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Stand up for the rain forest when you give your child the Sigg CUIPO Water Bottle to sip from. CUIPO is a brand dedicated to saving the rain forest, and when you buy this CUIPO and Sigg water bottle, you'll receive an activation code that will allow you to preserve one square meter of rain forest in your name.

  • Aluminum construction is crack-proof, leak-proof, and spill-proof (aluminum can dent if dropped, but it won't leak or crack even if it dents)
  • EcoCare liner is BPA- and phthalate-free so your water tastes exactly like it should
  • Pop Top protects the sipping spout from spills or germs in case this water bottle is dropped on the floor
  • Pop Top can be screwed off for easy water bottle cleaning
  • Includes a Cuipo activation code that allows you to save one square meter of rain forest in your name