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The new Smith Heiress Goggle must have had a wealthy relative kick the bucket recently, because it brings a massive fortune of style and performance to your ski and board experience. The spherical Carbonic-X polycarbonate lens is shatter, scratch, and fog resistant like none other, and receives further aid from Smith's patented Regulator adjustable ventilation. Dual-layer foam with a fleece face lining keeps you smiling even in bitter peak winds, and a multitude of design, color, and lens tint options let you pick the perfect pair.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Not A Good Work Goggle

    I found that this google didn't hold up very long in wet snow. the lenses split from one another making it so the chamber between the lenses fogged- which takes a few hours to clear up. These definitely fog if your working up a sweat, too. If you're going to doing any BC or working in the snow I wouldn't recommend these. I love Smith, but not for a "working" goggle. I'd recommend the new interchangeable goggles released by Smith. They're pricey but worth the investment. Other than that- the fit is good and they are comfy on your face.

    Bulky but worth it!

      Super cool look on the mountain, actually got complimented on my goggles twice which has never happened before at all!! No fog factor at all for me, fit was fantastic and comfort level was excellent. I would say that they did look slightly bulky when not wearing a helmet but the designs are pretty cool so it evened out. Extremely happy with these goggles!

      great goggles

        These are my third pair of goggles and they are by far my best pair ever. My second pair of women-specific goggles, these have a wider lens, which I appreciate. They fit great with my Giro Helmet, which I was a little concerned about. I have the Sensor Mirror lens which is awesome. Some that I have worn them, the days have started with super flat light and turned into a blue-bird days and it works great in both conditions. I have also worn them while working really hard, when my other goggles would always fog - and these haven't fogged on me yet! They are very reliable, which makes them VERY enjoyable! I love 'em!

        great goggles

        Don't buy into the women's specific deal..

          I bought these online without ever trying them on cause they just look so sick, but when I got them they were way too small for my face. I have really high cheekbones so the foam didn't always fit right on my nose. I dealt with them until I got a pair that actually fit me. Other than that they are awesome goggles with really good clarity and they never fogged. I got them with the ignitor lens, which they claim is their all around lens. I still found it to be a little light for really sunny days. TRY THEM on BEFORE BUYING, if you can!

          Stylish and semi-functional.

            This is my first pair of Smith goggles. I always always ridden Anon Figments (and I am going back). I loved the appeal, super sleek and feminine. It's nice to cover up your face with something that won't necessarily block your pretty looks. I got the Fuchsia/Orange with the Gradient/Red Mirror lens. So this is the good: The lens is awesome, I get compliments all of the time on how amazing they look, that's it! The bad: The fit of the goggles themselves.. no bueno! Unless you have a small face, or your eyes are super close to your nose, you get no peripheral vision, the strap is SUPER thin they don't really cover your ears over your beanie if you rock ear buds. I have a lot of issues with the straps.. The cheap plastic "fast clip" in the back comes undone easily! I have already lost my goggles off of the chair a few times (luckily I think I have good karma and got them back!), this clip also interferes if you wear a helmet, it is right where you latch your goggles to the back of your helmet (also, they look REALLY small on your face once you put a helmet on, it's funny!). The straps also are not easy to loosen and tighten and they will come out of the plastic. All in all, these are CUTE goggles, the lenses are awesome (okay in low light situations, great in sun), really though.. I can't see anything but what's directly in front of me and I can't stand the straps, they are worthless.

            Stylish and semi-functional.

            Not Bad

              These goggles are pretty nice, more for small faces however. These goggles do not offer the best peripheral vision around. If your looking for more peripheral go with the phenom. All in all these are pretty good goggles, well built with great lenses.

              Review Title

                Got these goggles for Christmas. Had a few chances to use them, pretty much exclusively on snowy days. The Sensor Mirror lenses work pretty good for the flat light, but are by no means a miracle lens. I would say my face is a medium size and these are a little small, but work well enough to keep.

                Smith Heiress Goggle - NO fog, but definitely not 100%

                  The heiress Smith woman's goggle was decent for me! I rode with them on an overcast powder day and the blue tinted lens worked okay...I couldn't see one roller but that was the only down fall for the day.
                  NO FOG is right! They definitely held up as far as that goes!
                  Within minutes, and from a slight graze of a finger nail, the lens was scratched which bummed me out big time!
                  Regardless, these goggles do a good job, they look great and they fit my face quite well!

                  I wanted to know that what type of weather...

