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Pop a cap in your crappy earbuds and pump premium sound through the Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Headphones. These high-end earbuds give you crisp highs, warm and full mids, and bumpin' lows. Skullcandy's 9mm and 11mm round drivers put your tunes straight to your dome in stunning clarity. Protect your phones on the road with the included zip case.

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    I've had these for three years & love them!! They have excellent sound quality & have adjustable ear bud to fit in a variety sizes. I'll admit I don't have the ear buds from three years ago, but Skull Candy has taken care of myself every time something went wrong & sent a new pair to me. I wish more companies had lifetime warrantees like Skull Candy. If you watch Whiskey Miltia or the Outlet site you can get these for some killer deals.

    The GOOD skullcandy headphone

      This pair is a big improvement from the skull candy titans. My titans lasted about a month and half then finally one ear phone fell off. Then the other kept shocking me. These are much better. I picked up a pair from steep and cheap for 11 bucks. No tangle from the wire coating, and much better quality sound. Hopefully they last longer than my titans

      full metal crap

        I had an older pair of these when one bud went out. Skullcandy is really great with warranties, if its a manufactuarer defect they replace it, if its from "extreme listening" they give you a decent discount on a new pair.

        Anyways, the sound quality is decent in these, cancels out noise around you pretty well, I use them for sleeping other places alot even without music they double as decent ear plugs. They are not however that comfortable, they cause an earache for me after awhile. The little gels will rip off and get lost and you'll be left with a $70 pair of headphones that are useless. The cord on some styles is a metal clear coated, its thick, sticky and becomes a hassle if you've got your ipod in a pocket or something, its also heavy enough to pull out the ear bud at times. The only plus to these were the added mic/control piece on the cord, but infact just adds more weight and pulls them out of my ear even easier, unless i'm sitting dead still..

        all in all, not great for the price they seem to give alot of people trouble.

        Washed and dried em in the laundry...

          And they still work. I've had a pair for more than a year, and when I accidentally washed it I was devastated, cause the right earbud lost all its bass...I bought another pair, and soon enough it fell into the sink. After I dried them, they also were still functioning, but also lost their bass.

          In the process of trying to get them to work again, I sucked on the little hole that allows air to get through the earbuds, and I heard a faint popping noise. When I tried them again, they worked perfectly. I did this with my old pair, and the same thing worked.

          Sound quality is great--got deep lows, crisp highs, and despite what everyone else says about their poor construction, I'm pretty ecstatic about their resilience over the past year.

          not great

            The wire is coated/wrapped in some rigid metal inside the whole cord. This makes the whole cord stiff and almost as stiff as guitar strings. not very comfortable, or forgiving to go in a jacket or anything. makes itself pull out of your ears at all times. the sound isnt very good either...

            the shit

              Trust me these have a great sound quality and look very stylish! I recommend them!

              Pass on the Trash

                I've never really been thrilled by a Skullcandy product and they are rather notorious for bad quality items but this is just sad. After about a month, maybe less, of moderate use and minimal abuse one of the buds just randomly stopped functioning unless I manually held the wires at a certain angle where it connects to the volume control. The sound quality was never amazing but I was willing to put up with them since they actually functioned and I had no other options aside from buying a different pair. Got these off Whiskey Militia for fourteen bucks and that was still a rip off for the one month of use I got from them. Garbage.

                Full Metal Jacket crap

                  The look great but have some serious duribility issues. I have bought two pair of these off of Whiskeymilitia. Both pair failed after one month of use. I have to say that I did like them while they lasted because the sound quality was pretty good for the price. Not worth it becuase the audio started cutting out with a few weeks of normal wear. Don't waste your money. Look elsewhere for a pair of headphones. I will never buy another pair of skullcandy again.

                  stay away from skullcandy!!

                    I have purchased five pairs of these from steep and cheap for around 10.00 each. I am down to one working pair, all the others have lost all sound or sound in one ear. The warranty process sucks! If you need a cool name and a sticker keep buying these otherwise let em go. I feel sorry for anyone who has paid retail or even half price for. They are worth around 2.00 a set.

                    Looks are deceiving

                      To say I am obsessed with headphones is an understatement. I own over 25 different kinds...I have purchased every Sullcandy type of headphone up to the price of the full-metal jacket and I have to say, FMJ is the biggest let down of all. Terrible lows, Terrible mids, but good quality highs. The hardware is poorly designed. It looks cool but causes any movement of the cord to be heard in the headphones. Obviously I am not talking about working out, I mean walking from class to class step by step "thud, thud thud..." For the price you are paying, terrible product. Go with Jbuds J3 or J4 (which both are cheaper/better) or any headphone from Klipsch.

                      really good...

