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Not only do the Skullcandy Icon Soft Headphones pump premium sound into your brain, but its fresh style and colorful design will make you a fixture on the ski hill or at the skatepark. The super-soft ear pads and top pad cushion your fragile dome piece, and a hands-free mic lets you field calls from your loyal followers.

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Park with some noise

    Solid pair of headphones. Stylish. Sound nice. What more could you ask for in a pair of headphones. Easy to manage with gloves on as well. Only gripe is they are a little big for my head, but with goggles on they keep them snug to my ears! Overall a solid buy, works for cruisin the slopes, and walking across campus.


      Picked me up a pair of these a couple of weeks ago, and was impressed before i opened the box. Got the rastas and shredded the park that night. With my goggles on these suckers don't budge. Super comfy ear pads, great sounds, affordable price, and easy to work with even with the beefiest of gloves. Like how lightweight they are and not compact, and not bulky like other models. A must buy for sure.

      No sorry Mr lift op I didnt hear you tell me to not cut through your maze..

        Got these bad boys for myself for Christmas and I am soo stoked on them, The sound quality is pretty good considering the size of these guys (how small they are) and I love the fact that I can move them around on my head easily if I need to talk to someone. I got the electric animal style and It looks so killer. Not too sure about some of the complaints I see about them flying off, the design is such that they fit perfectly under my goggle strap so if my goggles aren't going anywhere, these suckers aren't either and if your losing your goggles regularly in the park I think you have bigger issues than finding headphones that are gonna stay on... Anyway get these headphones but not the electric animal, I'm rockin that color lol

        For snowboarding w/out a helmet

          Flat out, these bad boys were made for snowboarding w/out a helmet. For snowboarding they are perfect. Like others have said, they will slip off your head if they are not secured by goggles or wearing a baseball cap underneath. If you want all around headphones, i would look elsewhere, for snowboarding these are the bees knees. You might be able to fit these under a helmet that has no padding (Capix wakeskate). I have a capix wakeskate lid but i keep the padding in and these headphones do not fit underneath comfortably.


            Sound Quality= Average
            Durability= Below Average (two left speakers have blown out on both my pairs and the wire is beginning to unwind.
            Comfort= Above average but yeah they dont stick on your head at all,at least not mine.

            Bottom line is that i think im done with skullcandy and am gonna try some other company

            The Cure for Heavy Headphone Syndrome

              Every one of my fellow Skullcandy fan clubbers share the same affinity for steezy dome-top speakers. But we also have the same complaint: These heavy half-gram headphones are putting a permanent dent in my skull. So the brain squad at SKDY added a plush pad to soften the weight on our newborn-like soft craniums. Problem solved...until you try to do anything besides sitting perfectly still in your basement. Try rocking these speakers while throwing down in the park. The top heavy and smooth cushion make the headphones slide right off your beanie (ala Lowriders). So unless you like wrapping duct tape around your head, these suckers don't stay on. I guess we're gonna have to wait for science to save our delicate heads from the pain of heavy headhones.

              solid hybrids

                These headphones are an awesome bridge from the portable earbuds to the jam-out studio cans. Sound is full without too much bass, fit is comfy on the head and around the neck, and woven cord eliminates the noise that I've had with the rubber cord on the ind'd buds. They're a lil more flexible and durable then some other Skullcandy products too! I will say that the while the fit is loose enough to wear over a beanie/under a helmet/with goggles, even for my sizable dome it's a bit loose to be head bangin' without the phones slipping off. You definitely have to be ok with the "hey I'm wearing headphones" look, as always Skullcandy gear is bright and loud with some "sound leak" factor letting others hear what you're listening to in public. No experience yet with the mic but note that you get only the standard 3.5mm plug for smart phones, not a mini 2.5mm for crappy phones like mine. Rock on!

                Soft on your head

                  Rocked these last season, and loved em! Way comfy with the new design and cushions. Good sound quality, and durable. Lots of cool colors to choose from, and you can even switch out some pieces to get even more variety. Good riding headphones!

                  Skullcandy Rocks

                    I would have given these headphones 5 stars, but like some previous reviews, I found that they are pretty useless for just cruising around, skating etc due to them not gripping your head too well and slipping off. However the main purpose i bought them for is snowboarding, and for this purpose, they are rad. Just put your goggles over the top to lock them in place and then try to look as steezy as possible.
                    Sound quality is pretty good for a $30 pair of headphones.

