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Italian quality for your hometown trails.

When you get into a pair of Sidi shoes, you quickly realize that some things get better with age. Sidi will be the first to tell you that 50+ years in the game has given it creative license to make some of the best cycling shoes on the market. We agree, and the new Duran Shoes confirm our assertion.

As with most things, the devil is in the details. However, Sidi must have performed an exorcism on the Duran, because the details flow seamlessly towards perfection. Starting with the securing configuration, the Duran features three Velcro straps along the upper. This system allows a fully-tuneable fit both pre-ride and on-the-fly. It fits into what Sidi calls its last/foot form technology, where the bottom two straps control the snugness of the fit at the metatarsal and instep areas. These straps are best adjusted before you hit the trail, and left alone thereafter. The top strap is what the design dictates as the entry and exit adjustment point. Together, the three strap system eliminates any internal foot slip that depreciates your efficiency. To further control slippage, Sidi has placed its signature heel cup at the aft position of the shoe for reinforcement. Basically, it keeps the foot in the perfect position on hard up-strokes and while climbing out of the saddle. As a result, you'll be powering comfortably and precisely with the ideal, comfortable volume inside the shoe.

Further along the lines of comfort, Sidi has given the Duran more ventilation than any other shoe in its 2013 line. This means that your feet won't be susceptible to sweltering conditions, and you can hit the trail all day without worries of swamp foot. And while the high ventilation makes the Duran the perfect summer shoe, Sidi also prepared them for winter. Positioned at the toe, Sidi fitted the Duran for two toe spikes to provide traction in muddy conditions.

The Sidi Duran Shoes are available in the color Black/black and in odd and even sizes ranging from 38.0 to 50.0. Please note that these shoes are intended for use with 2-hole mountain bike cleats, and the toe spikes are sold separately.