                        I dont know what people are talking about...
                        i got the chrome ones and they sound great. they have lasted me a pretty long time, i am still using them and enjoying them every time i use them. i have an ipod nano and no iphone, so they still work. i don't use the mic, but if you press the little button while it is in a ipod it pauses the song, plays it, plays the next song if you press it twice and if you press it three times it replays the song. overall i love them, good bass.

                        As durable as that oil rig in the Gulf

                          These things are cool to look at, just don't ever touch them. If you do they will immediately stop working. I have owned 3 pairs and after going through the hassle of getting the 3rd pair, I made a resolution to stop purchasing skullcandy products altogether. I bought a $10 pair of maxell buds and they have lasted me 4 months so far. Skullcandy, get your $%^& together!

                          Unanswered Question

                          i just went to the local Fred Meyer yesterday...

                          i just went to the local Fred Meyer yesterday and saw a pair of 50/50's that had a volume adjuster built into the mic,, is Skullcandy ever gonna incorporate this feature into these FMJ's?? or is Dogfunk ever gonna carry the 50/50's?? I feel that this is a MUST on all headphones,, help..//

                          Are there any FMJs with volume control on...

                          Are there any FMJs with volume control on them anymore? If so where can i get them???

                          I just traded in my old skullcrushers for...

                          I just traded in my old skullcrushers for some of these black fmj's, did i do good, or should i jave kept the skullcrushers???

                          how does the audio quality of the FMJ...

                          how does the audio quality of the FMJ compare to the Titan? is it worth $30 more?

                          I have a pair of 2009 FMJ 9mm and just purchased 2011 Titans 11mm and the FMJ are so much better, just don't like the stiff cord. I just bought a 2011 FMJ 11mm and waiting for them to come in to compare. I think the Titan's lack bass and the sound quality is very average.

                          What should I get, these or the "Titan...

                          What should I get, these or the "Titan Bud" Headphones?

                          Skullcandy is a great product,, however they are fragile,, i consider it to be an accessory,, just like the type of watch you wear,, do you pay an expensive dollar amount to make a watch more durable?? no,, you pay for the bling bling,, not a bomb proof watch,, same goes for these FMJ's,, if you want some bling bling for your ears,, these are super stylish earbuds for listening to your tunes,, hence the name,, S k u l l C a n d Y..//

                          how do you wash it?

                          how do you wash it?

                          Okay, so I know this is an unfair comparison...

                          Okay, so I know this is an unfair comparison but I have to ask.. I own the Bose In-ears and they recently broke (worked flawlessly for over 2 years) So I'm wondering how these would compare.. cuz now my ears are only satisfied with the high end sound.

                          I have the chrome FMJs and use them with...

                          I have the chrome FMJs and use them with my iPhone, but when I push the mic button, it only toggles my iPod on/off even if I have a phone call coming in. How do I get them to transmit calls?

                          Do the phone specific FMJ's (the ones with...

                          Do the phone specific FMJ's (the ones with the mics) split into two parts like the regular ones do? And if so, is the split before or after the mic? (If it splits, does the mic remain attached to the earphones or is it attached to the bottom half?)


                          Mic ChecK!!! Do these headphones include...

                          Mic ChecK!!! Do these headphones include a mic attached to the cord, so you can use them on your phone?

                          Best Answer

                          Yes, these do have an inline mic. Works with iPhone, Blackberry Curve and Storm.

                          here's the iPhone only variant w/ mic.

                          Yes, these do have an inline mic. Works with iPhone, Blackberry Curve and Storm.
here's the iPhone only variant w/ mic.

                          Are these Skullcandy Full Metal Jackets...

                          Are these Skullcandy Full Metal Jackets for the iPhone (with mic) or for iPod (without mic)?

                          Hi, are these earbuds the ones with the...

                          Hi, are these earbuds the ones with the aluminum wrapped cable? I wouldn't want to spend 70 dlls just to get the past model with the vinyl white cable. Thanks!

                          Hey J Luna, only a couple models have the aluminum braided cable. The Pink, Black, and Chrome. I believe the Gold FMJ does as well, but I'm not 100% you might want to talk to a gearhead about that. The other colorways, Green and yellow, definitely have the nylon braided cord.

                          How is the cord for sound transmission?...

                          How is the cord for sound transmission? In my experience fancy cords like this are extremely noisy when they rub up against something...