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Initial impression...

    LBS in CO ordered for me 2 weeks ago, but was on backorder. Came in 2 days ago.

    While a bit pricey, if initial setup/use is any indication, its well worth it! Great sound quality and EASY set up!!

    Set up Blackberry 8330 in 2 minutes (paired, voice dial etc).

    Paired iPod bluetooth in 1 minute. Music function buttons all work as advertised.

    note: this next part might be lack of my reading directions!

    Once I added iPod BT, I lost Blackberry connection. Tried to dial out while listening to music and didnt connect to helmet. I hit multi function button, BB asked to accept connection from helmet and all was good!

    Amazingly simply and great - love this thing so far!! now if it would just warm up above freezing....

    Microphone doesn't work for taking calls!!!

      I just bought the Smith Variant BT helmet with the Skullcandy headphone addition and while the audio controls are great and the sound is great, I can pick up calls, but no one can hear me on the other end. I called Smith and they told me that my phone must be out of date, which is BS. I used the Motorola S805 headphones from my Burton RED Audex Padded Hat with no problems whatsoever. I wanted a helmet with the same functionality and couldn't find one anywhere that has the S805 headphones, so I guess I'm out of luck. Hope I don't smack my head into any trees!

      Unanswered Question

      can anyone link me to instructions for the...

      can anyone link me to instructions for the headset? i didn't get any when i bought it and i need the to make the blue tooth work.

      Unanswered Question

      I bought a Salomon Devin Origins Helmet....

      I bought a Salomon Devin Origins Helmet. What type of audio kit will fit this helmet?(i would like to have the bbluetooth option for cell usage)

      Unanswered Question

      Does the Smith Skullcandy Bluetooth bombshell...

      Does the Smith Skullcandy Bluetooth bombshell audio kit have an adapter for a 2nd gen. ipod shuffle? The 2nd gen. ipod shuffle just has the 3.5mm connection. Thanks!

      Hey I cant pair this thing with my IPod...

      Hey I cant pair this thing with my IPod touch using the included BT adapter, my BB syncs fine but i cant get the ipod to sync, Mine didnt come with a manual for some reason. Thanks

      found out how to get it into pairing mode... when it is off hold the on button for 5 seconds until it flashes blue, orange, blue, orange etc. then try to pair it with the ipod's bluetooth. i think this only works with the latest ipod update, but I'm not sure :) hope that helps.

      Unanswered Question

      I just got the smith bluetooth helmet and...

      I just got the smith bluetooth helmet and can't seem to get my zune to play through it. The instructions are really confusing. It seems as though it's paired, but I can't hear any music. Is this system only for Ipod?

      Can this simply work with an iPhone 3G?...

      Can this simply work with an iPhone 3G? Meaning, plug in (what?) into the iPhone, listen to music, press a button to answer a call? I assume it will use the built-in mic?

      When paired with the iphone 3g directly. The only function I could not get to work is the fwd and back button to change songs. The volume, play, stop and phone features work. If I pair it with the included BT adaptor, all the buttons work fine.

      Is it possible to fit that audio system...

      Is it possible to fit that audio system to Smith Variant Brim Helmet? if cant what wireless bluetooth audio system is possible to fit?