                    Soft Chillin'

                    Ok, so everyone says they slip off and I should not get them. I got them anyway, I think they are sweet as milk chocolate, and I love chocolate. Let's do a breakdown,

                    Nylon cord - Smart idea, less tension breaks because its braided, that means no fading in and out after the jack has been bent too much.
                    Soft headband- It fits nicer on your head and you don't get those plastic indent feeling from wearing them too tight.
                    Soft ear pads- They are super soft, feel great on your ear, don't irritate like in ear buds can.
                    Mic- Why not have a mic, how you going to talk without it?
                    Style- Let's face it, they look ill.

                    Slippery(?)- They can be fickle about how they stay on your head, wearing a hat seems to help induce a higher coefficient of friction to the pair, making their grip tighter.

                    SO, if you have problems with these it is with your fashion not the headphones.

                    Bottom Line:
                    These bump sound like your grandma bumps gospel on sundays, and look just as good.

                    Soft Chillin'

                    Good but not better than.

                      I don't know why some people complain about the lowriders they are way much better than these. I gotta say that yeah, they have a very good sound quality but not better and the soft version of the icons is more comfortable than the normal ones (if you are not wearing a hat)but the headband it's annoying after a while.
                      Bottom line: an average headphones, if you ask me.

                      fairly dope

                        These headphones are great for snowboarding BUT nothing else at all. the soft fit makes them unnoticable on your head but they also fall off easier. just put your goggle strap over the headphones and your good to go. sound quality is decent but nothing special. when your just listening to music these headphones WILL NOT stay on your head. I would reccomend these for the mountain definateley but if you dont ride dont pick theses up. get the hesh if your just jammin.

                        Too sofffttt doooodd

                          I bought a pair of regular icons and then these. i didnt know that the "soft" also implied that the plastic band that goes over your head is softer too. which means they dont hug your head hardly at all. they barely stay on my head walking around less alone riding or skating. and to add to it the foamy thing that goes over each speaker isnt foam on these. its some really smooth nice feeling cloth. feels nice but just contributes more to them sliding off. definitly skip out on these. the regular icons have much better hold and grip on your head. the only good thing about these is the nylon braided cord.

                          I was wondering if the product Sparkle...

                          I was wondering if the product Sparkle Motion (2010) one size (25.46) can be sent to a residence in Brazil? And also wanted to know how much is actually the amount of freight to Brazil and the product arrived and how long it tbm? depending on the response the product will be bought thank you, thank you very much ......!

                          I was wondering if the product Sparkle...

                          I was wondering if the product Sparkle Motion (2010) one size (25.46) can be sent to a residence in Brazil? And also wanted to know how much is actually the amount of freight to Brazil and the product arrived and how long it tbm? depending on the response the product will be bought thank you, thank you very much ......!

                          do the green/black headphones have a mic...

                          do the green/black headphones have a mic
                          just wondering why those are cheaper?????

                          Unanswered Question

                          Just for everything in general (skating,...

                          Just for everything in general (skating, boarding, chillin) should I go with the icon 2 or the icon soft? Just trying to decide.

                          Unanswered Question

                          If my helmet is kind of tight, will the...

                          If my helmet is kind of tight, will the Icon Soft fit under ?
                          (my helmet is a Bern Baker medium)

                          Will these headphones fit under a snowboarding...

                          Will these headphones fit under a snowboarding helmit? I had long hair and recently buzzed it off so my helmit is a little bug anyways...

                          Best Answer

                          Hi joey,

                          Well, depending on the exact room between your noggin and the helmet, they could, but...
                          putting something between your helmet and your head could interfere in the performance of the helmet. Helmets are designed to work close to your skull! I rock the full metal jacket's...tons of bass, crisp highs, and they hide right in your ears! If you have space in your helmet, the safest way would be to wear a light beenine, or even add more foam to your helmet.

                          Hope I helped shed some light, homey


                          Are they really worth the extra money? or...

                          Are they really worth the extra money? or should i get the regular icons?

                          Best Answer

                          personally i think Erik Wilson is a rare case. (Sorry) I also recommened staying away from Skullcandy if you want a pair of headphones that will last. I own skullcandys for the sole fact of the lifetime warrenty. If they didn't have that I would have switched brands ages ago. I replace my skullcandies about once every 2-3 months for free and have never had a problem getting a hold of the warrenty people. But if you are looking for sometihng that lasts, go with a more mainstream brand like Sony (never ever phillips! they suck). They may not be as stylish but they are much better

                          i have to disagree with both erik wilson and kylie. While i have had some skull candy head phone that have broken like the very large ones i have also had a pair of icons for two years now and they have held up just fine. I ride 125 days a year and have taken numerous hard wrecks with broken goggles but the headphones have held up. I would 100% recommend buying the icons or the icon soft. they will last for ever