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Break a buckle and your ride is over and the race is lost. If you're lucky enough to be sporting Sidi Ergo 2 or Dragon 2 Carbon SRS shoes, though, it's just an inconvenience. Sidi's Techno 2 replacement buckles turn a ruined day into a hiccup.

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Crazy Italians.

    They come up with some amazing ideas, don't they?
    (We'll graciously overlook the L - shaped cranks from the 1980s.)

    My own pair of Sidis (which features TWO of these wonderful adjustments!) has a crazy worm gear tensioner in the sole. I've worked it one way and the other and as far as I can tell it's completely useless. I think the idea was to fool idiot Americans into thinking it was functional so we'd fork over the extra $50 or whatever.

    My shoes were a gift to me, thrown into a package which included a beautiful royal blue Pinarello Vuelta with an accompanying extra Chorus cluster and chain, all for the astonishingly absurd amount of $600. As good as the shoes felt/worked right away and have ever since I'd say I robbed Dick Fisher blind, except that the price was his idea.
    Thank you again, sir.

    Oh, right. The review.
    "Jesus, $37?"
    Oh, but it's "fine Corinthian plastic!"

    Whaddya gonna do, spend $300 on a new shoe? Pay the man and let's get out of here.

    will these work on the original dragons?...

    will these work on the original dragons? i can't seem to locate a screw anywhere to indicate that the techno buckles are replaceable...

    I want buy this product in...

    I want buy this product in sell?...can you shipping to China?