled instantly it seemed. I used very little fuel, from what I could tell, only went for two nights though. I would definitely recommend this as a quality stove for almost anyone. If you need a stove for a huge basecamp, this probably won't handle it, but otherwise I don't see any reason not to get this.


                  Great Stove

                    I tested my stove last weekend at Mt. Harvard in Colorado. I thought that the altitude might be a problem, but even at 11,600 ft the stove was having no problem running even though I was in 20mph winds and I forgot my wind shield. Very dependable little stove. It even out performs my Whisperlite.



                      Great stove, just a little few things that could be better. First of all the whole thing isn't made of titanium. Just looks like the supports are titanium. Also I'm worried about the burner screen where the flame comes out, I used to own a Pocket Rocket and it boiled over leaving burned food on the burner, with the Pocket Rocket the burner holes where the flames come out are big enough to stick a pin in and clean out. The Snow Peak stove has a screen making it almost impossible to clean if something got burned on there. Comes in a little plastic case that fits well which I like.



                        Super light and works great, can simmer and adjust heat easily. Would buy the windscreen with it. No problems with it whatsoever.


                        Gigapower stove/titanium

                          This stove is super light. Stores easily in a nifty little case that is supplied. It lights easily and throws off good heat. We also purchased the wind shield. This stove boils water quickly. We used the snow peak pot/mug with lid and were able to boil water in a very short period of time. Simple to operate. Bought it for my son who is just entering Boy Scouts. Perfect for him!


                          Little ripper.

                            I have been a liquid gas stove guy for a while and decided to go back to the canisters to save some weight, and since the weight was my main concern I bought this stove. It is insanely light and compact. I figured this little stove would work well but would not be able to match my dragonfly in pure BTU output (seeing my dragonfly does a great imitation of the space shuttle on launch). To my surprise this little stove was able to boil water in just about the same time! There are a couple of things that you have to watch out for, the burner area is very small so you can't just put your pot on the stove and forget about it, the stove will scorch your pan. Also if you buy this stove buy the windscreen, you will need it. If you are into light and small this is the stove for you.


                            titanium stove

                              This is absolutely the smallest most compact stove on the market, not to mention the lightest! I compared this stove with my buddy who has the exact same one only it's made of stainless steel. I was pretty happy that you could actually feel the difference in weight. My friend stripped his stove down as much as he could but it was still quite a bit heavier than the titanium one. It boiled water quickly at 6000 feet but a wind screen would have made it more efficient. I used it to cook a steak in a titanium fry pan and burned the pan a little. My buddy paid a little more attention to his fry pan and found that if you keep a close eye on it you won't have any problems with the small burning area of the stove scorching your equipment. My friend now feels he has to go out and by himself one like mine. Best and lightest stove I’ve ever owned. Don't buy the one with the auto igniter. It breaks really easily and adds needless weight to an otherwise excellent product.