                  I wanted to know that what type of weather you're suppose to wear the green sol x mirror? sunny days,cloudy days ,nighttime???

                  What is a good google to get where I can...

                  What is a good google to get where I can possiably interchange lens for both skiing and climbing ? And what is a good lens for skiing, and what is good for climbing ?

                  Best Answer

                  Good news, Sarah, Smith makes some great lenses for both of those activities. You can easily swap out the lenses in most Smith frames, including the Heiress. However, if you are planning to swap out your lenses on the fly, or if you simply don’t have the luxury of a few minutes, look at the Smith I/O.

                  For skiing, or any activity in the mountains, I would recommend either the rc36 (my favorite) or the Ignitor Mirror. These are essentially “all purpose” lenses that help to increase your depth perception when it gets stormy, and continue to protect your eyes if the sun decides to peek through the clouds. There are more stylish and fancy options out there, but for my money it is the rc36.

                  For mountaineering, or any really bright light situations, go with the Sol X mirror. According to Smith, the Gold Sol X has an extremely low visual light transmittance (7%). The Green Sol X is slightly brighter at 17%, and the Red is 18%. The important thing is that your eyes will be well protected if you choose the Sol X, or any smith lenses for that matter. Hope this helps, and have fun out there.

                  A lot of goggles I've seen recently are...

                  A lot of goggles I've seen recently are much thicker coming forward off the face than the older style (I assume to better fit with helmets). I am one of those losers who does not wear a helmet, so I look like a bug with those thick goggles. Are these the type that will make me look like a bug or can I continue being a loser in style?

                  Awww the pattern I wanted is sold out! I'm...

                  Awww the pattern I wanted is sold out! I'm thinking of the Special Edition with the "Gold S" lens. Any idea how this works in flat light?

                  The Gold Sensor Mirror lens is a suitable choice for low/flat light conditions. It is designed to increase depth perception, and allows 70% light transmission (which is good for low to medium light environments). However, this will not be the best lens if you also like to venture out on the mountain at night. The mirrored lenses do look sweet, but there are better options out there if don’t mind sacrificing those good looks for increased performance. Have a look at the rc36 (which is what I use, a great all purpose lens from Smith... but not available in this goggle through BC), the Gold Light (another Smith lens, tailored for use in flat light... but I am not certain if BC carries any goggles with this particular lens), and the Ignitor Mirror (which functions almost exactly like the rc36).

                  Which lens is the best for all skiing...

                  Which lens is the best for all skiing conditions? Red or ignitor? How do they do in the day and at night?

                  Best Answer

                  For me, out of those I say the Ignitor. It makes features pop out in the flat light conditions, protects well in the brights, and works a bit better at night. But if you want only one lens and it involves night riding, grab the Sensor Mirror. It works beautifully from the very bottom to the medium bright days.

                  What is the best lens color for flat...

                  What is the best lens color for flat light?

                  does anyone know how it'll fit giro helmets?...

                  does anyone know how it'll fit giro helmets? i just ordered the smith goggle but the reviews seem to indicate not so great fits with helmets in general..

                  yes the shape will fit fit fine its the length of the strap that is an issue, smith found an iteresting way to correct this problem and make money at the same time, its called a helmet helper and itv extends the strap to be big enough to fit a helmet, you can google it cuz they dont have the helmet helper here

                  where can i order additional color lenses?...

                  where can i order additional color lenses? i need yellow and gray/black

                  If I do alot of night snowboarding what...

                  If I do alot of night snowboarding what is a good color lense? The ones I have appear very dark which are supose to be good during the day to block the sun but very difficult for night skiing. I need a pair that can easily make things visible during the night. Should I just go for clear?

                  will this work with a solomon helmet?

                  will this work with a solomon helmet?

                  i am about to buy a pair of googles, we...

                  i am about to buy a pair of googles, we are going to tennesse in the end of december.could anybody suggest what kind of googles is more appropriate for this period of time and place?thanks

                  why are they so expensive

                  why are they so expensive

                  pure 24k gold budThese are one of Smith's top of the line goggles with all the nice features, including tapered lenses so the view isn't distorted, thermal lens barriers with a pore for improved ventilation and anti-fogging between the lenses, adjustable venting for the interior lens face, and Smith's top of the line Carbonic-X lenses (optically precise, impact resistant, scratch and abrasion resistant, hydrophobic coating to reduce smudging). The Limited Edition frames are an extra $20.