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Spyder Perfect Storm

How to Choose A Ski Helmet

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

You need not be an adventurous skier to value a helmet. Whether you prefer off-piste or soft corduroy, all skiers will enjoy the benefits of added protection and extra warmth. When fitted correctly, a helmet has been shown to reduce the incidence and severity of certain types of head injuries. When looking for a helmet, fit is your first and foremost consideration. Construction (how a helmet is made) should also figure into your purchasing decisions. Regardless of your ultimate decision, a helmet isn’t designed to withstand multiple impacts and should be destroyed and replaced after any serious fall.


In-mold-made helmets are often lighter, but usually are more expensive than injection-molded helmets. Injection-molded construction tends to be more durable than in-mold construction. Hybrid construction offers extended durability while remaining lightweight and sleek.


Measure your head and check the available sizing chart. Your helmet should be snug but shouldn’t squeeze your head uncomfortably. If the helmet moves independently when you shake your head, it’s too big and it doesn't fit.