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The Snowpeak Giga Power Lantern includes a clear glass globe. The Snow Peak Giga Power Lantern produces 80 watts of light. Snow Peak's small fuel canister, GP-110, will generate 4 consecutive hours at a maximum gas output. Snow Peak's state-of-the-art technology insures excellent performance. The stove and lantern are interchangeable with Snow Peak's fuel canister. Comes in high-quality plastic carrying case, 2 inches x 2inches x 4 inches. Lightweight, Compact. Easy-to-use. The GigaPower Lantern, Auto Ignition weighs 4.5 oz.

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Great Lamp low maintenance..

    Great Lamp low maintenance but mantles are scarce!!
    I bought one of these in the late 90's when it first came out, a bit pricey back then now you can't find them.
    What is to be found is the Chines Knock offs that in my opinion works just as well as my old SP. I have one that has been five years beating the camp outs looks like a piece of Star Wars relic it works well with the Snow peak stainless globe.
    As I see it technology has given us LED, light weight puts out light and can do the job and as such has politically corrected this lantern out of production due to obvious dangers of hot flaming intoxicating piece of equipment!! I say give me Analog light Keep the LED for head lamps.. With that have fun finding mantles I have bought a bunch of Campingaz mantles (30 or so in fact) from an Army surplus store that works perfect. Stay away from the cheap Chines mantles on Ebay they wont even make it through pre burn before they blow out.
    Cleaning jets? When you start noticing your mantle producing a yellowish glow and not the nice white glow like when your lamp was new it's time to clean it.
    Take the lamp housing off the base you will see a little brass hex nut with a tiny hole that's the jet gently take it out it may be a 4mm.
    You will see a small wad of cotton inside the jet pull that out and spay it out with carburetor cleaner or hold it over a hot stove flame with a tool (Leatherman needle nose pliers) get it nice and hot and drop it into cold water as another reviewer stated it will sizzle. Now hold it up to a light and see if you can see if the jet hole shows light through if so its clean reverse the steps to put it together.
    Yes it's has weight yes it's dangerous so is climbing a mountain but if you know what your doing it will bring real light back into your life. I find them rather bright enough to read and cook by.
    I just don't like the lifeless Soulless color of LED light except hanging in my tent to see what I am doing at night.

    Easy to disassemble..

      I just had to pull mine apart, clean the internals and rebuild it. Good as new. Actually it is working even better. Now the igniter works where before it wouldn't.

      Just make sure you get the mantels that are made for it. I had one of the Backcountry associates sell me some Primus mantels that weren't made for it and they were too big. The ones made for this lantern work awesome. The only issue you have to be careful of is that you don't get a tear or hole in your mantel and get a flame shooting out towards your glass. It can ruin your glass lens. I keep a three pack of mantels in the bottom of my little case the latern stores in.

      Portable, Light, and Powerful Lantern.

        This lantern is very small and light. It's perfect for hiking trips. I haven't had any issues with it so far. I bought the messed screen for it but that doesn't work very well when there is alot of wind out. The glass screen that it comes with is very strong. I don't imagine that piece of glass breaking very easily. It isn't as bright as my coleman lantern that runs off propane but its really close. Also i notice that the light that it puts off is more yellow then a propane lantern. So basically, if you are looking for a portable, light, and powerful lantern. Then the Snow Peak is the one for you.

        Edit: On my last camping trip i had a small rip on one side of the mantel. That caused a hot spot on the glass melting and cracking the glass. So be careful and change the mantel when needed. I know that on other lanterns that isn't a critical but on this one since it so small you really need to pay attention. Though on the brightside that mantel lasted me most of the summer, that was my first/original mantel.

        Portable, Light, and Powerful Lantern.

        Fun Toy

          This is a full little toy to have and is bright. I like to store mine in my Snow Peak 450 ti cup. It should however come with a little chain or some way to hang it up. I use a steal fishing leader which has worked nice. Also an extra mantle would be nice for the price. At times it is hard to light and you are better off lighting it with a match than the auto ignition. Also it DOES NOT like cold starts. You have to light it and lightly blow onto the mantle kind of like starting a fire.

          Great Small Lantern

            I bought this lantern with the hopes of backpacking through the Shenandoah National Forest this summer. While this lantern is small, it's uses during backcountry camping were limited. Having this lantern inside a small one or two person tent is somewhat of a fire hazard as the heat produced by the lantern would immediately melt your tent. The light output is considerable for its size and not something you would want to stare at. Overall I'm happy with this lantern, light, small, and very useful.

            Awesome little lantern

              This is a perfect little lantern for all camping needs. As another reviewer pointed out, this is not a 200 watt mega-bright monster but then again, who really cares? It's tiny! With Snow Peak, it's all about the details. I love the carrying case, the little metal serial number tag attached to the lamp, the feel of the valve...

