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The SkullCandy Mix Master Mike Headphones will change your life. Designed to meet the needs of one of the best, the mylar drivers and gold-plated input connections promise to pump supreme audio into your brain.

  • Articulated cup movement drives dual channel cue control so you can hear the true track and the house at the same time
  • Ambidextrous audio inputs allow your cable to go both ways
  • A durable coil cable is included for professional DJ and studio gigs while the Skullcandy straight cable with Mic3 in-line mic and music control lets you take calls and tune tracks
  • 3-panel memory foam ear pillows deliver all-day comfort
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The best celebrity headphone?

    Possibly the best sounding celebrity headphone, second to the Quincy Jones AKG's. For a celebrity endorsed can, these are pretty solid. Not quite worth the price in my mind, no rapper headphones are, but these run low compared to the Beats Pros, and they still sound much better. Whats more, is that (like the Rocnation Aviators) Skull candy resisted the urge to bring a ton of bass to the table, which is a huge plus. Most rapper headphones, butcher the sound due to an extremely excentuated bass. This just shows how uneducated rappers like Dre are about audio reproduction. BUT, these are much , much better. Add the awesome DJ features , and it makes this a pretty bomber can. The only downfall to the mix masters are the way they look. Im not all for the darth vader style, but hey, Ill live. JUST KNOW. These are still a rapper can, and lets face it, theyre made by skullcandy. If you want a better sounding headphone check out sennheiser, Koss, AKG, Bose,Audio Technica, even sony and phillips' web sites. These are where the real headphones lie.

    Skullcandy's Finest

      I Love these Headphones, The Fit and feel is F@#%ing luxurious, Sound is the best I have heard from Skullcandy in a non-earbud to date. Included Wires and adaptors are top notch, plus some of the best sound quality on the mic3 I've heard yet too. Not the stereo typical Skullcandy Bass Blaster sound. A warm well rounded sound with very capable bass and accurate highs Thanks to its large Drivers. I use these with samplers and keyboards, and that's where the comfort really plays a factor, when I'm wearing them for prolonged periods. These are a great headphones and the dynamic range is wide enough for recording and musical projects. Its Funny the major competitor for these are the Beats by Dre Studio. They Call Them Studio's but no one who does anything with recording would use them. Built in Processors and amps in your headphones will "Enhance" your sound but I feel that it more "Exaggerates" the sound. Is that a good thing? I prefer a sound true to the recording. At this Price point these hands down over the Beats By Dre Studio.

      Bonus features: You can choose which side the headphone cord comes out of, also you can put 2 audio sources at once into these headphones one will play in each ear and if you tilt the earcup away from your ear the sound will mute on that one so you can hear the other one even better. Also there is a convenient Mute button that's great for when room mates need my attention and I don't want to take them off to listen up.

      Can't get better.

        I went to the official launch party for these headphones in LA, had the chance to try them on, pretty insane the comfort, plus I got to meet Mix Master Mike (not bad). And the looks were incredible. Whoever designed these gets my award of excellence for audio, comfort, and looks.

        Awesome New Headphone from Skullcandy!

          the Mix Master is quite the creation from our friends over at Skullcandy. over 18 month of development and its finally here!

          check out the site devoted to this headphone, and get them while they last!

          what is the difference between Skullcandy...

          what is the difference between Skullcandy Mix Master DJ Headphones and Skullcandy Mix Master Mike Headphones W/Mic3 for a non tech head......... 14yr old birthday present?? I like the look (?) of Skullcandy Mix Master Mike Headphones W/Mic3 but can you connect to iphone, ipad etc ......

          other forums are saying the DJ head band is cracking - fault or not tough enough?

          Hey Clare, the Mix Master 3 w/Mic 3 will use the 3 button mic that is compatible with Apple brand products, so if he uses an iPad or iPhone, iPod, etc that one is worth getting so he can easily control the volume, tracks, etc without turning on the screen. The head band cracking can be from user wear or from a product issue, but in either case Skullcandy carry a really great warranty that covers you with 50% off a new pair if you break them, and if it is a known issue you should be able to have them replaced, but it would all depend on Skullcandy's warranty department, from my experience they are really good

          Can you hear your own voice in the headphones...

          Can you hear your own voice in the headphones for the Mix Master? I am looking for something to use in a RosettaStone application and need to hear clearly my own voice as well as the output from the program. Please advise. Thanks...Audie

          Are these noise canceling.

          Are these noise canceling.

          Write your question here...are these...

          Write your question here...are these headphones noise canceling?