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It's a steel bottle

    This is my 3rd Sigg bottle, first steel works bottle. I like the wide mouth, its very easy to fill and the top is easy to screw on. With the other 2 regular mouth bottles I had, the tops wanted to cross thread, no problem here. However, the top appears to be made of plastic and doesn't feel like it could take a good direct drop, unlike the sturdy build of the bottle's body. The steel works is nice in that the membrane can't come off around the threading to get in your mouth (there is none) but it does seem to give the water a metallic taste not present in my other bottles.

    Beat it up

      I love these bottles, I have a bunch of nalgenes and a few of these metal bottles as well. I feel like the metal keeps drinks colder longer, but beyond that, its just a water bottle. Ive beat this thing up over the last few years, from dropping it down cliffs hiking to leaving my backpack open biking, it has a few dents, but Ive never had an issue with water ever leaking. Doesn't have a chemical plastic taste and the metal bottles are the only bottles I have used that do not retain taste. Orange juice, whiskey, beer, etc. one wash and the taste is gone, unlike many camelbaks and plastic water bottles. If you're a drinker, I say go with the steelworks over any plastic bottle out there.

      Buy a Laken.

        I was originally excited about Sigg's new stainless steel bottles and even more excited about how it's wide mouth. However, the bottle I bought started pitting and rusting inside after about 4 months despite hand-washing and the occasional running it through the dish water. Then there is the rusting along the top lip of the bottle. I definitely will not be buying this type of Sigg bottle again.

        Wonderful bottle.

          I love this bottle, it is wide enough for me to put some ice in the warm weather bike runs early in the morning. Best part was the price and that they carried it, I couldn't even find this collection on they're own site.

          Does the wide mouth and threads on the...

          Does the wide mouth and threads on the Sigg match up to MSR Dromedary lids for water purification?

          Anyone know if this bottle will fit with...

          Anyone know if this bottle will fit with the lid from my Camelbak BetterBottle with drink straw?

          I looked up the dimensions of both, and each has a 3in. diameter and 10in. height.

          Is the interior stainless steel as well?...

          Is the interior stainless steel as well? How about the inside of the cap that touches the water? Anyone know?