              Compact Light Lantern

                Product quality is the typical high level of other snow peak products. The design is tops as far as small lanterns. lantern is at least as bright as a single mantle propane lantern and is much trimmer in size. It requires a little more time when preparing the mantle and will not burn as long as a propane lantern on one of the larger cans. Knowing this, if you still want a gas lantern that is small, this is the nicest one I have seen.

                See the Light!

                  If you are already packing gas for your stoves, this latern gives you a nice capability with very little weight addition to your pack. The self-ignition feature gives you light, fast. I carried mine for about about 3 days without using it; then came the thunderstorm at dinner time, and the lantern gave us light to make dinner under the dining fly while the rain and wind howled. Like the other Snow Peak products, this latern is great bang for the ounce.

                  giga rocks!

                    This lil' honey works ALL the time. Just tilt it toward the piezo inition and it will light every time. BRIGHT light or mellow light (using the mesh globe). Tiny, impressive--friend borrowed mine--lost it--I bought another. It's that good. Hope this helps.

                    How hot will the glass shield get..?

                    How hot will the glass shield get..?

                    Best Answer

                    Hot enough to melt just about anything that comes in contact with it, including your skin (think about touching the globe the same as you would picking up your Gigapower stove by the pot supports while it's running) Don't use it in your tent, or anywhere there's a potential for fire or carbon monoxide issues.

                    Do you have to use snow peak mantles? or...

                    Do you have to use snow peak mantles? or can you use coleman if so what style /size?

                    Best Answer

                    Walmart doesn't seem to be stocking the Coleman #51s at their stores anymore (just #21 and #95...and I tried 3 different stores), nor does anyone else that I can find. If you do happen to find them, stock up right then and there, or plan to have to buy them online or by special order.

                    Will this work with other types of fuels...

                    Will this work with other types of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, alcohol?

                    The Snow Peak GigaPower, Auto Ignition Lantern uses ONLY Lindal valve (screw-on) type, compressed gas, fuel canisters made by @ least nine manufacturers including Brunton, Coleman, Jetboil, Kovea, Markill, MSR, Optimus, Primus, Snow Peak, etc. These canisters can be found in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, western Europe, Japan, & Korea.

                    Best Answer

                    Kovea makes an LPG adapter for use with stoves, etc that allows you to thread on to Lindal valves from the standard green 16.4oz propane bottles. The adapter has a regulator screw to adjust the pressure differential. Turn it all the way down till it stops, then open it back up a half turn at a time or so ( seems to match isofuel pressure at about 1-2 full turns). Works well, runs about $20, and cuts your fuel costs by more than half.

                    Its hard to tell in the image but is the...

                    Its hard to tell in the image but is the shield around the lantern glass or a mesh?

                    Best Answer

                    It's glass. I own this lantern and really like it, but would benefit from having a mesh shield. Having said that the glass shield has not shown any signs of wear or breakage through some pretty rough backpacking trips. In lighting the mantle, I have burned marks into the glass shield which is kind of annoying (can't clean them off). I would recommend lighting the mantle without placing the glass shield over it until the mantle's ready to be used. This will keep the burn marks from appearing...

                    Is this lantern and snow peaks fuel...

                    Is this lantern and snow peaks fuel proprietary, not interchangeable with other brand fuel?

                    This was a serious question. I inherited...

                    This was a serious question. I inherited the thing and I do not know how to adjust or turn the thing on, Have a canister, extra sock and no manual.

                    The grey button on the side next to the valve should be the piezo-ignition button, and should spark and light the lantern when attached to the gas canister. I say should because I've been less than impressed with auto-ignitors across the board, and while I haven't used this one specifically, I would guess that it works the same third of the time as all the others. You could also try matches or a lighter, but be careful, and make sure the flame is near the jet before you open the valve so it doesn't make a giant flame and burn the hair on your hands off. Wow, that doesn't sound like experience talking at all:)

                    How do you turn it on?

                    How do you turn it on?

                    If this lanterns output varies slightly...

                    If this lanterns output varies slightly (i.e. flickering, etc.),is that normal?

                    Best Answer

                    Nope, Should be pretty stable, I've found over time that the 'Tiny' jet get a little blocked, you can remove it (undo the two little side screws and remove the lantern head, then you'll see the tiny hexagonal jet), if you take the filter out of the inside of the jet (looks like cotton wool), then heat the jet up with a lighter or similar and then drop it straight into cold water (will fizz a little), that seems to clean the jet out. Note: the jet will slowly get blocked with liquid LPG(butane) pouring through it, which is sometimes neccessary to get the auto (not) ignitor to work, ala tipping the lantern towards the ignitor as suggested elsewhere in this thread. Hope that helps.

                    do the snow peak prdoucts require their...

                    do the snow peak prdoucts require their own type of fuel?? Or will they work with other types as well??