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Affordable performance is the vision driving the Smith Scope Pro Goggle. Fully-sealed dual lenses combat fogging and block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, while the helmet-compatible frame and dual slide adjustable strap create a hassle-free fitting experience. The Scope Pro's compression-molded single layer face foam and active airflow ventilation keep you riding in comfort all day long.

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Awesome! Except the fog...

    I got these goggles for a steal, they look dope, fit great, are super light and comfy. BUT! Fogging up seems to be a prevalent issue with these goggles. However, at the price I paid for them, I aint complainin'! Oh, and by the way, these goggles look ultra sick with my Giro Revolver helmet with the Santa Cruz Roskopp design.

    Awesome! Except the fog...

    Get way more than you pay for

      Amazing bang for you buck. At >$60 these goggles are a steal. Comfortable, light weight, anti-fog lens, and the proven Smith quality. If you want a good, reliable goggle for a fraction of the price of other goggles that perform this well, look no further than the Scope Pros.

      Great for flat light.

        These goggles fit very well with a helmet. The Sensor Mirror lens is NOT good for sunny days but they are great for overcast ski days. They didn't fog at all, and they didn't let any cold air in. I love them, but had to order a 2nd pair of goggles with a different lens for sunny days. Wish I'd known that 1st!


          awesome entry level gogg. they fit like a glove once you get your adjustment right. the dual bracket is a bit of a pain, but the nice part is once its dialed in it does not slip out of where its been adjusted to. a hook closure like the higher end goggles would be nice. no fogging issues, plus i love the big lens. cant see it cracking even with the most epic face plant

          Fits like a Glov... Goggle

            I recently purchased a pair of the Scope Pro’s with the Rc36 lens and I am very pleased. The foam padding is super comfortable, the strap is flexible enough to fit over the helmet, and there is a thick bead of silicone on the helmet-side of the strap to keep things tangle-free. The Rc36 lens has served me well in both full overcast and clear/sunny skies.

            Pros: Fit is suitable for any adult face (medium to large), super soft foam cushions, flexible frame that wraps around the eyes, well ventilated double lens for no fog… ever, seamless integration with any smith helmet (I use the Holt), silicone lined strap, amazing price. Sure, there are better goggles out there with fancy lenses, but the Scope Pro has all you need.

            Cons: Entire frame is a bit “tall,” that is, people with small noses might have some trouble. The foam padding does not seem to be made from the most durable substance, and I don’t predict that it will last very long… but Smith guarantees these for life, so it's not a problem!

            Overall: Lifetime warranty, superior comfort, worth it.

            Great Set

              I have owned a few pairs of goggles from Smith. I can safely say they make excellent products. These goggles are about mid price range. I recommend them if you have been using goggles for awhile. If your brand new you might want a cheaper pair.

              These have a very good view point. Not hard to see at all. Only problem is that they tend to fog up if your using a balaclava and it's not a very windy day. Otherwise they are great. For looks the Ignitor Mirror is great. If your planning on using these for night time only I recommend you go with the Rc36 lens, although you can see out of the Ignitor Mirror lens fine at night time given enough light.

              The goggles themselves are super comfy.

              Do the Scope Pros have a spherical lens,...

              Do the Scope Pros have a spherical lens, and I don't know if the medium will fit me, I'm 5"11 135lbs do you think they will fit?

              Will these goggles work at all times of...

              Will these goggles work at all times of the day?

              Some lenses will, some won't. My Scope Pros are equipped with the rc36 lens, which BC does not carry at the moment (unfortunate). I highly recommend the rc36 for two reasons; lower price and a wider range of use. I have used these on sunny days, overcast days, through heavy snow storms, and at night. No complaints, they get the job done no matter what the conditions.

              Granted, the more expensive mirror lenses look super cool and are technically "better," but for all-round use I would go with the rc36. If you have the money, get two pairs; one with the mirrored lens for those bluebird days, and one with the rc36 (if you can find them) for night trips and cloudy days. Ultimately though, you can't go wrong with these goggles, no matter what lens.

              do these fit over prescription glasses?

              do these fit over prescription glasses?

              I am going to Colorado to go boarding this...

              I am going to Colorado to go boarding this winter, I am 21 years old, normal sized dude, 5'11 160 pounds. Is a medium the correct size for me? And Do you think I should go with the clear, Rc36, or Ignitor lens for day/night boarding. THANKS!

              I am 21, 5'11" and 155 pounds. Medium was perfect for me. I bought the Chocolate Intersection with Ignitor lens. I would recommend the Ignitor because the view thru them was great; even decent at night. The brown tinted RC36 may be too dark, but I've never used them. These goggles handled massive snow and sub zero temperatures in the Swiss Alps, so Colorado should be no worries. Hope this helps!

              Looking for some snowboard goggles for my...

              Looking for some snowboard goggles for my daughter. What lense styles. Probally want an all around lense. Never know what type of day it might be. Does it come with extra lenses? What is the best option. Thanks

              What is the best high end, low light...

              What is the best high end, low light conditions ski goggle?

              Well the frame you buy is sort of a style-based decision, but I'd suggest something from Smith's spherical series. The best lens for low light conditions is hands down the Sensor Mirror from Smith. I don't know how it works but it's a pink lens with a blue mirrored coating and in low light it looks brighter than through your bare eyes. I assume Oakley has an equivalent, but I don't know what it is. Some suggestions would be the Prodigy, Phenom, and I/O, all from Smith and if you're in flat light a lot, you NEED the Sensor mirror.

              I need a goggle lens that works in the...

              I need a goggle lens that works in the bright sun but helps with the wicked cold in Colorado. Does the smith Ignitor Mirror fit this need? Something else? Flat light lenses burn my eyeballs