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How to Buy Skate Skiing Boots

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How to Buy Skate Skiing Boots

Of all the Nordic disciplines, skating is the fastest and thus, it requires the stiffest boots. A skate boot uses a plastic or carbon cuff for additional ankle support and a stiff sole to create a powerful platform for push-off when you’re skating. You can choose between hook-and-loop and ratcheting ankle straps, and high-end boots sometimes have an instep strap that ensures a snug, aggressive fit. Recreational boots have a roomier fit and more insulation, and there are also Combi models available, which have a removable cuff so you can use them for skate and classic skiing. Atomic and Salomon boots work with SNS bindings, while everything else is compatible with the NNN/NIS system, unless otherwise specified.


Recreational or race-focused, all skate skiing boots use synthetic uppers. Recreational boots may include more insulation and softer/more comfortable materials, while race boots are often stiffer and may feature carbon cuffs and soles.


Almost all boots have a quick-lace system, a zippered lace cover, and a hook-and-loop or ratcheting ankle strap. Some race boots have instep ratchets.


SNS Pilot boots work with Profil and Pilot bindings, Profil boots work only with Profil bindings, and NNN/NIS boots only with NNN/NIS bindings.